Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rediscovering my homepage on the internet!

WOW!! Rediscovered this old homepage which I had thought Geocities had erased:

Friday, December 14, 2012

An attempt at subverting or undermining the concept of a ‘Good Boy’

Or perhaps redefining what a 'Good Boy' is.

Is a good boy someone who is constrained by his mind to not attempt anything risky or anything not in the realm of the ‘positive’? Even avoid thoughts of the nature? Is it so because the person will get tagged negative? Do we or our social circles often enforce such a mentality? Who is a good boy? What is the definition of ‘good’ for a good boy then? Someone who experiments and then and only then figures out what is true or good and what is not. Or someone who follows pre-conceived notions, tradition and norms imposed upon us and is bounded by them - following a track laid down by others, playing by the rules and maximizing some notion of goodness and other measures of profit, wealth or fame and stature again defined by someone else. The later may not necessarily be the case.

This fear of being bad or never attempting anything new doesn’t that hold back from exploring or attempting anything that is a break away from society’s shackles, and coming in touch with our true human spirit and our self. Do tags of a ‘good boy’ become a burden after a while – and then a rebel is born and again catapults into action or boomerangs back into the usual state of being good. There of course is a moral compass that every human being has and adheres to for directions in life. And deviations unless they are of a harmful or criminal nature maybe a welcome break in finding one’s true bearing and in discovering life insights and creating a purpose for life!

‘When Being a Good Boy’ tries to explore these and other themes purely based on a series of ideas, thoughts and actions not all necessarily connected and in lock step but often disconnected, unintended and assorted. However if such an assorted poetry collection were to be put under a specific banner, such a title as ‘When Being A Good Boy’ would do justice in pronouncing the underlying theme is the author’s sincere and spontaneous belief albeit biased by his own life experiences, emotional and real journeys into the known and the unknown ...

When Being A Good Boy

Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Book - Poetry Collection

Monday, November 12, 2012

Diwali – The Bestower

O’ Bestower of lights,
Of warmth, and radiant glow!

There it is - the unmistakable chill
Accompanying your arrival!

This time however,
It conceals a dizzying festive zest;
And as the lights from the array of earthen lamps flicker
Dancing like those intricate works on her saree’s pallu,

They now infuse 
Akin to the blistering variety of fireworks 
Colorful bursts of joy inside of my mind!

Continued from last year's 'Diwali - The Conjuror'

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Note: Spoilers ahead if you have not watched it yet.

I knew the movie would be full of comical antics and also emotionally charged as the promos indicated and as I knew the lead character would be deaf-mute and the heroine supposedly autistic. The Ala Barfi song in the beginning is nicely done and Ranbir Kapoor starts to showcase the fact that he has totally got into the spirit of the character he plays. Now imagine what happened. As the film proceeds I am actually trying not to get swayed by a few emotional scenes and some portions that seem artificial (all too sugary, trying too hard types) to me. Although a movie is a story after all – concocted, contrived and melodramatic like most Indian movies are, however this movie as it turns out got everything right!

I laughed and enjoyed many scenes, right from the starting (till the very end actually) but I continued to somehow resist the trap of getting too involved until the scene where Barfi (Ranbir) returns home from Shruti’s (Ileana D’Cruz); dejected and having shown his anger at a teary-eyed Ileana who has a fiancée. The scene shows him sleep with his father, Barfi’s arms curled around his father – hugging him tightly as the camera pans to a close-up of Ranbir's glum face deriving some solace from his dad. This set off my tear-glands and both eyes spewed out a drop or two of tears. The director does a fantastic job of telling us about Barfi’s despair at being ditched by Ileana and getting emotional support from possibly the only person whom he considers his own (his father) in this short, sweet and emotionally overwhelming scene.

It is a total director’s and cinematographer’s movie - a visual delight and some elements brought in like the Chou Nritya (dance) mask wearing Ranbir pulling the cart reminded me of Satyajit Ray’s style of endearing movie-making. There are a plethora of creative flourishes (directorial and cinematographic) throughout the movie beyond the Chaplin’esque comedy and Tom and Jerry-like fight scenes and some effective symbolism like the sawing off of the street-light poles (loved the bubble-blowing night scene - surreal, magic realism anyone?)! And I forgot the music - superb score by Pritam (the song 'Phir Le Aayaa' in the movie with 4-5 lines of the lyrics is perfectly placed).  

When a movie is made with great love and passion, it shows and the director's wholehearted work is evident (ala Kahaani). Essentially a convoluted love story (with a mysterious twist in between) among three characters set in Darjeeling and Kolkata, the nuances of the relationships are portrayed with sensitivity without however taking out the jocular moments. Sincere, competent and heart-warming performances from Priyanka Chopra, Saurabh Shukla and the newcomer Ileana D’Cruz and Ranbir Kapoor's best performance  (everything emoted through non-verbal expressions) till date along with great attention to detail that will be evident when you watch the movie; set it apart as a movie in its own league. Go watch it today!

