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Title: Naaow (Boat)
Genre: Doodle + digitally modified in PShop

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sunday, 13th Dec 09, 11:00 AM:

At the Bengaluru Habba venue Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat (KCP), Bangalore, India the Crafts Mela (Fair) and the India Art Trail were fascinating - I had been there today! As soon as you enter there are 3 large light coloured wooden deities made of Sandalwood (I guess - not sure), quite captivating and all around stalls selling arts and crafts. This fair is being conducted by Kala Madhyam - an organization, as it claims, to be dedicated to supporting and empowering traditional (folk and tribal) Indian artists and artisans. More at http://www.kalamadhyam.org/

At the mela, first I went on to meet Deepak, a businessman who is working with artisans who do Kerala Temple art. Being in the interiors these artists are on the verge of giving up the art. He is running an initiative to bring the artisans to do custom artwork on corporate areas etc. Another stall was also on Traditional Mural Art from Kerala (Bhavm from Wayanad, Kerala - http://www.bhavmmuralarts.blogpot.com/) Next I saw some work of Kaathaa stitch etc from Shantiniketan - some of it strangely similar to Warli art of Maharashtra.

Then I went on to a stall displaying Tanjore artwork (Mrs Vasanthi Gopalan - TANJORE PAINTING CRAFT - http://www.tanjorepaintingcraft.com/) very different from the svelte and slim figures in Rajasthani or Moghul art - most figures in this are plump and well endowed images of Krishna and other motifs. A jewel laden piece of Tirupathi was worth 3 Lakhs! Another one was that of the several dieties on a Kamadhenu  worth 1 Lakh. Costly stuff!! But very rich work.

Next I viewed the painstakingly done works of a Gond tribal artist - called the Gond Bhitti Chitrakala (Subhash and Durgabai Vyom - husband and wife it seems, Subhash was working on a piece as he spoke to me). Strangely the black and wite works are costlier than the colour ones which must be because of the fine artwork and greater detail in the B&W ones.

Next were the gorgeous miniatures from Rajasthan - as the owner (Kailash Chandra Kumawat of Hemant Art, Jaipur - http://www.indianparamparikart.com/) explained on how the brushes are pointed and work is done on old British era paper, the queens and women on the artwork are curvaceous, svelte figurines and the eyes are the most prominent. Vivid colours and some very colourful artwork there too - Amboj style.

From this I went to the artwork of Orissa on palm leaves or some leaves of very fine quality - the artist does art on houses and walls too (don't remember his details), and then Warli art and Madhubani. The Madhubani stall (Mithila Vastram from Darbhanga, Bihar) had a plethora of Madhubani work - the owner has also written a trilogy of books to capture the styles and techniques for training, and they have also established a school to teach this form of painting using natural dyes.

Next I came on to the Phad Chitrakari done using stone colours and pigments on canvas paper that does not tear. Also the stone colours are the same ones used on Ajanta and Ellora caves (as explained by an articulate Nandakishore and Prakash Joshi from Bhilwara - http://www.phadchitrakari.com/)

Next was a stall set up by Anwar Chitrakar (apparently he has won a National Award) who does Kalighat paintings, another unique art style from West Bengal - perhaps adopted by Jamini Roy. He talks of how his works mainly get sold in festivals and fairs such as this one conducted by Kala Madhyam and among customers in Kolkata.

Later on I spoke to Mariam Thomas, Program Coordinator for Kala Madhyam and also handling the Craft Mela event at Bengaluru Habba. She says the networks were created early on (this is the 4th or 5th edition of the Crafts fair by Kala Madhyam) with representatives in different cities, now it is well established. Although very few employees exist in her company most others work on a commission based system.

I also saw the paintings kept as part of the KCP gallery, some from everyday life are a great interplay of colours, shadows, mysterious motifs and some vast landscsapes or panoramic views of forts etc.

Sunday, 13th Dec 09, 1:00 PM:

As part of the Indian Art Trail I went on to see the amazing Masters of Contemporary Art exhibition at KCP curated by Essmath Khaleeli of Apparao Galleries (located at "The Collection" UB City - http://www.apparaogalleries.com/). The works are just too cerebral and visually stunning. Works by Anjolie Ela Menon, Ganesh Pyne, Jaya Ganguly, Sakti Burman, Arpana Caur, Jogen Chowdhury, Laxma Goud, Surendran Nair among the many others were some of the most outstanding. From the bizarre to the erotic imagery to the minimalist, from rich and vivid colors to grey, detailed hallucination like imagery - from the stoic and mundane to the traditional and festive, all forms and occurrences have been captured through the imagination of these artists. You have to see it to believe it. One piece "Plot" by Krishnamachari Bose seemed to capture the mood of the whole setting since it captures a few people staring at exhibits in a gallery and the artist looking at the onlookers from a distance - surreal!

There are films on Monet, Picasso, Frieda Kahlo, Salvador Dali and others being screened at the KCP from 14th December, 2009 everyday at 4 PM. Parallely the Great Indian Gallery Trail is going on at all the galleries across Bangalore (till 20th December 2009) covering the 5 mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and limited editions.

Sunday, 13th Dec 09, 3:00 PM:

Next I went to the AFFA offices near Sankey Tank and collected the passes and promo stuff... as Dhonuk (http://www.dhonuk.com/) is the online partner for the Bengaluru Habba 2009. Stay tuned for more!

