Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Me Mind Mi Mind'

A sketch titled 'Me Mind Mi Mind':

Original Color:

Pen sketch, Digitally Modified, Shamit Bagchi, 2010.

An Analysis of a Limca Ad

It starts with the strumming guitar. The languid voice indicates the exhausted feel and then this goes up to a lilting voice full of verve. The emotional, affective component is well exhibited all throughout and in the lyrics - talks of dreams, memories, motives, happiness and laughter. Thakee see zindagi se kuch lamhe / raftaar churaa lo naa - what you want to be (personality - brand personality connect). The frolicking duo is very well portraying the playfulness and the splashing of the water - signifying freshness. The jingle has cognitive aspects too - surreptitiously telling you to get off the mundane, grab the happiness, smile a while, and then steal a Limca. Almost seamless connect to the product. The strategic positioning of the Limca brand at every stage and finally the empty bottle - as you reach that point you are fully energized - a volcano of the water erupts. The guitar-works add that much to the jingle - a very well sung one; quite evocative. The visuals are total conative - splashes of water (maybe even physiological - thirst, heat, boredom). All aspects are well covered. Beat the thirst with a Limca. The association of the bottle with freshness and splash of water - creates a clear associative mapping in the mind. Says steal the beautiful moments. Steal a Limca.

Monday, April 26, 2010



The outer peal,
The crimson ribbed texture,
I pluck it with my underdeveloped nails.
The innards - semen-colored.
Sweet, nectar filled,
Juices flowing around the lips, dripping,
A stain it leaves on my shirt;
And on my jaws and cheeks.
My tongue chokes,
In the sweetness of the fleshy core.
Its hollow, vivid to the taste.
I let it linger - on the tongue
Eyes closed I taste it with a vengeance.
Then I bite - soft, succulent
Squirting, it overflows in the recesses
Of the confinement of my mouth.
Melting, vanishing in a moment,
Leaves a trail of viscous nectar as it
Goes down my throat; getting steadily dilute.
With my hand I extricate the seed and
Throw it up yonder, above the betel-nut trees
As I see it fly I turn around and
Then I pounce on another one from the bunch;
My father had bought from the market.
Then I was a child, hot summers
At my grandpa’s place – I’ll remember always:
The burning sun on the roof
And litchis for company.

PDF Version

Summer then, Summer again!

The Summer again,
Slurping the litchi nectar;
Days went by - the hot afternoons.
Those Mangoes,
Their oranges and yellows.
Juicy, ripe teenage days.
Covert fantasies, a soaring mind,
Boring after cricket fights!

Childhood, sweat, grouses and laughter
Grandpa's sprawling house.
Hustle bustle, markets and hawkers.
Talkers, walkers and gawkers!
Those evenings hanging out with cousins,
The Chaat stalls, little money, pockets empty
Fountains of heady fun.

Giggles and running around,
Studies suspended for months.
Reading books and
Visiting places, ours and theirs.
God knows whose else,
All a custom, accustomed to;
Without any will - an annual affair.

The clock strikes twelve
Night then, sleep eludes.
The heat is not doused yet;
Heat boils and rashes
Fridge water and cold splashes.
Summer holidays to look forward to;
The Summer then,
Summer again!

Angels & Friends.

There are friends and then there are angels... I feel every human I have ever met or interacted with (online or offline) for a considerable time is an angel in disguise and all others are friends, potential angels!