Sunday, December 28, 2003

Open Source and Feature Comfort (BROWSERS)

Somehow I am not satisfied with the open source browsers such as Mozilla and Firebird though IE isn't exactly bug-free far from it its full of high vulnerability bugs but some features I sorely miss on other browsers.
I have Opera 6, Mozilla 1.1, and Firebird 0.6.1 installed apart from IE 6.0 ...
The one feature that is making me go crazy is the offline viewing capability.
If I have visited a webpage and then close down my DUN connection and close the browser, I can come back at a later time and read it offline when I fire up IE (through history or the address bar links) with most websites; this seems to be missing completely with Firebird and in Mozilla it works to some extent, however lately Mozilla keeps on crashing on opening too many tabs and then none of the links will ope even if you make the file -> work offline true. The tabbed browsing is a cool feature but by mistake you tend to close the windows and all youe tabs are closed - probably this behaviour is a hang over from IE usage.
Opera is OK I dont use it too often but this feature is not well supported in any of these. Moz and Frbd are fast but this above missing feature has made me switch back to IE 6.0 - its too useful (saves money, time etc etc) to be missing.
And now about Microsoft IE 6.0 - it slows the whole system if I open 7-8 windows and then things freeze (partially if not completely) - you cant even type a URL on the address bar and the text starts to crawl... amazingly annoying !
I have 192 MB RAM - P3 450 MHz and Cacheman optimizations on my system.

Note: Among the active open source products that I use all in all Open Office is a cool and very high pedigree office suite and I use it extensively but all the browsers seem to be bugging me including the closed source IE.
Question : Is Winzip and Winamp open source ?
Winamp 5.0 is nice with the graphics rich Interface and all, costly on the RAM though - thats why they give an option to go back to the good ol lean GUI.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Do posts convey or mould your character...

Have you guys ever had this feeling of 'I should not have posted this particular post I should delete it' - I sometimes have strong feelings like that and feel should immediately delete an earlier posted entry because its not right to make public or is too stupid for me to have done so and will bore people ...
Do your posts in some way mould your character in the eyes of the readers - maybe yes; but you can always pretend and stuff - that holds with any medium.
Any ways the blog as a public diary seems like a scary thing where you tend to write on and little more restraint would be appropriate. The recent incident wherein a software engineer was expelled from Microsoft comes to mind. Also clicking photos and posting pictures from within the workplace or in and around the organization you work in can be dangerous as I am currently prohibited from doing so in my organization (reasons I will leave it to you).

Of course you can have private blogs but I don't see the point - keep a handy diary instead.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Pixel crunching graphics at the workplace

All the PCs in our team (13 members) were loaded with the nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 graphics cards because the application we are developing uses some graphics intensive 2D and 3D GIS rendering and features which the older Matrox cards did not support and this was essential. Earlier, images or icons and symbols didnt load up or where patchy at best (3D features crashed...) - its all gone with the mind-blowing 64 MB VRAM on board.

With the GeForce4 MX graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA provides a new level of cost-effective, high-performance graphics to the mainstream PC user.
With its incomparable nView(TM) multi-display architecture, Lightspeed Memory Architecture II, and Accuview Antialiasing(TM) engine, the GeForce4 MX series delivers feature-rich, leading-edge graphics technology, performance and flexibility.

Though the latest stuff for desktops by nVidia are much more mind-boggling - FIND OUT

Monday, December 08, 2003

Yearning to break free - The Free Spirit

There is this mindset that you are inferior to me consequently I am superior to you so I do not care a damn, 'why should I bother about you' attitude that is prevalent in our generation, haughty behavior and a misguided feeling of pride is what follows. Or is it some kind of fear that he is inferior so I should not mingle with him � as a result 'rotten apples will spoil the good ones' phobia? Or does this have something to do with the levels of thinking or wavelength matches that we hear about. People may be good to you and willing to help or be friends but you will not give a second look ignoring and hurting of humiliating them. Muted aggression and contempt dripping in every look. I do not need him or he is of no use to me so I need not even be courteous to him. Strains of autism ? Does it have something to do with the environment we are all bought up in ? Maybe to some extent but its always possible to break free of inhibitions, the basic criteria being to be 'good' to all.

The intellect is always looking out for adventure
I know not what it is looking out for in this world of infinite choices
But the monotone of this gray world is not food for its thought
It has to reach higher things; not satisfied nor satiated
With the comfort that the body finds itself in currently
Outward it wants to go � Wanderlust ...
To break out of these shackles of time, position or status, geography etc
To make way for the journey of this lifetime
Taking in all people along as mates and comrades

The dangers of this illogical want of wanderlust can be many � the tide is rising and falling all the time seeming to grow to irrepressible limits � The journey outwards is it actually a journey within � inward bound.
To conquer the external conquer first the internal as they say, sermonizing and pedantic as they may sound.
As a negative thought arises - this should not go out to take the evil course of crime against society not that bad, not that low... but this may happen as the spirit losing its control and everything gone awry.
The normal course of life that of any normal mortal (see that haughty feeling raising its hood) is something that is
unbearable � excruciating in pain with as benumbing and comfortable as it may seem the wandering free spirit is present within, trying to pervade all of this world in its grasp in one leap in one impulsive strain of thought trying to surpass all boundaries and getting all sick with the confinement of space, time and money. This nasty thing - money � that can buy you all the riches but also create the greatest divide � the glistening, glorious, worshipped dirt � the system that kills men out of no reason of theirs - a wicked system that is a veritable trap that man created for himself � the dirt for which men and women sell their and kill other's bodies, and minds; thank god not their souls; at least it yearns to be free � as free as the snowy chilly fresh breeze blowing across the bosom of the mighty Himalayas.
But things remain as they are, requiring effort to change the scheme of things � no escape to that � to come out of the laze of things and charge up that free spirit the horse power of those invisible million horses to carry forward the chariot of this body to great distances out of this senseless yearning.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

When the Microsoft guys came over to Linux Bangalore 2003 Conference

Believe me, unbelievable as it may sound it was true and they had come as usual to promote a proprietary software, something that allows all kinds of Unix/Linux programs to run over Windows (SFU or something...) with support in the windows kernel itself - these guys keenly dissassemble and take a close look into competing technologies. They actually, frankly speaking, did a good job and the supporting 'non-violent' ;-) crowd was a great thing to see.
The three days went off very well with non-stop lectures by some of the top open-source developers. Naba Kumar of the feature-rich Anjuta IDE for C/C++ and GTK development on creating projects and maintaining them.The extremely funny antics of Miguel de Icaza (founder of GNOME) on Mono (Open source .Net platform) and and a more sober Nat Friedman on Web-services. Sirtaj Kang on KDE, Jeremy Zawodny, Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP) on PHP optimizations and basics and many others.
Talks ranged from business to kernel and networking development to desktop environments, web-centric, server and enterprise issues on Linux.
The evenings were also a lesson in infotainment the first day ended with a documentary film on Linux and open source called 'Revolution OS' featuring the rise of open source software with the doyens and stalwarts such as Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, Linus Torvalds, Bruce Perens and others. The second day concluded with a brilliant performance by a fusion group called Laya Taranga � amazing stuff.
The community is a really happening thing.
Stalls of HP, Yahoo and Novell kept people busy with their events and quizzes and other activities. The Encore Simputer was explained and demonstrated at their stall � Neat hand held device with tons of features, a mini computer - true to its name.
Ill write more about the event later . . .

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wow, quite a revelation this test was at :

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||||| 48%
Introverted |||||||||||||| 52%
Friendly |||||||||||| 50%
Aggressive |||||||||||| 50%
Orderly |||||||||||||| 58%
Disorderly |||||||||||| 42%
Relaxed |||||||||| 40%
Openminded |||||||||||||||| 70%
Closeminded |||||| 30%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

The Big Five is currently the most accepted personality model in the scientific community. The Big Five emerged from the work of multiple independent scientists/researchers starting in the 1950s who using different techniques obtained similar results. Those results were that there are five distinct personality traits/dimensions. Here are your results on each dimension:

Extroversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, optimistic, sociable and affectionate.

Friendliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately good natured, trusting, and helpful.

Orderliness results were moderately high which suggests you are organized, reliable, neat, and ambitious but possibly not very spontaneous and fun.

Emotional Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and nervous.

Openmindedness results were high which suggests you are very creative, original, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.

Overall (of the Big 5 factors), you scored highest on Openmindedness and lowest on Emotional Stability.

"?? Which Creature Of The Sea Are You??"


?? Which Creature Of The Sea Are You??
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Was planning on going to watch Matrix Revolutions with two of my friends (one had gone to write the CAT - but will have to write it again on account of the CAT question paper leak racket) but had to cancel it due to a calf muscle pull in the left leg early today morning. Currently not much is going on in my life. I am reading Amitav Ghosh's The Circle of Reason, about a small boy with a distorted head named Alu, who is adopted by a school master and then the conflicts with the landlord, the frequent clashes, and how deft a weaver he becomes surpassing his mentor to become a talented weaver, and his coming of age before the ensuing violence leads to his fleeing India to a place in Africa called Al Ghazira or something in a ferry. Here he stays with a community of workers at a lady's house who provides support to such displaced people. The only problem is he is taken as a criminal/terrorist and is in the police books; even as a police inspector is sent in to hunt him down. I am midway through the book - looking forward to a adventurous ending to the flawless narrative of Ghosh. But his characters always seem to be poverty struck and hopelessly and distastefully promiscuous... Anyway he writes well and has been consistently doing so - Glass Palace, Shadow Lines, Calcutta Chromosome and now The Circle of Reason. The fourth among many more of his well researched books that I am reading currently. I was reading an article where in the columnist was lamenting on the current consumerist approach and advertising strategies that goes with everything including books and literature - you need a USP to sell your product (Salman R and Taslima N - fatwas, hype and timing for Arundhati Roy - strangely as is quite well known, she hasnt written a single piece of fiction since her first book - she has reached celebrity status overnight)! You need to be glamorous and ready to do some subtle forms of modeling to be there at the top. Is the fact that when you do not reach the top in one way you start doing all kinds of absurd things (M F Hussain's bare foot and Kamala Das turning into Kamala Suraiya - celebrity conversions) or are the artists like any one else to be left with their creative freedom to do as they choose and we need not not meddle and interfere too much. Art's true form exists in the artist's excellence in his work rather than extraneous things to prop up his/her popularity.

Well some questions :
What happens when you find yourself stranded in your life with no clear goals in sight whereas you had great hopes and options earlier, your work life is dull and boring and you have no creative freedom (you leave the job right? but not without an alternative) - depression may set in and mindless thoughts (life is useless and how is a person much less capable and worthy than me succeeding so easily and jealousy and you become irritable and reclusive and unfriendly to people and colleagues at work and feel everyone else is inferior and you are among a bunch of fools) and foolish musings and flights of fantasy and utter chaos reigns; how do you cope with it - 2 ways as usual +ve and -ve.
He may go for advice from elders and other modes such as meditations long walks sports, SUGGESTED READING A LOT OF POSITIVE BOOKS etc etc and put up an aim in life and work toward it. As one of my friends ( put it 'there is no alternative to hard work and without hard work nothing big can be achieved'. But when you start earning does the drive to work hard toward further academic goals drop may be for the lazy guys it does. The negative side effects could be tension, escapism and addiction to harmful products... You can also go insane due to excessive stress caused by mental distress - psychotic
Head for your psychologist and family doctor now ....... !

Everything goes blank before the great event ? Aimless and hopeless you become ?
You have to strive for and get your own salvation ! No one can help you right ?

I was also reading a QA forum at the Vivekananda Ashrama website - where a person has queried that at times he feels he should leave everything and take Sanyas and Vyragya sets in, but then a day later he thinks the whole thing is a foolish thought. He thinks he is moving from Satva(truth) to rajas(worldly). The reply states that the person is basically moving from rajas state to tamas(darkness) state and constant meditation is the key. What you think and contemplate on is what you become.

I was watching an episode of a stunning serial (DD National Wednesdays 10 pm) televised on the works of Kiran Bedi, the Delhi police chief of yore where just because a person informs the police about a murder he finds himself in a hideous net of police extortion and torture where the police unable to capture the real culprits make him confess that he is the murderer (his lawyer is shown as a money hungry man and the judge a foolish person) and he is convicted and when released after three years finds himself in utter poverty. But he says that he gets an offer to do a criminal job, to get the barest minimum for his family but says that he is still contemplating whether to jump down and stoop so low - but the moot question is Law and the legal system and its enforcing agencies that were created to stop such barbaric and criminal activities and minds in turn can churn out such products in the society today; and there the episode ends . . .
Also a good documentary type thing on environmental issues comes up at around 10:30 or 11:00 am on DD National.
And The Open Frame - a series of documentaries by young and budding directors every Sunday at 10:30 pm on the National channel.
Who says Doordarshan has got rotten all over, I still am proud to say I have no cable connection and subsist on the newspapers, the net and the omnipresent (in India at least that is) Doordarshan with its sloppy new News channel. Its no doubt thought-provoking channel, but not without its quota of mindless soaps and sleazy film oriented programs.

Well got you bored and dreary. In the first place I was thinking why did you come here. I wrote a big post after a long time and you say you are getting bugged, you *@#&^$#&# ...

Looking forward to the Linux Bangalore conference 02-04 Dec 2003.
And yes the comment boxes (2 of them) are remaining empty nowadays and this is getting me maaaaaaad with rage.... ;-)
Probably the posts are also not coming from my side as regularly as expected - my fault again?.

I deleted two joint blogs - one of some of my friends and other of another set of friends 'cause they had become more or less defunct and were not in much use.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Long break from blogging

Currently reading The Circle of Reason by Amitav Ghosh.
In the mean time that I was away from Blogging I read
Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda and a book on Meditation by The Ramakrisha Order of Monks published by Advaita Ashrama, Chennai.


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

GENRE : Sci-Phi Pseudo fiction

Read my most bizzare also absurd short story till date

Saw THE MATRIX again today at home on my PC.
Got an original CD from my friend another friend bought it from Music World;
Crystal clear audio and video. Its a treat to watch . . .
With all the kinetic energy, color tones and bullet time; perfect CGI (Computer generated Imagery).

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

That previous post was bit messy wasnt it?
Tables are creating problems some tag mismatch - not well-formed I guess !

ACM Queue

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm on Ryze!

A new 'college blog' added here with contributing members consisting of our
Computer Science UVCE batchmates/classmates . . .

Saturday, September 06, 2003

CSS Filters are a powerful way to add punch to a page without graphics

Check out at :

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Currently Reading 'The Magic of Thinking Big' by David J Schwartz,
an amazing book aimed at increasing motivation levels . . .

Friday, August 29, 2003

India in bad shape and reeking of corruption
- Tasty Teasers

Someone was telling us that a carpet seller from Kashmir visits them frequently says that the Kashmir problem is kept alive from both sides - he says that BSF and other armed forces on the Indian side and soldiers take lakhs from the terrorists to allow inflitrators sneak inside India across the LOC paving the way for massacres and mass killings. How far this is true I do not know, but certainly a person from the very epicentre of the troubled state wouldnt be blatantly lying ....

Calcutta, the intellectual and literary capital of India once upon a time now is the capital of corruption and mindless violent politics - the politicization of everything from schools to hospitals and everything in between. Also the work culture seems nil in that state. People themselves dont trust the health and education apparatus in West Bengal.
Someone was relating an incident wherein a poor lady had kept some small amount of rupees in a bank - she had come to collect it but the bank babus shooed her away saying "Baad mein aawo, jaao ab" (come later get lost now) and giggling at her in the mean time discussing cricket scores among themselves. 'Exploit the poor - they cant retaliate' attitude. Its her money and just see the way the bank employee behaves. Nothing moves without money or clout !
A person went to treat a heart ailment in a reputed hospital in Calcutta, but after the so-called 'treatment' he was inturn found to have kidney damage.