A quote from the Habba booklet on the Indian Art Trail:

"To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at" - Claude Monet

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With Guy Kawasaki - NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

‘2 States’ by Chetan Bhagat

2 States - the story of my marriage
In the land of Gandhi, Ahmedabad begins this story of Krish and Ananya – which turns into a family cold war. The protagonist Kris, a Punjabi guy falls in love with the Best (or best looking?) female student Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin at IIMA. They study together, crack examinations and in the mean while things get more and more and more intimate. Krish gets a job in Citibank and Ananya in HLL – dream jobs so to speak. When the time comes to leave IIMA, they decide to get married. You would expect that to be one major battle won. They even make their families meet each other, but things take an explosive turn when the families come together leading to misunderstandings. The Hema Malini - Dharmendra analogy here left me bursting out, laughing.
Kris shifts to Chennai in order to be near his lady love. How does Krish convince Ananya’s Tamil Brahmin parents and Ananya Kris’s Punjabi parents - the story explores this in detail, as it flits from one incident to another with hilarious twists and turns and subtle philosophy throughout. Chetan Bhagat has concocted a high impact, yet easily readable and engrossing book that explodes with humour like the bursts of crackers quite often! Like the protagonist speaking to his self on how he should react to someone’s comment or behavior – this aspect often makes you snigger.
In the approach to the climax he has highlighted the various idiosyncrasies of families and communities , be they in the Northern or the Southern parts of our nation. The absurdities of corporate culture, the hype with IITs and IIMs and their alumni and many other such broad topics are handled and portrayed in nutshells. The book ends with a very emotive message. Essentially people have their reservations, views and fixed mindsets but ultimately it is about human behavior. So does love prevail? Read to find out …
Rest assured you will zip through this book – a very pleasant read!
Rating: 3.5/5

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yourstory.in features Dhonuk.

“An Indian and the Arts”
“With the most primitive means the artist creates something which the most ingenious and efficient technology will never be able to create” says Kasimir Malevich and our Young Entreprenur seems to fully comprehend the implication of the words.

Our young patron of the arts has taken it upon himself to provide a new haven to the Indian genre. The rich history, variation and tradition behind Indian music, Art and Design are all set to receive an infusion of fresh ideas from Shamit Bagchi, who is the founder of DHONUK (INDIAN ART ECOSYSTEM).

The Young Entrepreneur outlined his vision for the arts saying “A social network based online Indian Art/Music /Design Ecosystem with a 3 point model whose constituents include, Source of arts, music as Individuals , Institution/Galleries, Content generation from our end, Consumers - Buyers – bring in revenue and Participants in the community.”

His venture is one of a kind and soon expanding into other areas. He speaks of his offerings saying “A plethora of art specific focus on India Art, music and design related aspects, for both knowledge function and the showcasing and access to art forms, folk, semi-classical music by young and budding talents. We help connecting the buying, access aspects for art enthusiasts with the content from artists.”

“It is a unique amalgamation of Indian Art formats, artists, designers and musicians, to transact online as well as share knowledge and showcase their talent online, as such a social network dedicated for these purposes does not exist.”

“Traditional Indian artists are known for their colorful, intricate and vivid art formats such as the varied miniature formats including Terracotta, Rajasthani, Pahari, Tanjore, Patachitra, Kalighat, and several other forms. The lack of awareness in the popular media and the social milieu of these dwindling art forms have brought us to a juncture where extinction of these formats due to unpopularity is very much in the realm of possibility. The objective of this project is to popularize some of these art formats as well as help create an ecosystem for the like minded artists to explore.”

His plans for the next step include roping in participants in his vision. He says “Yes, to include artisans, artists and galleries as the sources and feeding the data into content creation.”

“Another area to look at would be the proliferation aspects of certain art formats specifically Manga/Anime styles (Japanese origin), which are finding a great level of popularity worldwide and this ensures their growth, proliferation and subsequent experimentation with techniques and the art’s evolution. Such a movement, exposure for the Indian techniques to the public eye through caterings or offerings has not been happening. The need is to work with animation houses and conglomerates such as Reliance group’s BIG Animation or Amar Chitra Katha etc to actually tap this vast unexplored field of Indian Art formats that can see a win-win scenario – once the community gains sufficient strength in terms of numbers, it can connected to these established players may see value in this social network.”

His need to pursue and develop an online forum for Indian Arts has been because of “The Passion for Indian Art forms and making them popular through animation, graphic novels, games etc.”

“Getting the team to agree on the vision and start the market sizing” has been a pretty strenuous task for Shamit but he has put together a team that has a lot of promise.

He introduces his team with obvious pride reveling in “The gathering of a very competent team of IIM Bangalore students and graphical designer with vast prior experience and knowledge, socio-, technology entrepreneurial experience.”

The team behind DHONUK is:-
  • Vikram Rai from BITS Pilani who runs a social consulting firm Sattva and a theatre group VODO.
  • Anshuman Majumdar ( BFA - Advertising Art -Chitrakala Parishath ) is a digital artist & a painter and runs a Graphic design firm - SCOSSA.
  • Shantanu Gudihal - currently a student of IIMB runs a knowledge mangement software startup company Meshlabs with other senior members.
  • Parashar Shah currently a student of IIMB is working with Alcatel Lucent and a winner of the Intel Ultimate Geek Contest
  • Naufal Kukkady - currently a student of IIMB is an allrounder - the most active participant in organizing events @ IIMB and works with Ittiam Technologies.
  • Karthik Naig - currently a student of IIMB and editor of in-house magazine Xpressions at Honeywell and himself a very creative individual, has joined us and is planning to be part of the media initiative and marketing.
  • Amit Bhalotia - currently a student of IIMB and also an IITian who had started up in the US earlier and with vast prior experience, part of a couple of startups - Students committee secretary and Active member of the IIM Bangalore events and students committees.
  • Somnath Sinha Mahapatra - currently a student of IIMB and an alumnus of BHU & most active leader of students association and cultural committee also.
DHONUK is at present looking for a boost to get to a flying start. Shamit says “We are planning for self, friends, family and maybe an incubation opportunity from NSRCEL or pitching it with a VC. We have the support of the local artist community and the IIM Bangalore faculty support.”

