Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Back from Pune on some project related work.
Weather was not very unpleasant though it is summer.
Last day we (two of us) got drenched while coming back.
Travel to and fro was in the Volvo bus; because it was planned at one days notice.
I will never take that mode of travel again. Its costly and yet a pain.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Conflict - Call it The Paradox of Life ...

The question of who is the greater - one who renounces everything or one who struggles through the worldly affairs bearing all the pain as a result of attachments.
I feel taking up either with total sincerity is a tough proposition - the mind tends to waver at times in times of crisis and mental anxiety.

There are three levels of satisfaction and comfort that are possible
- One is physical comfort and satisfaction of the senses
- The next is intellectual comfort and satisfaction (for the mind)
- and the third is spiritual contemplation and growth ...

Now depending on the person, one of the above holds sway and either the Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic tendencies take precedence and mould the nature of man.

For a person it may so happen that a job/work/profession satisfies all physical needs but not the intellectual, thus causing a mental agony and misery that he is not using the intellect and letting it rust ...

But spiritual growth can happen simultaneously as one of the swamis at The Ramakrishna Mission was telling me. Normal day to day life and spiritual growth are not contradictory and in conflict but can smoothly go hand in hand given that the spiritual aspirant has the right focus and is keen to lead a pure life.

But I hold on to view that the one who gives up everything is far superior than the one who prefers to struggle in the quagmire of this world remaining in the loop of life and death longer. Since the one principal goal of life is to become one with that absolute - the Sat Chit Ananda - its all a part of the cycle - life and death and life again as the vicious loop continues.

Breaking out of this loop - that is true freedom !


Garden City - IT Capital - Silicon City - Those sobriquets are dying and dying fast ...
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