Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dreams, Strategies and Irrationality

If you have an idea or a dream that is irrational it can be brought to fruition by following reason.
The high impact, disruptive and big ideas are always going to be based on feelings, emotions and desire!!!
They are best that way and should be that way by definition. However implementation needs a dogged, determined pursuit. Dreams need not be curtailed and must remain. Build castles in the air then build the foundation underneath...
It is like a funnel, the lowest level the tactics or the implementation is achieved through reasonable steps that are much simpler.
But as you go towards the top of the funnel things become complex and can be unreasonable, unpredictable and plain crazy when viewed in isolation.
Like the cells which in turn make up the organs of a human being, bricks make up a complex architecture! Each component structure is a simple entity with basic functionality.
What we often try to do is try to understand what those simple steps are and identify and utilize them through activities or tasks!
Order, out of chaos is a misnomer (actually it is like a cyclic process:
Big Idea ---> Breakdown to tasks ---> Implement [Build - Reverse of Breakdown] ---> Achieve the Big Idea) when you are trying to implement a really crazy, a near impossible idea.
Implementing such a strategy (which sounds irrational) which is a big hairy audacious goal is often times complex and has nothing to do with logic or reason or rationality. It is driven more by a desire or emotion which in itself is not in the realm of the perfectly reasonable! We are given emotions in order to take big steps and reason and logic to implement them and get down to nuances!
Getting the dream going means having a plan, or at least a logical end to achieving things, else the dream will fall apart or remain a dream!
The big picture or the unreasonable, irrational goal can also sometimes be an insight which is quite impossible to envisage or even fully comprehend forget convey!
Deep thoughts are needed at the idea implementation level once the idea is hatched! However going too deep is not called for in everything ... Certain things require a quick, dirty and shallow approach! Engage-Disengage. The multiple levels of 'Why?' 'What else' 'Is there more to it?' 'Real meaning' etc can be done away with once tasks are decided for the implementation stage. Otherwise it can be counter-productive. Insight from Bertrand Russell's essay ... and other experiences in life.