All Entrepreneurs are driven to realize their dreams and Shamit is no different he acknowledge his driving factors as “The passion and drive to see the vision of an Indian Art ecosystem which is on par with European or western styles as well as animation using the Indian Art forms which are so vibrant.”

Shamit recounts the knowledge that has stood him in good stead on his entrepreneurial journey and advises “Believe in what you want to do, and with equal parts Passion, Imagination and the Verve, pitch the idea in the right way to the right people…this will ultimately lead to total success. Clarification of ideas and evolution of ideas is natural.”

In parallel a project is planned to be running under Professor Balasubramaniam Shekar (Profile: http://www.iimb.ernet.in/user/59) who teaches a very unique eclectic course called Creativity in Arts and Sciences at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. This course indirectly gave life to and inspired the implementation of an earlier conceived idea as a framework working toward Cultural Entrepreneurship.

Dhonuk has tied up with AIM (Artists Introspective Movement) and has become the online partner for the ongoing Bengaluru International Arts Festival 2009.

YourStory wishes the young and upcoming entrepreneur Shamit Bagchi success and luck in spearheading the “Avant Garde” of Indian Art

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dharma of being Good.

Learnings from the lecture by Gurcharan Das.

Gurcharan Das is a seasoned speaker and has his own mesmerizing way of speaking. It was midway during his spell (spiel?)  - no, actually a lecture at the IIM Bangalore auditorium on his latest book “The Difficulty of being Good” he did just that – left me and many more folks spell-bound! In his own words he had studied the Mahabharata for a period of more than six years to draw lessons from it with an eye on capitalism. He speaks of the many conditions of being human for example that of envy, revenge, the want for status that can muddle up worldly affairs.  
To start off, speaking on envy he dwelled upon Duryodhana’s envy of the fact that he could not accept someone else’s coronation – this ultimately leads to the war of Kurukshetra . Sometimes we have this tendency to writhe in envy at others’success although he/she may rightfully have achieved it and that can be the root cause for a lot of evil in society. The way he explained it was quite intriguing even saying that envy is the sin of socialism (just as greed is the sin of capitalism). The envy and the resulting resentment can blind us and make us reach monstrous proportions. In the 1930s the Jews were the most prosperous with control of over 70% of the economy in Germany and that is why Hitler was able to whip up envy among the Germans and this led to the aftermath of the extermination of Jews.
Then he went on to the need for status and cited Karna, when he is humiliated as the Sutputra - the illegitimate child, and not given the Kshatriya (warrior) title all througout. The humiliation is even more for Karna when Draupadi taunts him that way. At Draupadi’s swayamvar – choosing the husband ceremony, he is able to lift the bow and succeed in every ritual and yet Draupadi refuses to marry him calling him a Sutputra. Throughout the rest of the epic the undercurrent of sexual desire for Draupadi eats into Karna and it is apparently he who had asked Dushashana to initiate the stripping of Draupadi. The plight of dalits and OBCs was a very relevant point brought in here. This need to rise from being nobody to being a somebody – ie social status is some thing we all crave. Every person has this need for social status and as he spoke on this by this point Gurcharan Das had captivated the crowd as the whole auditorium sat in rapt silence.
On revenge he talked of the Ashwathama (Drona’s son) burning down an army of sleeping soldiers, Das even cited his open letter to Narendra Modi stating sometimes revenge’s counter is forgiveness – he suggested to Modi that he should appeal to the Muslims to forgive him and automatically the Muslims will ask for forgiveness for Godhra, but this never happened. He talks of forgiveness to replace revenge although I dont fully agree here, as justice is not to be denied that’s why you have the ‘outsourced’ revenge (law and judiciary).
Although he terms Mahabharata as morally ambiguous he makes an important statement saying that it gives the individual reading it, in his view, some leeway and autonomy of thought and decisions in a morally challenging situation unlike Islamic or Catholic-Judaic  texts which sermonize and set the commandments and edicts. That way Ramayana is more of the perfect and righteous text to be followed in his view and gives a more positive feel yet is very unrealistic!
He states that reading Mahabharata has made him morally aware. In one description he is talking of compassion, when Yudishthira goes to heaven a dog follows him – however Lord Indra does not allow the dog to enter heaven, reacting to this Yudhisthira says a person who has come for refuge should never be refused and he actually himself does not enter heaven to be with the dog – perhaps an extreme form of compassion yet a parable which drives home the point.
In the end he talked of the unevenness of resources, wealth etc or disparity as the major issue in the world and to reduce this we need some form of restraint and not go into excesses in the throes of capitalism.

