Monday, August 04, 2003

I was thinking, with all the attempts at information gathering by US agencies against terrorism, is such a thing possible ?

Presenting :
The 'Info Sensory Monitor Organ'
By Shamit Bagchi

Trying to add a whole new feature to the human being, that of embedded genes to communicate with associated nano-agents that receive signals and transmit to the nearby grids or nodes, powerful towers linked up with satellites orbiting in space to transfer the data between locations on earth for data capture, storage and monitoring.

They become an integral part of the human body unlike cyborgs who voluntarily embed themselves with sensors and other such devices this one is fissioned into the human chromosome as ISM genes and specific DNA sequences which actually get transmitted in the genes as an act or pact of coordinated activity between the humans and nano-agents.

An individual (two to be precise) once introduced with the gene will get an agent (nano-bot) activated by means of his location and then will pass it on to his offsprings as hereditary matter. Locations and mind thoughts are all coordinated and scanned by Info Positioning Sats and these devices so minute as to be percieved as non-existent.

This mechanism as a module deviced to gather data and content from the thought processes and nerve signals and then either monitor them real-time or store them into a massive database which can be constantly filtered to find out any unwanted activity and potential terrorist minds.

Like speech a new form or mode of information or thought transfer between humans and humans ; and humans and machines . . .

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