At times of war see the way the whole country of USA stands behind the government - this is a virtue in itself however biased the decisions of the government may be; totally unachievable in our country I am sure. The opposition would start making attempts at pulling down the government crying foul play!

Just a few instances - I know I am being negative but this thing eats away into the roots of our country unless something is done - we are also equal participants as we accept corruption as an integral part of our life without second thoughts.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Reading Thresholds of Motivation: Nurturing Human Growth in the Organization by V.S. Mahesh
An analysis of how companies can effectively nurture human growth and potential that combines Western thinking with Eastern philosophical traditions. The examples used are both Indian- and US-oriented. The Indian case studies present fairly common problems, but unique solutions. A great book full of indepth insight on the inherent perfection in humans and how organisations can tap and nurture it in its employees - full of anecdotes and real-life examples.
At times each and everything seems so strikingly similar to what he writes A must read. Got the book by chance at work in our library, when I went to browse through some of the books

Also reading Honour Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer . . . Not a great story - borrowed it from a colleague !

Also trying to start Alice in wonderland and Don Quixote (unabridged) in e-book format on MS Reader !


Was on Linux (RH PCQLinux 8.0) all through the past two days trying to configure and install drivers for my modem - but it doesnt work

Detected but still . . .

Vendor Id : 127A
Device Id : 4321
Revision Id : NONE
Sub Vendor Id : 13E0
Sub Device Id : 0210

Vendor Name : CONEXANT
Modem Type : Unknown communication device

ATTENTION: An Unknown Conexant communication device
(Modem) was detected. You can download and install
the Conexant driver, check if it works with your
current modem device.
You may need to configure your Vendor ID and Device
ID manually (see INSTALL file).

Download Site :


Warning: loading /lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/hcfpciosspec.o will taint the kernel: non-GPL license - Copyright (C) 1996-2002 Conexant Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.
See for information about tainted modules
Module hcfpciosspec loaded, with warnings
Warning: loading /lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/hcfpciengine.o will taint the kernel: non-GPL license - Copyright (C) 1996-2002 Conexant Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Module hcfpciengine loaded, with warnings
Warning: loading /lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptideint.o will taint the kernel: non-GPL license - Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Conexant Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Module riptideint loaded, with warnings
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: unresolved symbol unregister_sound_dsp
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: unresolved symbol mpuintr
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: unresolved symbol register_sound_dsp
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: unresolved symbol register_sound_mixer
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: unresolved symbol unregister_sound_mixer
Hint: You are trying to load a module without a GPL compatible license
and it has unresolved symbols. Contact the module supplier for
assistance, only they can help you.

/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o failed
/lib/modules/2.4.18-24.8.0/misc/riptidesound.o: insmod hcfpciserial failed

ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO? Got the drivers from and compiled using the kernel source and yet. . .
Kppp is not detecting /dev/modem seems /dev/modem does not exist - Lots of Googling turned useless . . .

Off to work again from tomorrow, was a bit busy the last week, some bit of pressure, for a module is to given tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2003


The Intellectual Scene in Post-Independence India - A critical review of strengths and weaknesses

"But this is not the image of America. The image of America is a technologically advanced country etc. etc. Ours is the only country where the mobile citizens of India have transformed the problems of India into the image of India-its identity.

Go to any country and the same negative stereotype is echoed that India is suffering from poverty and malnutrition. India has no drinking water. Indian women are all burnt. If they are married, they are burnt, if they are widows, they are burnt. See the image that has been built about this country. Who did this? The English educated Indian."

- S Gurumurthy (Read more)

Monday, August 04, 2003

I was thinking, with all the attempts at information gathering by US agencies against terrorism, is such a thing possible ?

Presenting :
The 'Info Sensory Monitor Organ'
By Shamit Bagchi

Trying to add a whole new feature to the human being, that of embedded genes to communicate with associated nano-agents that receive signals and transmit to the nearby grids or nodes, powerful towers linked up with satellites orbiting in space to transfer the data between locations on earth for data capture, storage and monitoring.

They become an integral part of the human body unlike cyborgs who voluntarily embed themselves with sensors and other such devices this one is fissioned into the human chromosome as ISM genes and specific DNA sequences which actually get transmitted in the genes as an act or pact of coordinated activity between the humans and nano-agents.

An individual (two to be precise) once introduced with the gene will get an agent (nano-bot) activated by means of his location and then will pass it on to his offsprings as hereditary matter. Locations and mind thoughts are all coordinated and scanned by Info Positioning Sats and these devices so minute as to be percieved as non-existent.

This mechanism as a module deviced to gather data and content from the thought processes and nerve signals and then either monitor them real-time or store them into a massive database which can be constantly filtered to find out any unwanted activity and potential terrorist minds.

Like speech a new form or mode of information or thought transfer between humans and humans ; and humans and machines . . .

Thursday, July 31, 2003


A fat plump person endowed with a lot of fat is treated in a dismal manner - laughs, jeers, stifled giggles and smiles. How does he cope, either he chosses to ignore the barking lot or reacts in an agressive manner or in an emotional manner. He certainly may choose to think he is hurt humiliated (subjective) as against seeing the true cause of the problem(objective) and ignore it as a wrongful action from the otherside. Every person who chooses to tease or bring down another person, is himself suffering from some discrepancy or deficiency - he tries to react in a manner so as to show that he has everything under control - whereas he is trying to gloss over his weakness at the expeense of someone else.
Provocative actions should not provoke negative reactions - then the wrong thoughts of both the provoker and the provoked would suceed. The Mind should be under perfect control for this and to achieve this end meditation I think will almost always suceed. Only the source of learning mediation must be right, else other negative thought centers may get activated. Lust, greed, anger and jealousy are somethings that come to mind as being severely negative feelings that can turn a good person into a veritable brute or wild animal - all powerful and all-enveloping delusions arising out of the mind that seem so real when working, that we tend to act under their total control. Like the crystal resembles the colour that the background it is placed on - though in fact it posseses no colour of its own.
Thoughts, emotions and other such seemingly subtle things are the ones that inturn bring up action either good or evil (warning: the recurring theme of good and evil is pervasive in this essay).
It is ultimately the action that matters the most - though thoughts play a central role in initiating an action, you can think and think and think but never act - this is basically of no use except to tense you up. Every thought is directly or indierectly going to produce as its result some action. Thats why you would have noticed that brain-washing is the first step deployed by militant and terrorist organizations - once the ideas and knowledge is disseminated the real action begins. But action can also be thoughtless like suicide attacks though the root cause is some thought again - its difficult to go into the mind of a suicide bomber - but its evident he is acting under some delusion or passion for his or his community's cause, however foolish it may be.
The action is what is constructive or destructive and this is what works against the fact that the world is an illusion, since if actions were not allowed no effect would be seen - of course in VR (Virtual Reality) lets say a game too you act against a stimulus and respond to alter the scene or scenario.
I am not an atheist, I believe in the concept of God - but many things remain inexplicable - What I have surely understood and seems perfectlyreasionable is to serve humanity with all the good action or deeds that is the true manifestation of God. Think good and as a result you would certainly act good and you would also become good - good in the sense of not causing any mnisery to fellow beings - sharing their sorrows and sharing your joys - but never get attached to anything; act in an objective manner - its difficult I am sure it is, but the subjectivity is even more dangerous - I can act objectively only when I am able to grasp the true meaning of something - and discrimininate between good and bad, constructive and destructive, true and false . Until then of course you will see bloodshed, pain and suffering. You may argue that if everyone thinks alike, objectively ie creativity and ingenuity will be lost and advances in the human civilization would come to a halt but this is not the case, think different think without hindrance colour your activities with the colors of imagination uninhibited but let it be constructive and let it lead to actions that are inturn constructive because the end result should be action; inaction is the state of the the dead not the lively. Never be idle; think when free - and then mould these thoughts into fruitful, effective and dynamic action.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Interview with Brian Kernighan

CYBORG RIGHTS - the World Transhumanist Association conference at Yale University in late June. International academics and activists, they met to lay the groundwork for a society that would admit as citizens and companions intelligent robots, cyborgs made from a free mixing of human and machine parts, and fully organic, genetically engineered people who aren't necessarily human at all. A good many of these 160 thinkers aspire to immortality and omniscience through uploading human consciousness into ever evolving machines.