Am sure this book will be a good read.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The second day turned out to be better and much more enjoyable than the first at the Bengaluru International Arts Festival 09. It started with the recital by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy Award winner) and Suma Sudhindra on the Veena along with the members of the troupe Laya Taranga. Vishwa Mohan Bhat reached epic proportions with his Mohan Veena (an improvisation of the guitar with many additional strings) on one piece of music. Sheer joy and at such times the mind explodes and goes numb. The ending was in typical Laya Taranga style with jugalbandi - the relay among the percussionists (Mridangam, Kanjeera, Ghatam, Tabla and drums) finally merging into an amalgamated interplay by all the percussionists and the Veenas.
Next was Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh the master dansuese and one of the foremeost proponents of Odissi dance. She did the Krishna Leela - 8 rasas which she portrayed with aplomb and amazing vigour even at this age. The different rasas included Ananda, Bhaya, Ashcharya, Haasya, etc the Haasya act in which she portrayed Krishna taking away the Gopi's clothes when they go to bathe in the Yamuna (Gopi Vastra Harana) was extremely expressive and hilariously portrayed. She made a very pertinent remark where she said she had rejected the notion that the classical styles are on the high pedestal and the folk arts are of a lower stature. Art, music etc in her view has no such hierarchy. She included Hindi bollywood songs into each of the eight performances, interspersed with her insightful commentry in impeccable English.
The final recital was a combination of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Tap Dance. The first number was a Bharatanatyam recital by Anuradha Vikranth - near divine performance and amazing grace of the dansuese enthralled (in the true sense of the word) the audience! She essentially portrayed the penance of Raavana for Mahadeva Atmalinga while playing the Rudra Veena and the conquest of the river Ganga into Mahadeva's locks (Jataa). It was followed by a kathak + tap dance and a lyrical flamenco + kathak performance back to back by 2 other artists (one male and one female). The final piece was a fusion of Tap dance, Kathak and Bharatanatyam when all three dancers performed in synchrony. It was a veritable blast of the arts for the true art lovers and a 'not to be missed' opportunity like never before. Kudos to the organizers and the artistes themselves for having given such brilliant performances.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

THE DHONUK DIARIES: Bengaluru International Arts Festival '09 - DAY 1

Attended the first day of the Bengaluru International Arts Festival'09 yesterday at The Sheesh Mahal, Palace Grounds. The violin recital seemed insipid at first perhaps because I had just gone into the BIAF zone after office and its tensions. And then the violin jugalbandi entered a high frequency stage with L Subramaniam and his son - it reached a crescendo of sorts with short bursts and mesmerizing strains. A befitting ending worth all the cheer.

This was followed by the energetic and full throated Raghu Dixit of the Raghu Dixit Project fame. He started with a Kannada folk song and then went on to the 'Hey Bhagwaan' number. Apparently he got frustrated that the folks were all seated and not standing, cheering and dancing - he threatened to not continue in his jovial-furious manner and guess what the people just stood up and that's when the 'Mysore Se Aayi' track was belted out by the members of the Raghu Dixit Project. The violinist, two guitarists and the drummer... Amazing flow of energy and the high pitch at which Raghu sings just enthralled the whole audience as they jeered and cheered to no end. Then he played a lilting Kannada number and ended it with a track from a not yet released Kannada film. Fans were disappointed that he didnt sing more. The most charged up phase of the day!

The next item was absolutely breathtaking in my view as I haven't seen anything like it before - a Kathak dance recital with diverse improvisations. Thai dance formats + background music, chanting etc fused into a performance led by Nirupama and Rajendra duo. 4-5 separate dances with a group of 20 young artistes and themes ranging from The Bhagavad Gita to The Passion and confidence of an Artist (Vir Bhaav) with the underlying theme of harmony were the highlights. The duo switched their dresses often from Bright Red to Colourful blue/green/yellow peacock combo to serene white in the end; all throughout the svelte duo performed with great verve and dedication accompanied by their group whose members ended up giving a splendid performance.

After the event I was speaking with Suma Sudhindra (she also leads the Chowdiah Memorial) and Veena Murthy Vijay who heads the Artists’ Introspective Movement (AIM), a federation of artists with a progressive look towards arts, who have organized BIAF 09. DHONUK we decided will be associated with this Festival as online partner.

Also I think Atul Chitinis was sitting a few seats away from me although I decided not to disturb him!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

DHONUK.com is born - 01 SEP 09

On 1st September, 2009 was born the INDIAN ART ECOSYSTEM - http://dhonuk.com

YourStory.in is carrying a story as an entry for their Most Popular Entreprenur Contest '09.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Passion, Imagination, Verve.

Discovered through insights, and a very strong intuitive feeling, the PIVOTAL framework is essentially a combination of passion, imagination and verve that can be used almost in every aspect of human life.

The PIVOTAL framework -> Passion + Imagination + Verve in equal measure = TOTAL SUCCESS.

It is essentially these which drive perfection, discovery and inventions of the highest nature in humans as well all of those day to day 'WOW' moments or incidents. But it could be extended to anything and every activity that we take up. Putting the whole soul into the moment... It seems to have a spiritual angle to it too of having belief in that highest of universal consciousness - which is common in us all and can be reached and gets connected in such a fabric of commonality, as if into a single whole...

The aim is to tirelessly strive and serve and be best at what are your strengths or maybe a higher purpose!

Hypnosis (alluding to an incident during a presentation in class)

The sender and receiver,
Zapped in rapt attention - stunned.
Tied together with a thread,
Intangible, but steel-strong.

Sheer energy transmission
Of an order highest I have seen...
Professor's pedagogy as causality,
Fruits sweet of knowledge's glowing aura!

This was in Prof S Ramesh Kumar' s class on Consumer Behaviour; after any presentation usually where there are a volley of questions - there were none; a calm, peaceful silence followed.
I ended up getting epithets such as 'great presentation', 'truly great', 'mesmerizing', 'style bhai', 'rock star' from fellow classmates :) - although the contents of the presentation was a remarkable piece of team effort and team work!!
Ofcourse once in a while through inspiration too things reach a level of a great PERFORMANCE (sheer intimidation)!!
It is all a blessing of that infinite consciousness that we term God - a connection with that keeps everyone rejuvenated and full of energy.

By the way HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY --> AUGUST 02, 2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Debi – The Shakti-Shanti Duality.

