Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bool Sheet & The Jom Bees - A short story

Dedicated to all my PGSEM'08 brethren giving exams this weekend!! Especially the bongs will understand it best! :)

Bool Sheet always liked to imagine he was the most creative and never followed the crowd. He liked to look down upon the Jom Bees - The Fiery Bee, The Fighter Bee, The Queen Bee, The Sloppy Bee, The SharpAss bee, The SharpTongue Bee, The Shy Bee and all the other future IIM Bees.

So one day Bool Sheet thought why attend the Saza-e-xams like all the sleepy and studious Jom Bees instead he struck upon a plan to go and destroy the evil Jom's Palace. At the Jom Err Daar - the massive gateway he was stopped by Jom's guards Mosh and Rouhs! He wanted to capture the core of the power center - the mighty palace itself, kill Jom and have all the Jom Bees under his control.They gave him a Saar-Bhey an ancient weapon of mass destruction - and told him to feel it. As soon as Bool held the Saar-Bhey it started to emit powerful green Likert rays! And then Bool slumped to the floor unconscious.

The evil guards dragged him to Jom - the evil king - the most powerful of them all in all realms and splashed Jal Jeera on Bool's face to give him a sweet-sour justice and Bool was wide awake.

He pleaded to Jom to allow him to go back to the Jom Bees. That is when his eyes fell on Sec C May Aye - she seemed to be waving at him! She was making a sign which he couldn't understand when the booming voice of Jom reverberated all over the massive courtroom of the palace. 

"Did you feel it?", he said loudly.
"No Sor Car", managed Bool in his feeble voice. What was he supposed to feel he wondered.
"Feel it now, and if you get the wrong answer I shall behead 'U'"
That is when Bool understood what Sec C was indicating.

The Saar-Bhey had a single Maaltee-C Ques Chan, much more agile and spirited than the Jackie Chan. Bool felt a shiver go down his Sheet!

But Bool knew this was a question of life and death and he could not Bool Sheet here, so he took out his magical Sheet and started doing rapid and vigorous calculations... whatever he remembered from what Mugger Much had been loudly rote learning in their Shared Moor, when he was trying his best to sleep - pillow on his ears! He felt a greater chill ..

Two aeons went by as a few Kal Koo Laas fell - several of them and other Seem Balls died and were reborn! It was a sight to behold.

Sec C was now back in the Hostail (the harem of the evil king Jom)
But she was agitated - what if Bool had to lose his head, I mean really...
She grew ever so impatient and started to pray in 140 letters walking hither and twither!

And then, and then ultimately came the moment and Bool was in a position to give the Ques Chan a befitting reply.
He held up his arm like a CP King (stupid Jom bee, bored Jom Bee etc adopted this policy often as a defensive ploy) in one of the classes ... and blurted out:
"Ass Saar"

"What did you call me ? An ass?", thundered Jom, bringing out his sword with a clink!!
"Ass Saar"

Sec C was back by now and tried to explain:
"He means A, my beloved king!"

"Oh! Is it correct?", he turned and asked his favourite court finance guru, Meri Lynch Lo.
"I will have to ask the DeeVaaR sir! He is the most knowledgeable".
"Oh your EffBee DeeVaaR - go ahead do it now, I cant wait any longer"
After kraaood shorshing Meri Lynch Lo brought out a bottle full of invective laden Komments, squirming inside of the bottle. Some red, some blue, some black and blue...

"Lo and behold Jom saar, I have transgressed them and the correlation says..", he stopped, fearful that Jom might behead him immediately - sword in hand he looked utterly frightening.

"Say it out now, you fool!"
"Sir the boy is right. Bool Sheet is absolutely right. He got an A and my results also show an A", he concluded.
Jom's face was now weirdly contorted, how could he get it right, he wondered. There is some conspiracy. Bool Sheet how on Earth - I mean how in Jom did he get it right???
That is when his eyes fell on Sec C staring at Bool and Bool staring back at her and he roared.
Sec C fell off the chair and somehow managed to regain her composure.
Bool was now happy - his latest A meant he had a total of 2.0009 as See Gee Pee Aye - The scrolls of the INDAH STREE The wife of the Kaar Purrate, could now no longer harm him although he was thought of as being creative (in other words weak)!

Staring back at Jom undaunted he raised his hand and cried "I have the Power! PGSEM." He made a finger-ful guesture to the imaginary INDAH STREE...

Jom now trembled, before he could raise his sword - a yellow stain marred his white pajamas and eventually the whole of his being turned yellow and the fearsome Jom dissappeared into thin air!

Bool Sheet and Sec C lived happily forever! 
And all the Jom Bees were set free... They are also referred to as IIM Bees now, or Free Bees, or May Bees.

See Stem Treeked. End O Stow Ree.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Global Loop! Innovation/Technology Insights.

  • Bangalore, India - 2010 - Idea of an illustrated book - Author
  • Bengal, Ancient India - Legend, Religion - Goddess Durga 
  • Ahmedabad, India - 2010 - Illustrator: Mahan J Dutta, NID Ahmedabad
  • CONNECT VIA DHONUK - Internet, Online Social Networks
  • Goa, India - Publisher CinnamonTeal - Dhonuk's first graphic novel 'Durga Reawakened' - Leonard Fernandes and team
  • California, USA - Apple Hq -  iTunes, iPad - 2010
  • Somewhere, China - iPad Device
  • 2011 - Sydney, Australia - iPad App by Cloud 9 Comix hosts 'Durga Reawakened'
  • DHONUK + CLOUD9COMIX, Internet, iPad - Ben Slabak and team
  • 2011 - Bangalore, India - Reading the graphic novel on his iPad - First buyer: Pradeep Sundaram! :)

    Friday, February 04, 2011

    I am Mr Valenstein

    My left brain entirely collapsed,
    And got assimilated into the right one.

    At first 'twas intense, revolting pain;
    Now just numb, supine. 

    I fail to see any logic now and no reason why.
    Forgive me for I imagine things like,

    I have become thy ear drums, 
    That create the music in your ears.

    I have become the breeze that
    Caressed your skin yesterday.

    I have transformed into your tears.
    I swim in your eyes as you see me!

    I have taken the form of my own tongue
    That reaches inside your mouth,

    When I kiss you!

    I am Mr Valenstein,
    And well that's quite fine.