SUPRAMUNDANE : On Second Thoughts...

Survival of the fittest - was this concept right in the first place? - because everything depends on the behaviour of the species or individual. There is this stunted person I see everyday who is always laughed at either in smiles or stifled giggles and must be feeling the ignominy . . . However this in turn makes the person I am referring to timid and more shy and unable to cope, submitting to the public - or is it the 'meek shall inherit the world' syndrome playing in here - is the person becoming humble so as to be a victor inthe later stages of life. Handicapped men and women have reached great heights but thats totally based on the attitude and the behaviour they adopted - no inherent fitness genes or inbuilt or inate abilities!
Assume a burly strong guy - surely in a place of shallow people he will thrive become the bully and the domineering type - successful in his own right making use of his brute chauvinism. However in a more intellectual or academic environment unless he is bestowed with good brain power he would heavily lose out.
It all depends on the circumstances and the context (Einstein's theory of relativity applied to life - everything is relative to the object or frame of reference) and the individual's behaviour - in one context the very same person may rise to the peak and in another she(he) may drop to the depths unless continuous adaptation occurs.
Similarly good and evil thoughts are also context-sensitive - a butchers's job is a classic example - its his duty and so is it good or evil? Sometimes the mind may go into the vilest depths of evil thought and sometimes may rise to enlightening insights of knowledge. Why does this happen ? Is this because of the circumstances around and the behaviour of the person? Why do we think is another very interesting question? Evil thoughts why and how do they come - some seed sown somewhere grows into a tree - like dormant waves in an ocean when a drop falls in an ocean it goes into abeyance to come up at the slightest prick or stimulus. Yet dirty, bad, evil, vile thoughts always seem to come up - hidden things akin to backstabbing. This circumstantial thing - now assume the bad/evil in the society are developing at a rate greater than the good, this will almost certainly wipe out that race. Assuming again a certain person is good, tries to be good and is always trying to indicate to others to strive to become good but the rate of evil growth is so high that the lone guy may be wiped out into the evil scheme of things - majority wins - the guy thinks he is losing out in the current situation - and needs to emulate to win and in the process corrupts his self or unknowingly falls into the trap - his fault of course. Or should he come up truimphs if he follows the right startegy and pursue his ideals if not selfishly at least for the good of the others till the end.

The more a person (coming into the human domain now) thinks positive and good, the more will be the tendency towards good and greater heights as the classic statement of Swami Vivekananda rings loud and clear - 'The purer the mind the easier it is to control'. The mind the thought processes - Rene Descartes's classic statement 'I think therefore I am' all point to the eternal fact that The Mind is the Reaper and so is the Slayer - it can lead to the matrices of the good or the bad as you chose. But is the Karma concept true? Then who is the judge - the Self ? Why does it manifest itself in so many forms - is it playing a game - I am not trivialising the issue, the Leela or Maya is what this concept is, ie the physical - is it an illusion (Matrix buffs galore nowadays); then are the planets, the stars, the constellatons, the universe all an illusion I dont think so. The brain in a jar concept cannot be true - even though I agree everything if you see it that way depends totally on the senses or the sense organs - the 5 senses. If you could send in the right impulses and stimuli the situation can be created meaning simulated. But if the senses were everything is creativity a product of these - what and why are some craetive and others not? Then again I find I am asking myself - what exactly is good? Those pleasant to the senses or conversely those bad to the senses are good to the soul - pleasure to the senses is like the beginning of pain to the real inner self. Good music is then bad - auditory sense, good scenery is bad - vision, good food is bad, or is it it that you should not get attached/addicted to these - remain aloof or detached, take when you get it dont crave. Dont strive? Confuson reigns. Strive but not for material things, yes, but higher things - after life ? Or prepare for the next edition of your life. Or best is to get out of this cycle all together.

It is then that the concept of GOD comes in - he (she or is he formless) is an entity to preserve nature and the human edifice - then doesnt the concept itself become human centric, a concept or an illusion arising out of the human brain - I am confused. I have read the Bhagavad Gita - not too many times, but get the ESSENTIAL concept that the real GOD or GOOD comes either from Bhakti(WORSHIP), Karma(WORK) or Jnana(KNOWLEDGE) - its the path that you choose to adopt that matters. If you chose none you are a vegetable or an inhuman brute. It everyone is in a cycle of life and death - why was the cycle created first of all - the good the bad the ugly - what was the 'init move' or the initial state ? Or is the whole thing a way of keeping resonance in the relations among human beings a higher form of life so that the humans dont tear apart and decimate fellow human - a clever ploy by the humans themselves to survive - fittest race or the behavioural aspect.
I was reading an article sent via mail by Kanwal Rekhi - one of the earliest of entrepreneurs to go off to the US and establish himself in the Silicon Valley - where he points out that the basic needs when met, an infinite number of services can be lapped up by humans. This improvement from subsistence based society- agrarian society to a developed society like US - is what India should emulate and follow blindly ... But as the society becomes more mechanized and automated, the leisure and pleasure hours go up and thus crime of all sorts rises - idle minds are indeed devils' workshop - thus the man eat man situation again . I am not a luddite; against technological advancement - but someone explain the above juggernaut.

Is there any truth in the astrology, palmistry and other such sciences which are being institutionalised currently - I think not ... Nor are miracles and such. Prayers? Rituals? Temples? Churches? Its all to maintain the human balance? - keep the behaviour under bounds - preservation of own species, survival tactics of a highly evolved and intelligent thinking human species - Its intellect. But the Heart says something differnt from the Mind almost always doesnt it?
Thoughts : another tool for survival? Then if humans vanish will the next manifestation of The Self be another species that will realise that it is inturn another concrete form or part of the Self ?

Better even, just forget to think about all this needless metaphysics (physics at the higher level is agin metaphysics) and follow your chosen path tirelessly - you will achieve all ! May be . . . you choose.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Another blog mela for me is due
This time the entries have been few
But none have been rejected
Nor would they have been if plenty
Whereas I am not exactly dejected
Am I supposed to get senti?

DRAGON - 'yoni ki baat?'
Discussions on a play and the related issue of abuse against women ...

Ram Duraikannu - Embedding Amazon Products in your webpage
On Automating Amazon wishlists (Indian connection ? anyway... I have a dearth of entries u c)
Using the web services and PHP (amazing must be a linux junkie PHP Hmmm!), he has written a small script which makes it easier for users to embed wish lists, list mania, and other keyword items into their webpage

RAVIKIRAN - Troops to Iraq - comments on sending Indian troops to patrol Iraq ...

RAVIKIRAN NOMINATES : An entry from Jivha - the Tongue
Ground duty, after Fifty - on the recent Indian Supreme Court's decision allowing the government-owned airline, Air-India, to force female air-hostesses to retire to "ground duty" after 50 ...

Breathtaking Digital Art
DINA nominates Avi Das saying a new blog by Avi Das - i enjoy all his thoughts - but i particularly liked this post - so i nominate it for the mela

Monday, July 21, 2003

Hey whats wrong with everyone - no entries in this time's Blog Mela after a Kumbh last time ???