Yaa Devi Sarvabhuteshu – Shakti Rupen/Shanti Rupen Sansthitaa – Namastasyay, Namastasyay, Namastasyay, Namo Mamahaa.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creativity in Arts and Sciences

CARTS - Yes this elective by Prof B Shekar has been a revelation...
From music (the essence of which is 'contrast' - subtle vs obvious, continuous vs discrete) to films, and imagery, creativity in all its aspects is covered. Artwork being a primary area (we were studying Escher's artwork including Metamorphosis and Ascending and Descending and many others). Mathemetical concepts are yet to be covered. Concepts in music have been the main focus area with concepts such as shadows, reflection, gesticulations etc were new things I learnt. The notes - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni - are based on ratios to the Golden Ratio (approximately 1.614).

FACTOID: Upto a max of 12 notes or 8 notes are decernable to the human ear.

ESCHER's BIRDS - Developed taking snatches from Escher's 'Liberation' - copied during class ...

Currently listening to CONVERSATIONS by Ulhas Bapat & Narayan Mani - deadly combination of Santoor and Veena... Heady Music! Heaven! Hooked to this track called 'Yaman Chakra' ...
The other ones incuding Bhimpalasi - Carnatic styles in accompaniment of the tabla and mridangam.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Genre: Digital Art, On July 12, 2009 for July 21 (marks my mother's birthday) - Click above to view larger image.

Dedicated to my mother and all mothers, past, present and future.... who bear the symbols of love and later care and nurture them!

How I wish I could roam free,

Careless of all that the world demands.

But mother, for the thoughts of thee,

And on my head thy peaceful hands.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Black = Hope

DIGTAL ARTWORK Titled: Black = Hope

(Click image above to expand)

Life is no pleasant game,

Yet a game all the same!

Come with me, let us

Go forth to tear thus,

The occasional pall of gloom.

Awaits the dawn of consciousness.

Darn the naysayers,

Burn their demoralizing prayers.

The beats of music,

And human company, keep up

The zest for life, the trick

Is to yearn for the very best!

Enjoy every step, wait not

With bated breath,

To reach some illusory goal.

Feel the oneness of each and every soul!

Black equals Hope, since it’s

A matter of raising your eyelids.

The ennui shall vanish, Gain

You shall zest, Zest, ZEST.


Watched Vijay Tendulkar's play 'Silence the court is in session' (English version of the Marathi original Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe) by a budding and getting quite adept troupe called VODO - http://www.vodo.blogspot.com/ - at the Rangashankara on 11th June 2009.

Currently hooked to: Song - 'Tere Naina' from the movie 'ChandniChowk to China'

Currently watching: Movie - 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DIGITAL POP ART titled: 'Don't you worry, baby!'

(Click above to enlarge)


Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Her Tattoo Blooms'

Inspired by artworks of pop art gurus such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol - the quality no where near them in terms of the fine art work - however a decent start in my view. Need to work harder on the sketching part - this one was done in like 10 mins, and then heavy digitization and touchup...

The end goal was to make a Pop Art style art piece and very, very colourful - a tattoo on the female form make for a appealing combination, perhaps a tattoo parlour... Listening to the Delhi 6 title track helped make the overall piece as vivid as it has got! How would the end product look on the wall of a pub or a restaurant?


Sunday, May 17, 2009

SUMMER BEAT - King Cong and One Year’s Heat!

The writer Ernest Hemingway in one final moment of insanity shot himself.

Is L K Advani going to do the same? The drubbings in the elections - I have to give it to him that he managed to escape an attempt yet – poor guy his party’s SMSes extolling him as the next PM itself would have turned off the electorate – I am sure that is the reason. ‘Theory of the errant SMSes’ from my end – yet another absurd reason for the BJP’s (NDA) setbacks and King Cong, UPA’s (Ulta Pulta Alliance as per BJP – Ravishankar Prasad must be kicking himself on his rear end now) unwittingly thumping victory (they were themselves surprised it’d seem).

Also no such escape hatch for us, IIMB PGSEMers – our batch of 2008 after having stretched and strained to snapping point finally touch finish line. One full year completed! Almost two more to go... With ups and downs (an understatement given the accompanying volatile job scene in the IT sector) – a volcano of activity last one year it was with studies (sleep-reading, last minute mugging??) – marketing (Prof T & Damodar Mall in the mall…:D), economics (Prof D and Prof V), operations (not one of those done in a hospital), unaccounted number of accounting courses,  finance (among high-profile banks collapsing left, right and centre), business events (Convergenz & Vista) and cultural events (Pehel, Unmaad etc), ecstasies (the Outliers and acad King Kongs aka Toppers), disappointments (GPAs - Grades eluding A), gung ho about assignments at the beginning and then 'pillion riding' towards the end of the year for some assignments, a drain on the academic nerves like nothing prior. Also mails and chain mails and more mails from professors and students and certain super-enthusiast 'inbox jesters' – mails of the nature from the erudite to those bordering on the very naughty with dollops of humour thrown in – all memories to be cherished forever...

Unlike our full-time on campus PGP students brethren we working folks only get to meet each other during the weekends, unless you happen to work in the same campus/company etc - so our only means of interaction is through phones, Skype etc and primarily the email!

The overall IIMB experience till now has been like the taste of a semi-ripe Totapuri mango – just ripening: sweetly sweet yet as sour as to make you jump in surprise!

And yeah Rahul Gandhi - the kid is punching his fists in the air like Federer does after he wins a grand slam! Sweet victory!! And the sly Oxonian retains the PM’s chair! Let’s hope a mandate for five-year stability without coalition squabbles as is being projected (it is another issue that a baffled BJP forgot to focus and highlight the painful price rises of the most exorbitant nature and terrorist strikes and all the national issues) will lead to greater economic stability and a peaceful social scene. Bangalore seemed to have gone along the BJP way completely (poor, poor Capt Gopinath lost his deposit, having got 14000 votes in all) and the arrogant Left goons have finally tasted bitter defeat at the politico demi-goddess Mamata’s altar!

