Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rediscovering my homepage on the internet!

WOW!! Rediscovered this old homepage which I had thought Geocities had erased:

Friday, December 14, 2012

An attempt at subverting or undermining the concept of a ‘Good Boy’

Or perhaps redefining what a 'Good Boy' is.

Is a good boy someone who is constrained by his mind to not attempt anything risky or anything not in the realm of the ‘positive’? Even avoid thoughts of the nature? Is it so because the person will get tagged negative? Do we or our social circles often enforce such a mentality? Who is a good boy? What is the definition of ‘good’ for a good boy then? Someone who experiments and then and only then figures out what is true or good and what is not. Or someone who follows pre-conceived notions, tradition and norms imposed upon us and is bounded by them - following a track laid down by others, playing by the rules and maximizing some notion of goodness and other measures of profit, wealth or fame and stature again defined by someone else. The later may not necessarily be the case.

This fear of being bad or never attempting anything new doesn’t that hold back from exploring or attempting anything that is a break away from society’s shackles, and coming in touch with our true human spirit and our self. Do tags of a ‘good boy’ become a burden after a while – and then a rebel is born and again catapults into action or boomerangs back into the usual state of being good. There of course is a moral compass that every human being has and adheres to for directions in life. And deviations unless they are of a harmful or criminal nature maybe a welcome break in finding one’s true bearing and in discovering life insights and creating a purpose for life!

‘When Being a Good Boy’ tries to explore these and other themes purely based on a series of ideas, thoughts and actions not all necessarily connected and in lock step but often disconnected, unintended and assorted. However if such an assorted poetry collection were to be put under a specific banner, such a title as ‘When Being A Good Boy’ would do justice in pronouncing the underlying theme is the author’s sincere and spontaneous belief albeit biased by his own life experiences, emotional and real journeys into the known and the unknown ...

When Being A Good Boy

Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Book - Poetry Collection