BLOG MELA #22 - On 23rd July RIGHT HERE at BLOGMIND's Blog . . .

Entries SINCE 17th from your or someone else's blogs can be submitted
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With the subject line as BLOG MELA ENTRY ...

So what are you waiting for WHAT THE HECK?


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Send in URLs (permalinks) of the particular post (not the blog URLs please) by 23rd

Blog Kumbh Mela Irony - (INDIAN BLOG FEST 21-22)

Dont you hear my hue and cry,
As I shout, my throat goes dry,
I try and try and try and try,
Yet no posts and entries do come by !

- Inspired by Satyen Kale (great blog)

Friday, July 18, 2003


Nelson Mandela is now 85 - and to mark this a portion of the daily current affairs programme on DD National at 10:30 pm 'Worldview India' (a very good programme - I am reminded of my younger days when watching 'The World This Week') was dedicated to him on 16th July. It had poignant footage from history, of the African national struggle against the imposition of Apartheid by the British. Mandela and his comrades were imprisoned decidedly taking the struggle on the path to success. The foucus was on how the Indians helped throughout in the struggle - also India was the first country to cut off diplomatic and international links with the then SA's racist goverment and the last to resume it.
Saeed Naqvi the first to interview Mandela when he was released from prison after twenty seven years, recounted on the show how he had managed to enter SA because of contacts in high places during those troubled times and was assisted by one of Mandela's Indian comrades, Ahmed K to interview him. Naqvi also related, how electrifying and momentous the day was when he Mandela was released from the Victoria prison. The whole area was lined with supporters, well wishers and journalists from all over the world, helicopters hovering above to capture the unforgetable moment on video.
Naqvi noted that even after years of imprisonment, not a trace of hatred or aggression or anger could be seen in Mandela's persona.

I am basically appalled at the outrageous behaviour of the British in using the Black & White divide to oppress the very natives of the contry they had forcibly and wrongfully colonized. True even India faced colonialism but the public use of racism to restrict and shadow all human rights and imprison the blacks is so distressing and unpalatable to even think of. Relating to an incidence one of Mandela's contemporaries said, when imprisoned the Africans(blacks) including Mandela, in the biting cold winter were given short prison pants, whereas Indians were given long pants.

An indication towards what can an is happening in Iraq too - if not race then religioUS or cultural apartheid.

Mandela praised and acknowledged the political, moral and social support that Indians lended during the period. Many of the members of ANC and close associates of Mandela were Indians including Ahmed K, Laloo Chiba, and many others. A series of interviews was shown on the show of how they supported Mandela in writing his autobiography from inside prison - Long March to Freedom - in a stunning flimsy and mysterious manner, writing in the footer area of sheets in extremely small print and passing it on to the supporters and party functionaries outside; to get it published.
The Indians in SA were confined to ghettos during that period, their free movement curbed and not to be mentioned blacks were treated as inhumans. We call such people civilised races ? The Iraqis and Indians were the true civilizations in the sense of the word, but later on the Romans, Greeks and all following civilizations were blinded by their obsession for conquest, unbounded power and world dominance defying all human rights and ethics.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

You should be an Indian or the post must be about India or Indians maybe even remotely associated ... no problem
I might actually attempt a winner or best entry kind of thing - just my choice is that OK?. . . thats all.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

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So what are you waiting for - Oh yes, of course 17th I guess . . . ;-)

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All kinds of mails except personal entries are welcome.
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Friday, June 27, 2003

Find all the LINUX DOCUMENTATION here . . .

Blogger's new interface is a bit confusing initially, but overall a very good attempt - 'help sidebar' is a good idea.
Initial problem with finding republish link
Republish is much more effective and effects are seen immediately with post, republish and template changes . . .
Help as I mentiones is good
The rest is just a makeover for easier navigation - everything else must be under the hood !

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Apples, CDs and Super Computers

Safari is out - looks are great though I may not be able to use it cause I have no Mac dud !
But still Apple's worries and more worries are far from over.

And now the Power Mac G5


TOP 500 Super Comps.

Monday, June 23, 2003

The Intel P4 3.2 MHz is here - Reviews from /.

A NYT article on the fast catching phenomenon of corporate blogging ie corporates blogging ...

Friday, June 20, 2003

Minority Report is going on nice . . .

Chapter 1 from Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I just became a registered Linux user !

Finished 'And then there were none' by Agatha Christie - a very ingenious plot, however some portions to tie up the amazing plot are hard to believe. But Dame Agatha's recipe is almost always the same - lots of people in a big house or a mansion and murder(s) . . . NICE STILL !

Will start Minority Report and other stories by Philip K Dick tomorrow ...

Monday, June 16, 2003

Life of Pi was good but a bit too complex - almost like a strange and scary children's fable ...
Currently reading And then there were none by Agatha Christie

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Major lapses in blogging, I have not been upto too much, losing interest thats all...
I am not feeling too well for the past 2-3 days too, took a leave today - the heat is a bit too much I guess.
Reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel - borrowed it from a friend - halfway through - a slow moving story on faith and religion and experiences of a young boy, which won the Booker Prize for 2002.

Apart from this I bought a cassette of Jagjit Singh's ghazals titled FORGET ME NOT - nice melodious music and the full voice of Jagjit Singh - however the accompanying synthesizer music can make it irritating at times.
Also bought the VCD of the classic comedy PADOSAN - with Kishore Kumar, Mahmood, Keshto and others. I have yet to see it.

It is suggested that a blog is supposed to be about public stuff and a journal for personal stuff - but that distinction would be tough for me to maintain - I am a bit too lazy to take all the trouble maintaining two such web logs . . .

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Lately reading - Buddhism Lecture & Essays by Ven. B Anandamaitreya - a good text on the features, context, aims of Buddhist teachings and how Buddha showed the way from ignorance to realisation or Nibbana (Pali word for Nirvana). I was especially struck by the concept of 'Loving Kindness' ( This is the first step to the realisation and total non-attachment ) - where you have a feeling and always think of 'Let him be happy and free of all enimity, troubles and afflictions' for all beings (KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, human & non-human too...) from your loved ones right upto your enemy !
It would be such a great world if this precept of Lord Buddha were to be followed.

Sunday, May 25, 2003


When I got my new hard disk installed from the vendor, they had installed Windows 98 (yes I still use it with pleasure - no problemo) from my HP Recovery CDs on it.
The Seagate HDD - 40GB was split into :

C: 10GB and
D: 30GB

So I wanted to install RedHat (PCQ) 8.0 Linux from the PCQuest CDs.
I used fips.exe (it comes with all Linux CDs in a folder named dosutils) from DOS command mode to split the active partition ie C: to something like 5GB (initially fips.exe gave some error like last sector not free and a 'bye cannot split partition')
Then I defragmented Windows (with Diskeeper Lite - stupid piece of software was an evaluation version and allows defragmentation only once but its fast) and tried fips again and it partitioned the disk and I installed the complete Linux system.
It was then that the trouble started - Windows became unstable and crashed and became frozen or slow at times meaning frequently.
I defragmented Windows again and guess what after that I had a premonition that something was wrong with the Linux part and after I pass the GRUB OS loader screen and some initializations I am bang on target. The OS doesnt find a series of files and throws me into a shell to login and neither X Windows starts nor anything else - I am like bugged and havent installed Linux again, yet. Can I recover the Linux install from this mess - I doubt but a reinstall will I am sure hive the same hassles again!
What is the basic problem - comments are welcome . . .
Was my partitioning process flawed? As this has happened earlier too on my crashed harddisk . . .
What other options (Ranish partition manager does not support large disk sizes I guess) are present to split a disk which has only Windows on it (all over it;-)) ?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Today's All India Public Sector Workers strike caught on at workplace - no work today ! Striking workers disrupted work.

Opposing privatisation - does it cause loss of jobs or more oppotunities ?
What about impact of 'Globalisation' ?
Are labour laws made to safeguard workers or victimize and exploit them ?
And other such concerns & demands were the chief causes of the strike !