The heat is on! It never ends! What did you expect right in the middle of May – heights of summer! Sakkath Hot Magaa…

Currently Looping: Hooked to the song Arziyan from Delhi 6 with its Sufi Qawwaali feel rendition and ARR’s music and invigorating lyrics! Also just watched ‘Luck By Chance’ – nice movie I must say – top class acting overall! Konkana is also that - Sakkath Hot Magaa… :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The ‘Chi’ Distribution - Turns out Voting is no easy task!

We didn’t have the voter ID cards made, but we had voted in the last assembly elections for Karnataka (and it was a breeze back then - no hassles, no delays; also the parties had distributed the slips containing details beforehand, which was not the case this time). So our names were for sure in the electoral rolls. The key problem injected this time was the fact that the part no. or book number had changed and the old set had got distributed among 2 fresh sets of book numbers which created tremendous confusion. Everyone and his brother were busy searching for their names. A search of close to 2+ hours resulted in finally finding the names and a sigh of relief. I’ve got to get my voter ID card made sometime soon, but even those with cards had to face the same laborious searching process.

The entire electoral list outside the polling booth where the searches were being done was in Kannada here for the Yelahanka assembly constituency which falls under the Chikkaballapur constituency (some confusion here - apparently it's part of Bangalore North according to some - this is not true). Also guess what? Being illiterate in Kannada it was I who spotted the names although many others helped me search the list for my name; I was looking for a different alphabet, when someone I know informed me on the right Kannada alphabet and I figured it out (the ‘chi’ of Bag‘chi’) based on sheer pattern matching prowess!

The process can be made more streamlined to avoid chaos and the impatient ones don’t bother and just end up leaving without voting. I realized that it is all about persistence… Well I’ve got the mark on my left index finger and I exercised my right to vote again which sure feels good! Some adventure and headache that’ll help me remember the occasion of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2009… May the party I voted for (or the best one) win and come to power!

Addendum: Seems like I made the mistake of not checking the online electoral rolls. That has the details although the names are spelt wrong - Bhagji instead of Bagchi - all spellings messed up.
Anyways lesson learnt! And persistence pays!!! By the way quite a crowd here, perhaps because of the search delays! LINK: http://stg1.kar.nic.in/searchfinalroll_2009/

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IIMB PGSEM Star of the Quarter

From the PGSEM Student Affairs Council (SAC)
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore:

Star of the Quarter Award is given to an individual who has significantly contributed to PGSEM community through extra curricular activities in an academic quarter, as part of various activities done by PGSEM-SAC and committees.
SAC members will nominate significant contributors for the Award and the voting will be conducted among the current batches to decide the Star along with SAC members' points. SAC member is not eligible to be nominated for this award.
You will be getting a mail on voting for Star of the Quarter - Q3 2008-2009.
Please take your time to vote for and decide the Star.
A voting happened (to decide amongst 11 equally strong and capable contestants) and guess what? I polled 32.65% of the votes and yes I won!! 

My immense gratitude towards one & all who felt I was worth it!! It takes an institute of IIMB's stature and star students to recognize a STAR! :D Also have to appreciate the members of SAC for having painstakingly collated data and made this possible - a great new start with the Star of the Quarter (SoQ) Award. 

Remarks for my nomination mentioned the following:

  • Designing of posters, banners for NASSCOM event, Convergenz 2009 
  • Orkut.com/iimb - made it possible with frequent interactions with Srikanth (Google) 
  • Honeywell representation in Panel Discussion on Convergenz (Y V Prakash)
  • Contributed for Alchemy business plan event in Convergenz 
  • High creativity coefficient. Quick to decide and do things.

Ah! The last one was a pleasant surprise...

From the SAC mail announcing the winner:

It gives us immense pleasure to declare "Shamit Bagchi (PGSEM 2008 - Section A)" as the winner for "Star of the Quarter Award" for Q1 of year 2009. Shamit was awarded the certificate for the same by Professor Shankar Venkatagiri on 19th April in front of an applauding PGSEM fraternity. 
Shamit has been a unanimous choice amongst the votes polled by Students and the members of the SAC. 
Please join us to congratulate Shamit Bagchi for winning this award and simulatneously achieving peer recognition in the PGSEM fraternity.

Friday, April 03, 2009


From Sketches
Sketch: Onion, Lotus or an Unborn Foetus?
My inspiration would probably be the Onion that you peal as an analogy to uncovering a person's core personality/values... right from the hereditary traits to the true personality that he finally attains - like a lotus blooming. 

The new art format used could be described as the concept of
JUSTIFICATION: Where in I justify the sketched object based on certain thoughts looming in my subconscious mind.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Justed finished watching the 2007 movie from Dreamworks 'Bee Movie'. Lately watched Pixar's 'Wall-E' and 'Kung Fu Panda' too... Also 'Madagascar 2' - Wall-E was the best in terms of realism and sheer graphics (won the best animation Oscar 2009, having beaten Kung Fu Panda), Kung-Fu Panda was absolutely hilarious and Bee Movie the cutest of them, including some cool music by Hans Zimmer...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The annual business fest ‘Convergenz’09’ conducted by the IIMB-PGSEM student fraternity happened on 15th March 2009. The pre-lunch session in the morning saw the finals of the business plan - Alchemy (judges panel consisted of Venture Capitalists and Professors of the NSRCEL, IIMB) and Case presentation competition (on the topic of beating Nokia’s market dominance in the Indian mobile handset market); with the finalists vying for the top slot; the sessions were thoroughly contested and interesting pitches were made. The ‘Turing Test’ business/technology quiz finals were conducted by Prof Rajeev Gowda in the afternoon after the written elimination rounds and Arul Mani the VP of Karnataka Quiz Association was also present for the show. 

