Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Randomness of Life.

Does what happen in life depend a lot on chance or randomness? Many connections between incidents in our life will be random. Random or chance events can often decide or trigger what we come across and what we follow or choose to do or don’t do. Life is a combination of events some well planned some chance occurrences that can lead to a particular life-state based on the corresponding transition followed – ‘wave collapse’ as stated in quantum physics.

Causality is connected to chance or the other way around? Does the causal link actually sever or is it a figment of our imagination given the probability associated with possible outcomes in every case? We try to associate meaning to an event or a non-event based on our state of mind trying to justify what happened!

For example a book is often a cause for many important decisions in our lives; at least that has been the case or so I perceive, with me - so I’ll vouch for it. Sometimes we are forced into a situation as we are not acting with great foresight. It is a decision we take without much thought. Some may attribute it to God or a higher power, but it could be a quirk of fate, an impulsive decision or a pure chance event or even something positive but for a temporary period - a choice nonetheless.

Are there underlying patterns or a network that makes more sense if seen in total? Everything around us is part of a larger whole, including us or our self! As a complex system we are supposed to be entities that follows certain rules and gives rise to emergence of a larger property or behavior or society etc. Then there is the many-worlds hypothesis – the multiverse. All possible options are in there in some other universe.

What happens when entities in a complex system start to defy rules? The mavericks, revolutionaries, the ones who will not fit in! Do they change the outcome? Do they tweak the final outcome from the most possible outcome to a lesser probable one? Will one entity be sufficient or will it/she be snuffed out? Here persistence, influence and whole lot of other interactions within the network comes into play. To reach what is possibly a tipping point. Also let us not discount the slight changes the system undergoes (a tipping point is not always necessary is what I am stating) which might led to a totally different state of being for an entire species or the limited system we are focusing on.

Yes sometimes things might go horribly wrong too like the brain that goes out of control and cannot cope with excessive inputs (or the information within) leading to mental disorders or madness. The brain has internal states that are sometimes infinitely more important than what any external stimuli can provide. So we need to provide enough time for the brain to think, churn the innards of neuronal networks perhaps – make connections, skim through memory and engage in synthesis! By chance some random connection might happen and you may gain a fascinating insight or creative thought that might cascade onto something unforeseen! So keep your mind's windows open to diverse, random fields, ideas and concepts ...