The support of course as usual came from the Leftist parties and unions - known for their repeated strikes on even the minor issues even if it causes economic losses running into hundreds of crores . . .
Financial estimate is todays strike did about a Rs. 1000 crores !!!
Do leave your views on the issue if you find time . . .

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

LINUX&UNIX - SCO vs.IBM Complaint

Unix was invented more than 30 years ago by AT&T's Unix Systems Laboratories. In many ways Linux works similarly to Unix, making it relatively easy to translate Unix software to Linux.
AT&T sold the Unix intellectual property to Novell Networks, which in turn sold it to the Santa Cruz Operation. Caldera International, a seller of Linux, then acquired from SCO the Unix rights and two SCO products, OpenServer and UnixWare. Then last year, Caldera changed its name to SCO Group to reflect the fact that most of its revenue came from its SCO business and not from the Linux products.
But SCO has recently alleged that parts of the Unix source code have been copied into Linux, and it is seeking fees from Linux users. In March, SCO sued IBM for $1 billion, alleging that Big Blue had used SCO's Unix code in Linux. IBM, along with Hewlett-Packard, has been a major backer of Linux. Last week, SCO escalated the battle by sending letters to about 1,500 large corporations warning them that their use of Linux could infringe on SCO's intellectual property.

Read More from an interesting article refuting SCO's charges . . .

The Einstein Archives Online Website provides the first online access to Albert Einstein�s scientific and non-scientific manuscripts held by the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and to an extensive Archival Database, constituting the material record of one of the most influential intellects in the modern era.
The site allows viewing and browsing of approx. 3,000 high-quality digitized images of Einstein�s writings. The website also provides access to the published versions (in PDF format) of 39 among the 934 digitized manuscripts.

Sunday, May 18, 2003


India's friendly gestures towards China and Russia on one hand and USA and Israel on the other is certainly intriguing. From being neutral (neither here nor there) to active neutral (both here and there) is the Indian foreign policy becoming more active?
The recent visit of defence minister Fernandes to China emphasizes this and frequent visits and long-lasting defence coperation with Russia are up. Also USA seems to be planning to join hands with India and firmly step into the Indian military bases, if the supposed ongoing discussions between officials are anything to go by. As reported by Rediff (Article at, who were able to lay their hands on to a classified US DoD (Department of Defense) document, intense interaction and lobbying to gain a foothold in South Asia is on its way. Britain has supported India's entry as the permanent member of the UN Security council. Israel is also keen on increasing contacts military and technology (key focus being military technology which the Israelis are masters in). Israeli PM Aerial Sharon may soon visit India. As America goes on to control the world, Israel seems to control America with Jewish masterminds in all key positions in the defence departments and goverment of USA.

As for the world and the menace of terrorism, grim reminders - the Saudi and Morocco blasts indicate clearly of troubled times in the near future.

Sunday, May 11, 2003


The philosphy behind The Matrix


A new PC prototype co-developed by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, Athens sports a translucent case, integrated wireless phone complete with handset and headset, integrated video camera for video conferencing and a gorgeous 23-inch flat panel display with an integrated CD/DVD drive built into the monitor

Gates Goes From Geek to Chic

Why the future doesn't need us.
Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species.

QUARK SOUP - A very good blog on environmental issues and sciences as its point of focus .
Impressed by this particular entry
First David Appell talks about (not entirely his views but a collage of links to) how nanotechnology and biotechnology (same as Prey) can be a serious threat beyond just sci-fi to actually finish off biological life on earth and get(a chilling prospect)taken over by exponentially replicating artificial life by as near as 2035 . . . whoa ! Day-dreaming ?
Its his analysis of a book by Bill McKibben - Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age. The book calls for putting tabs on nano and biotech tinkering(aka research) or risk killing the human soul ! "A moratorium on these 'dangerous' technologies" - Luddite thoughts ??? That this is even not conceivable in this age of technology march with blinding pace, is surprising. But then isnt it thought provoking and even scary.
Appell then refutes these claims well . . . he couners the argument with the fact that we are constantly developing technologies to improve life, fight crippling diseases and up the standard of living and the process may have transformed us from Homo Sapiens to Homo Mutans or Homo Techno or whatever but that this argument cannot imply we are on self-destruct mode; since ages we have been evolving (unmistakably changing the world around us in the process) and the state we are in now is one we have arrived at, on this ongoing human journey. Its easy to frighten the public at large to sell books and movies and earn dollars but to find real solutions is much more difficult, and its for this precise reason, that the quest for innovation must go on.

Explore ::: wood s lot :::
From there :

America: The failed experiment
Paul Harris
yellow times

Most Americans seem to think that the United States has been a monumental success.
The United States is in decline; it is a society in an advanced state of decay.
America began with the genocide inflicted on native North Americans; it enslaved its own people and nearly tore itself apart in a cataclysmic war fought, in part, about that slavery. It has since spread its beneficence and its mayhem around the globe with casual disregard for all others. It remains a highly polarized society grouped together only by a collective fear of everyone else; within its own borders, groups of various sizes adhere only out of fear of other Americans.
The United States has relentlessly chased after the ability to annihilate its enemies with firepower beyond belief and convinced itself that it is right and just to do so. ...

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Discussing Blogs - an engrossing interview with Rebecca Blood

Rebecca Blood is an internationally known weblogger and writer. Rebecca has maintained the popular weblog, Rebecca's Pocket, since April 1999, linking and writing about current events, media literacy, web culture, sustainability, domestic life, and whatever else catches her eye. She is frequently called on by the press to illuminate the currently unstoppable weblog phenomenon. She has a BA in English and has held more kinds of jobs than you have

Today I took the Eliza interview, the computer program that converses/speaks with you. Its very very interesting but once it abused me I said bye . . . ;-)
A DOS based artificial intelligence program, which I found in one of my colleague's PC on the intranet.
Other Definitions :

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The phone was dead or problematic for the last 2 weeks
BLOGSTREET.COM seems upgraded & really good - Go check out all its features !
Ordered a new pair of spectacles (price of lenses have really gone up).

Monday, April 14, 2003


Got my system upgraded :

-> 40GB Seagate HDD from 10 GB (this Quantum Fireball had crashed) and
-> 128 MB RAM + existing 64MB now 192 MB - my system is faster & breezier than ever before . . .


The illegal war on Iraq seems to have come to the endgame stage, with Baghdad captured and Northern Iraqi cities falling one after another like dominos. How the Republican guards gave in so fast is still a mystery probably the arial US strikes neutralized them ?
The Americans are using Kurdish fighters to fight their own country men and using them as shields. They are further opportunistically dividing the already fractures social religious strata into Shias Sunnis and Kurds and . . . The rampant looting and images and video footages are so amusing with the coalition forces carelessly looking on. The great Iraq civilization is in its ruins. Saddam's palaces are stunning and all this is being destroyed by the barbaric acts of the US forces.
They killed thousands of innocent civillians calling their acts collateral damage - and the friendly fire incidents were most laughable - isnt killing your own and friendly forces gruesome enough. They slaughtered the Iraqi people at will - suddenly talking of Geneva Convention when it comes to their POWs. They dont care about human lives
They were shameless enough to even target Al Jazeera and other journalists at the Palestine Hotel who were steadfastly bringing forth the truth. (The only Indian journalist present there is Satish Jacob with his cameraman Nooh Nizami. Daring men Ill have to say. Thumbs Up to them and others who stayed back as the conflict raged and bombs rained all around)
The horrendous concept of 'Pre-emptive Strikes' is totally unjustified - no trace of chemical or biological WMDs have been found - all propaganda and propaganda. Without a reponse to a first strike; this is the first time that a group has jumped into aggression mode with the sole intension of invasion.
But this will only fuel the Islamic anger which is adangerous propositions and bring up more and more Osamas and subsequently more western (especially US) interests will be targetted - more 9/11s. They crushed Iraq but can they even dare to target some nation like North Korea etc on Bush's 'Evil List'. They wont dare because of N Korea's military capabilities; only a helpless, poverty and sanctions-ridden nation like Iraq can get pounded by the display, experimentation and demonstration of American weapons - MIGHT IS RIGHT. Agreed Saddam was not exactly an angel, but who gives the Americans a right to go for a regime change in another country bypassing all esyablished norms and the United Nations.
American ideals and principles were of the highest standards and have produced a slew of genius in all spheres, but alas all great civilizations fell because of their over-agrresive tactics and negligence of moral and ethical principles - the Roman civilization is an example as I heard in a discussion on Doordarshan (the Indian national television channel) between IK Gujral, Abid Hussain and others.
The American fall begins here - this invasion, acting as a catalyst.
The Bush 'regime' itself is illegal as the documentary director Michael Moore put it at the Oscar Awards presentation 2003. Democracy is already defunct in the US isnt it ??? So how do they bring democracy in Iraq - democracy can never be brought in forcefully !