The panel discussion at the end of the fest, in the late evening was well attended and consisted of panelists of repute from the IT Industry including Srini Rajam, CEO Ittiam Systems and Y V Prakash, Director R&D, Honeywell Technology Solutions and established entrepreneurs from the PGSEM lineage moderated by Professor Sourav Mukherjee. Prof. Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore, started with his inaugural address which was followed by the Keynote by Srini Rajam; on the topic of ‘Innovation: Leading the way’ which was also the overarching theme of Convergenz’09. 

The panel discussion centred on the theme of finding the next business model for the Indian IT industry and the unanimous conclusion was that a more collaborative model of interaction and technology development among the various IT industries was the need of the hour. The panelists agreed that the sector would in the next few months successfully counter the recessive storm in the global economy to emerge stronger. The valedictory address and concluding remarks were made by Prof. Shankar Venkatagiri, Chairperson, PGSEM who stressed on the importance of industry-academia interactions and stressed the point that students of the PGSEM through Convergenz were leading this initiative!

The event was sponsored by eLitmus and Samsung and online and media partners included PagalGuy, MBA Universe, YourStory.in, Orkut, Doohm and IndiaEducation.net. 

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Chess board and Life - I

  1. A wrong move can do you in and be very costly.
  2. You got to keep playing. Are you ready for the next move?
  3. It is often tempting to make a move – think of all the possible traps!
  4. One move at a time. Rarely otherwise.
  5. That was a sure trap. You figured it out…
  6. You got to follow the rules. Each piece has it's unique style.
  7. You have to 'sit through the match' to win it.
  8. Never underestimate your opponent.
  9. Sometimes to elicit the level of your opponent, make a reckless move.
  10. If the opponent is repeatedly making stupid moves unable to acknowledge - that's the sign of an unworthy opponent. 
  11. Sometimes pawns dont matter much, but they are often the most useful.
  12. Often what you see on the board is not what you get.
  13. You can go a long way, but then your own pawns are blocking you.
  14. It is not easy to checkmate. More easy to check.
  15. Sometimes it is hard to keep playing - but the sharpest, grittiest mind wins!
  16. Think upto 10, 20, 30 moves ahead???
  17. The next move is based on a future consequence!
  18. Reckless playing will lead to a loss, unless the opponent is also equally reckless.
  19. And lastly the board is not everything; it’s all in the mind.
  20. What is your next move?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Poetic Soul

Poetic Soul
The poet sings a merry tune,
Verses flow and maidens swoon.
A tingle in the air makes me rhyme,
I sing in carefree joy, all the time!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

A prayer of love, of affection!

I pray to the almighty creative energy store.
Bestow in my heart enough love, and
Bountiful affection; with which, 
Can I gift every passerby, all those 
With whom I have ever met, and who are yet 
To appear, as I traverse this path of life!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

DNA newspaper plagiarizes my photographs!

The newspaper DNA (Daily News and Analysis - http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore) seems to have involved in not verifying its sources of photographs and having used my photographs (does this amount to plagiarism? I think it does) after it carried some of my pictures in the 'After Hrs' section of its newspaper on 31st January 2009, which I had taken at the IIMB Yamini 2009. It is good that they covered the event but they should have cited/verified the sources of the photographs. In all probability they or their sources just picked up the photos from my blog, with the belief that no one would notice anyways - seems they could not escape as luck would have it, I spotted them in the DNA paper on Saturday. It was early in the morning when as I flipped open the last page of the supplement that I was stunned to see my pics, which I was able to recognize immediately - however there were no credits anywhere in sight!

Please check the photos below from the e-paper version on their website (All 3 photos under the TREAT OF THE MELODIES heading on the left hand side are from my camera - a Nikon S10 taken on 25th/26th Jan 2009 - and have been cropped) and my previous entry covering Yamini 2009. The photographs are exactly the same and I don't see any reason for doubts (I cannot think of the same angle, the same pose and everything else resembling my photograph and yet the photograph being taken by some one else in real time at the exact time - these are exactly the photos I clicked!!). The clinching evidence is the first one in this image - now compare it with this image - observe the silihoutte of heads obstructing the view of my camera are also in exactly the same positions. Essentially boils down to the fact that the DNA newspaper used my photographs - without permissions and without publishing due credits! Doesn't this amount to plagiarism?

Would like to know your views on this - use the comments link below to leave your comments. Even after two mails to editoronline[at]dnaindia[dot]com email ID I have not got any reponses from their end.

Click on the image below with the highlighted section in red - it has the three images:

(All the images above have been captured from the DNA e-paper website - http://epaper.dnaindia.com - Bangalore section, After Hrs section dated 31st January, 2009)

UPDATE: DESIPUNDIT the aggregator blog for the Indian blogosphere features the plagiarism issue here: http://www.desipundit.com/2009/02/02/photo-plagiarism/

PHOTO PLAGIARISM UPDATE - Feb 04, 2009: Called up their number and I spoke to a DNA executive and placed my demands. I was also told that their people would get back to me. Nobody called back. Second time I called up in the afternoon and spoke again with the same and extremely courteous sounding lady, some positive noises were made and then they are yet to get back with concrete details. Given the fact that three (3 not just one) digital images were taken and was subsequently published in the paper and this paper was sold (naturally for commercial purposes) the gravity of the situation is much more serious and damaging.