Here I am just calling a spade a spade and the above comments were what I was able to percieve - that this war was totally illegal, illegitimate and unjustified causing unwanted casualties on both sides.

VSNL - My ISP(I use a dial-up connection) is giving me some trouble - either it does not connect at all or after getting connected there is no transmission or sometimes dissconnects happen almost immediately. This has been going on for the past 3 days - dont know why - too much traffic on their lines ? Maybe . . . Or maybe our telephone lines are yanked out for some repair work or road work or hanging in the wind here causing line noise and disturbances or the exchange is having some technical snags.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

The latest Open Sound System (OSS) device drivers (for my Conexant Riptide sound card) - OSS 3.9.7h works excellently on my system. Auto detection and auto sound testing is allowed no IRQ problems this time around . . . no freezes. Only in the beginning of playing a track, a scratch sound occurs and volume control on KDE is to be used with the KMix sound mixer to reduce the initial volume set to 100% by default.
THE CATCH ! The evaluation copy of OSS comes with a FREE limited time evaluation license which is activated on the day you install OSS. The software will only work for a limited time. After activation each time it works only for a period of 3 hours(no problem with that). Ofcourse a permanant license key can be ordered. These guys (4Front Technologies) make drivers for all flavours of UNIX, Great !

Now the only problem is my Rockwell winmodem . . . It Sucks, On Linux! On Windows (98 only, not 2K or XP) It Rocks !

And in Iraq the war draws longer and longer with the Iraqi people and forces displaying stiff resistance, but finally the greedy 'might is right' US will prevail in their illegal, illegitimate invasion of Iraq or will it be arepeat of Vietnam ?

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Using PCQ Linux 8.0 (Kernel 2.4.18 - 24.8.0) a rip-off from RH Linux 8.0 with some added functionality and latest updates till Feb 03 from RedHat. Cool antialiasing and other features HP Deskjet was instantly detected and works fine a truck load of drivers are pre-available. Sound(Riptide) and modem(Rockwell winmodem) as usual dont work yet - drivers will be required ! Taking lots of leaves from work; as a set of pending leaves are to be finished by financial year 2002 end (march end). PCQ Linux with antialiasing and themes and all else is coool . . . but the PCQ guys missed to add GNU Chess in the games - my favourite ( fools ;-( ).

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

The war goes on :
Guard are dictator's last hope
By Rachel Morris and agencies
March 26, 2003

THEY are highly trained, armed to the teeth and apparently blindly loyal to their President and brother in arms Saddam Hussein.
The Republican Guard which lies in wait for coalition forces as they approach the capital Baghdad are their master's trump card in this war.
Concealed in entrenched positions around schools, hospitals and mosques � away from military buildings that might be targeted by allied bombers � they are ready to fight.
They are better equipped, better trained and better motivated than the conscripted foot soldiers who have surrendered en masse.
"There will be surprises," coalition forces commander General Tommy Franks said last week. "We have not yet seen them."
The Republican Guard was formed in 1986 when Saddam's army suffered surprise defeats at the hands of arch enemy and neighbour Iran.
They also pioneered the modern use of mustard gas and other chemicals.
It is believed the Guard has six divisions with about 60,000 men.
There is also the Special Republican Guard with 15,000 men and 100 tanks.
The Special Republican Guard is now the only major force trusted enough to operate in central Baghdad and provide protection for Saddam and his inner circle.
And inside the Republican Guard is the elite of the elite � the Fedayeen Saddam � which has been planted into the regular army to stop them from surrendering.
The regular army is so distrusted by the highest levels of the Iraqi regime that, before this conflict, tank units were issued with only six shells for their guns so there was no chance they could launch a successful rebellion.
When the regular army is defeated, the Fedayeen Saddam then go behind the lines and attack coalition forces.
The members cover their faces and alternate between white uniforms in summer and black in winter.
The key to the Guard's loyalty lies in their background � their privileges and indoctrination.
Like most nations in the Middle East, Iraq is a tribal society where power is based on bloodline, kinship and long-standing friendship.
All members of the two units come from tribes and towns close to Saddam's regime, mainly from Tikrit north of Baghdad, and almost all are Sunni Muslims, the same branch of Islam as Saddam.
Completing the circle of fear and indoctrination is the fact that all Republican Guard units are under the direct control of Saddam's son Qusay.
Qusay rules the Republican Guard with a mixture of bribery and fear.
Each division has a 200-strong unit attached to it, called the Siriya, which will kill anybody who thinks of desertion or fails to fight. Possession of civilian clothes which might aid desertion leads to instant execution.
Each fighter is a volunteer, rather than a conscript, earning 11,000 dinars a month � 4000 dinars more than the regular army.
They also receive superior rations and subsidised housing. In some cities and villages, it is a great honour to have a son join the Guard.
They carry top notch ammunition, are equipped with the latest in Soviet weaponry and have gas masks and copious supplies of expensive antidotes to chemical attacks � all not available to the regulars.
The Guard is highly trained in the use chemical artillery, which could be their not-so-secret weapon � one that, if Saddam's back is against the wall, they will use without fear.
The Daily Telegraph

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I have long since blogged. I am losing interest in a lot of things ??? War now seems imminent with belluigerent Bush and Saddam sticking to their guns
India will surely reach the finals and then uncertainity. Then here work goes on. I am staying back at home all the time ; need to reverse this trend and go out once in a while. Thought of buying The Demon in the Freezer & Hot Zone by Richard Preston - each is INR 500+. COSTLY NAA? Bought PCQLINUX 8.0 made from RH Linux 8.0 - actually father bought it when he had gone out . . . Need to install it and try out; my hard disk seems to be stalling off suddendly troubled times ahead donno ? Lets see what lies ahead. Running a online McAfee Scan as I type cause I am also suspecting viruses . . .
This is what Mc Afee says about it :
VirusScan Online is the #1 online anti-virus solution, providing around-the-clock protection for your PC. With over 63,000 computer viruses identified, and another 500 discovered each month, why take chances?

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Life goes on . . . France uses veto threat in UN Sec Council against US strikes on Iraq

Twins crack face recognition puzzle

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Well I got the brand new Compaq Evo D230 at workplace with Win XP and Win 2K pre-loaded by our sys admin guys . . .
Fast breezy system Pentium 4, 1.8 GHz 256 MB SDRAM. - This was on 19th Feb 2003

Sunday, February 16, 2003

I came across Wikipedia for World Parliament of Religions
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. - The World Parliament of Religions is an interfaith conference that was first held in Chicago in 1893 and again in 1993. At the latter meeting it was decided to hold a Parliament every five years, and in 1998 one was convened in Cape Town.

Paper on Broadmindedness of Hinduism

As Amartya Sen reemphasized - dont become a frog in a well ( Kupamanduka ); Indian science, arts and every form of heritage gained and enriched itself to such levels of excellence not in isolation but because of its intense interaction with men from other parts of the world.


Saturday, February 15, 2003

Goodbye, Dolly - Euthanasia to first cloned sheep.

Dolly, the famous cloned sheep has been put to death after being diagnosed with a progressive lung disease and follows earlier reports that she was prematurely aging, including developing arthritis. [DETAILS & DISCUSSIONS]

EXCERPTS FROM SLASHDOT : You see there's this very important substance called telomeres attached to the end of chromosomes. As cells divide, the telomere caps become shorter, and eventually the cells stop dividing and either malfunction or die. It stands to reason that, if you start off with an adult cell, you already have shortened telomeres and will therefore have a reduced lifespan. Telomeres aren't just any substance. They're DNA. The end of a chromosome has short repeating sequences of a few base pairs (ex: AATTAATT, etc.) which are not all replicated when a cell duplicates its genome and divides. This presumably acts as a molecular "clock" for the organism to keep track of its "age," but this is pretty controversial and unsubstantiated.
The mechanics of it are simple -- at the end of the DNA strand in each nucleus is a length of DNA that codes for nothing, called a telomere. With each division, the telomere gets cut back. Eventually, the cell divides one last time and the telomere isn't long enough, so the cut goes right into part of the DNA that codes for something, thus causing an error catastrophe ultimately resulting in death.

But take hope. In the 1980's, while studying cancer cells (in fish, I think), researchers found this chemical called telemorase, which rebuilds the telomeres. [For which one of the more recent nobel prizes was awarded] Ever since, researchers have been working feverishly on telemorase treatments, which we should start seeing in the next decade or two.

I will tell you a little story. You have heard the eloquent speaker who has just finished say, "Let us cease from abusing each other," and he was very sorry that there should be always so much variance.

But I think I should tell you a story which would illustrate the cause of this variance. A frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a long time. It was born there and brought up there, and yet was a little, small frog. Of course, the evolutionists were not there then to tell us whether the frog lost its eyes or not, but, for our story's sake, we must take it for granted that it had its eyes, and that it every day cleansed the water of all the worms and bacilli that lived in it with an energy that would do credit to our modern bacteriologists. In this way it went on and became a little sleek and fat. Well, one day another flog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well.

"Where are you form?"
"I am from the sea."
"The sea! How big is that? Is it as big as my well?" and he took a leap from one side of the well to the other.
"My friend," said the frog of the sea, "how do you compare the sea with your little well?"
Then the frog took another leap and asked, "Is your sea so big?"
"What nonsense you speak, to compare the sea with your well!"
"Well, then," said the frog of the well, "nothing can be bigger than my well; there can be nothing bigger than this; this fellow is a liar, so turn him out."

That has been the difficulty all the while.

I am a Hindu. I am sitting in my own little well and thinking that the whole world is my little well. The Christian sits in his little well and thinks the whole world is his well. The Mohammedan sits in his little well and thinks that is the whole world. l have to thank you of America for the great attempt you are making to break down the barriers of this little world of ours, and hope that, in the future, the Lord will help you to accomplish your purpose.

At The World's Parliament of Religions
Chicago, 15th September 1893

Friday, February 14, 2003

Sunday, February 09, 2003

The AERO-INDIA 2003 came to an end with its magnificient display of the Flying Machines. SUKHOI 30 MKI WAS A TREAT INDEED WITH ITS LANGUID TACTICS AND SUDDEN SHARP GUSHES OF SPEED, ALBEIT FROM MY BINOCULARS . . .
Learn about the Sukhoi
More on the SUKHOI - Youll find plenty of links here. The others seemed to pale out in front of it. I am infatuated/possessed/obssessed by this plane since I saw it in the Aero-India show 4-5 years back . . .

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

A tragedy - lots of questions and some answers - Columbia FAQ
Some of the most common questions about the Columbia tragedy, and the answers as best as could give

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Oh My God - Smitten by KDE 3.1
Take a look at the new KDE 3.1
These screenshots show KDE 3.1, the current release of the K Desktop Environment

And then read the details at and HERE

Sunday, January 26, 2003

WORMS & VIRUSES - Have they become a routine feature of the web ?
Now that I am out of college, and into the industry I am understanding what havoc viruses and worms can cause . . .
I got elkern, kriz and funlove infected at workplace - a series of deadly viruses but Norton AV exists and my system is still working - up and running though I get lotz a BSODs - Win NT 4.0 ( Sheesh ! Old naa ? But its what I have got, as I await new Compaqs (with XP as default - though project requirements specify win2k) coming in the first week of Feb).

CNET News: Computer worm slows global Net traffic
MS SQL Server Worm Wreaking Havoc On Saturday January 25 -> "Since about midnight EST almost every host on the internet has been receiving a 376 byte UDP payload on port ms-sql-m (1434) from a random infected server. Reports of some hosts receiving 10 per minute or more. is reporting UUNet and Internap are being hit very hard. This is the cause of major connectivity problems being experienced worldwide. It is believed this worm leverages a vulnerability published in June 2002. Several core routers have taken to blocking port 1434 outright. If you run Microsoft SQL Server, make sure the public internet can't access it. If you manage a gateway, consider dropping UDP packets sent to port 1434." bani adds "This has effectively disabled 5 of the 13 root nameservers."
CNN : Computer worm grounds flights, blocks ATMs
I was there for the informal meeting of the UVCE Foundation

A very good initiative - By Anand Adkoli and others . . . for the alma mater !

Sunday, January 19, 2003

A WHOLE LOT OF CONTENT - Check out and read them all HERE
Do check Creative Commons' collaborators for all the stuff :: KEEP YOURSELF BUSY, READING . . .
Crichton's Prey was great - though I felt somewhat let down after finishing the book. The concepts, a cutting-edge-hi-tech amalgam of distributed computing, nanotech and genetic engineering (emergent self optimizing behaviour + triumphs of molecular manufacturing i.e. using e-coli bacteria to create nanoassemblers which inturn assemble molecular machines like cameras etc, which have memory, solar cell particles to sustain themselves and organize using goal-seeking PREDPREY distributed algorithms to mimick vivid shapes and forms, which as usual go out of control or do they. . . never mind; and have to be exterminated, else will take over the human race) are great, but the ending is not very inspiring and actually a bit disappointing.
Killing the villain bacteria instantly with bacteriophages/viruses ? The content handling at times is dry and clumsy.
Of course the story is fast paced and chilling too at times - he has focussed a lot on character development, which he was criticised of not doing in his earlier novels. The entire book is a first person narrative.
All in all a score of 3.5/5 would suffice.
His lucid style of writing though is prevalent here too, through which he seems to have developed a knack of scaring us ; readers will immediately vouch for the negative implications of molecular manufacturing . . .

Saturday, January 18, 2003

And now Rediff Blogs - a ditto copy of BLOGGER . . . NEAT COPYING ! Have you guys copied word to word or is it on a contract basis, looks like one though - Rediff developers must have gone through the Blogger site code.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Slashdot Articles . . .
Brain Surgery Robot Running Linux
Hacker's Delight



QUALCOMM is best known as the company that pioneered Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, which is now used in wireless networks and handsets all over the world. By making very efficient use of radio frequency spectrum, CDMA allows more people to share the airwaves at the same time - without cross-talk, static or interference.
ALSO HERE - CDMA Development Group

Monday, January 13, 2003

Apple out with its browser Safari and 17 inch Laptop ( 1 inch wide amazing and gorgeous hallmarks of Apple ) . . .
with SPOT watches and more devices - go find out ! ! !

Sunday, January 12, 2003

I am back and blogging - a tight field trip, first official one and first to Maharashtra too, just ended.
Travel sure does something on uplifting confidence levels :: The visit to Nashik, Shirdi, Deolali and Mumbai was great !
Reading Prey by Michael Crichton - Its a bit dry in the beginning . . . first comments after 80 pages that is !