The DNA folks have been rather courteous and professional in their behaviour, and have accepted and apologized immediately within 24 hours - although I must add that the copyright infringement is a serious offense and they should be aware of it under Section 63 it is a punishable offence and damages of upto 2 lakhs and 6 months imprisonment is possible if an FIR is filed.
They must cease and desist from such unprofessional behaviour given that they are an established media house whose Ads you see all over the place - such incidents will only tarnish their own reputation.
Today evening I was sent a mail to the tune of:

Dear Shamit Bagchi,
We have taken note of your observation and would like to inform you that it was just an error and therefore apologize for the same. Since this was an error, we will be carrying an apology with a photo credit in After Hrs. Henceforth, we will seek your permission before publishing any material from your blog and reveal the source of the information.
Thanks and regards,
Editor, For After Hours.

Although the just an error thing seems lame and funny, I wish all the very best to DNA ahead!! Being a subscriber to their paper I hope their reporting standards only improve.

Let's see what they do ahead - and stay tuned for the credits/errata etc.

PHOTO PLAGIARISM UPDATE - Feb 06, 2009, Friday:
Three days have gone by, but no apology or photo credits - not only do these guys involve in online theft they seem to be far away from truth too! Sweet and pleasant words on the outside, something very different on the inside, these guys lack professionalism it seems very clear now. Guess the gumption - they are refusing to even speak nowadays; with the receptionist informing me they are not available or busy in some meeting. Pertaining to the plagiarism itself, having claimed acceptance and suggesting an apology/photo credits is not sufficient - conveniently claiming an error as if they are not aware of the legal consequnces, absolutely irresponsible approach. Apparently even freelance photographers are paid for their photography, so the fact that my photographs were stolen (online theft) and sold as part of the newspaper, the basic courtesy of compensation should have been extended.
I could have put a legal notice but have desisted from such a decision. No clue when the photo-credit/apology will be published.

By the way the KK concert during Unmaad @ IIMB yesterday was just amazing with serpentine crowds, loud music and cheering fans - a great evening it was indeed!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yamini – Soul Piercing Classical Music!

Close to 8 hours of classical arts (music and dance) on a single day – usually people watch one recital in a day we watched four of them back to back. I have gone to a couple of classical recitals till date but something of this nature was a dream come true! Not that I am bragging, but then the sheer experience of it all was stupefying to say the least. Let me start from the last item which got over at 4:30 AM, yes 4:30 AM on 26th Jan, 2009, that's today, our Republic Day. The dusk to dawn musical concert 'Yamini 2009' in association with the Spic Macay chapter at IIM Bangalore was an experience for me like never before.

The last item - the flute recital by Pandit Ronu Majumdar reached its crescendo in a Druta Teentaal at around 3:30 AM, when the speed of play along with Sudhir Pandey on the tabla reached so high that it was just impossible for me to keep track of the tala, which I had been trying to keep track of throughout the recitals – so I just sat in silence soaking in the musical tornado, drenched completely. It was absolute 'rogue play' of the instruments, as mesmerizing as intimidating if I may put it in jest. The ending was reached through the Shudh Bhairav - 'Jaago Mohan Pyare', Raag Bhatiyar - the strains of which are so soulful, 'Payo ji maine Ram ratan dhan paayo' – Raag Desh I guess (Pandit Ronu also sings well as he did for these two). The actual ending was 5 minutes of Raag Bhairavi – which even in deep slumber has the capacity to wake you up as your whole body is rejuvenated with the tingles of the fresh, mellifluous strains of the flute and the magic of the tabla. There were many other flute pieces (midnight ragas) earlier to that too, after an initial glitch in the monitor and sound settings. Sheer Magic. Period.

Earlier it started off at around 6:30 PM on 25th Jan 09 as we sat squatting on the mattresses layed out on the ground enjoying the performances. The first was a Carnatic classical vocal recital by the Jayanti sisters, Ranjini & Gayatri – one with a slightly smooth voice and the other with the coarser tonal quality, who brought out the Abhang at the end of the recital to life, by the force of her aural tones. The abhang (Marathi) had this concept of being a 'Nindastuti' - wherein the semi-classical bhajan is a praise for the lord even though it sounds humorous or slightly taunting. In between were 2 songs set to Adi taala, and compositions of Saint Thyagaraja and many other Tamil, Telugu and Carnatic compositions for close to 2 hours. Extremely competent artists and sometimes brilliant. The sisters were not only competent artists but equally articulate in explaining and interacting with the audience.

Next was the Mysore Brothers with their violins, jumping with ease from the most high pitched to the most low pitched, gliding from the fastest pieces to the slowest ones from number to number in a disciplined show of violin prowess. The violin maestros truly deserve an applause, for I remember one piece in which the speed of playing the violin was just mind-blowing fast along with the accompanying Mridangam, Ghatam and the Tampura.

Then at around 11:30 PM started the Bharatanatyam recital by Urmila Sathyanarayana. This started off with a Varanam, and then went into the core pieces depicting scenes, involving both Abhinaya (facial gestures and hand movements) and Nritya/Natya. One mandatory scene as is the case in most Bharatanatyam recitals the play between Radha and Lord Krishna – this was very interestingly depicted. Then one which I liked best was the one in which Kaushalya sees her son Lord Rama take his first baby steps and knows no limit of her joy – the accompanying singing 'Thumaka Chalat Ram Chandra' by the group and the flute was all very high quality. One also was a romantic sketch where the female is telling her lover to be patient and restrain himself from displaying his affection in the public, quite sensuous. It ended with a short Bharatanatyam format sketch of 'Vande Mataram' at around 1:30 AM.

Soul piercing music it was (though my technical knowledge of ragas and taalas is very less I enjoy the package as a whole - akin to chaos theory); is all I can say and only an experience will get you the feel of the accompanying joy – bliss... Me, IndraD and ShashiA were there till the end.

May the sovereign, socialist, democratic republic - INDIA stay alive till eternity...

Happy Republic Day!