Joint review with some suggestions and opinions from the wife, incorporated.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Working on your ‘Project Dhonuk’

Well I work as a product marketing manager at IBM India Pvt Ltd and was recently working on a brand new marketing project involving sales plays. I was quite excited and things were going real good. I was all charged up and the experience of the work itself was quite elevating – the doing your thing, collaborating, synthesizing, creating; for the ultimate benefit of the customer and fulfilling his deepest needs!

The very best ideas or thoughts occur to you in the loo! The same happened today morning. I realized that when doing your work, you enjoy it thoroughly - you are propelled to a state that I’ll term as ‘Project Dhonuk’. That allure of creating something unique and involving all your skills and added enthusiasm, effortless effort, working long hours without a hint of being tired and being full of passion and verve. A bit of a background will be necessary here. So why give it the name ‘Project Dhonuk’? I use it as a metaphor for this creative state of heightened enthusiasm at work! Dhonuk was my first startup – an online social network for artists and art-lovers that runs at

That phase of life when I started up Dhonuk was - I can clearly remember - full of creative thoughts, innovative ideas, a zeal for execution and heightened enthusiasm. Creativity was the keyword! The passion easily flows, you are on a song – things go well and you build/create something from ground up along with like-minded folks and you have this strong drive towards completion.  I am sure in your career or in life you would have faced situations when you have gone into a state of effortless work being full of passion, enthusiasm and heightened motivation which ultimately led to positive outcomes. Think about those times! 

By thinking about those instances we can induce that state of ‘Project Dhonuk’ to any work that we do – bring in elements of creative zeal and positive outcomes (hints of NLP here?). The next time you aren’t really satisfied with what you are doing at work, try to imagine ‘working on your Project Dhonuk!’! That is when you will be able to bring into your seemingly insipid work all these elements of enthusiasm, heightened creativity, the drive to thoroughly execute and reach the goal. And believe me the outcomes will just be mind-blowing – beyond your expectations! The enthusiasm and anticipation of success itself will keep you completely motivated.

So are you working on your Project Dhonuk? Or what’s your ‘Project Dhonuk’ today, this week or this month?

Friday, May 25, 2012

When. Love!

You know the divine game is afoot;
When your eyes close tight,
When your heart constricts and restricts the flow of blood,
When your breathing slows down,
When your mouth dries up,
When your head is dizzy and yet you smile,
When love has enveloped you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What you had said earlier today!

Some soulful tune plays in the tunnel of my heart - do you hear?
Look up at the sky! An ochre, crescent moon shoots slivers of light!
Thrumming in the dark silence of the night,
Are those strains of your voice that rise and fall away? 
Sequences and phrases from what you had said earlier today!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shaheed Divas

Dekhna hain zor kitna baazuein kaatil mein hain!

How did they manufacture such explosive gunpowder within themselves?
Leaving the foreign ruler's citadel of power and
Their brutal, butchering machinery
Thoroughly shattered!

Some brave-hearts sacrifice themselves and turn martyrs,
So the rest stay inspired to fight on!
Supreme sacrifice they offer
As an act of defiance against injustice.
So the nation awakens united!
Binding people is their life's only objective
Against alien rule and its intolerable, inhuman cruelty.

Bhagat, Rajguru and Sukhdev
Their mother's pride;
Our motherland's shining lights!
The love for their motherland greater than all else
Guiding lights for generations to come!
No we don't have to remind ourselves about them.
They are and will eternally remain indelible.

Let us rededicate ourselves to our nation
Whatever endeavour we may be involved in!
Yet, let the interests of the nation
Always remain supreme.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kahaani - An original Bollywood thriller!

When you are watching a Hindi movie and if it is able to remind you of the Bourne series, Munich and a few other top-notch suspense thrillers from Hollywood stables there has got to be something happening already. And yet there are just traces of these Hollywood thrillers. What you have instead is a totally native and original script plus a Kolkata-centric story full of unpredictable twists and turns and acting that rachets up the quality to levels hardly ever seen before in Bollywood.

Quote from Bollywood Analytics on Facebook: A suspense thriller like this rarely comes out of Bollywood. An editor does a good job when the audience has little to no time to get distracted or bored and here Kahaani scores well. A must watch film for movie buffs! The high score notched up by this film will be tough to beat for most films!

Vidya Balan and Parambrata have given stellar performances. Vidya depicts her anxious, scared character flawlessly. Parambrata is this police constable who is falling for the charms and gutsy attitude of the protagonist Vidya Bagchi and wants to always be of help - the helpful assistant! The cinematography and screenplay is with focus on Kolkata and is colorful like the city without being jarring.

Some refreshing music with the heavy doses of experimental elements. 'Tore Bina' is just hauntingly good based on Hindustani classical elements yet a fast pace - speed-ed up raga!

The financial numbers are again witness to the quality of this movie. From Bollywood Analytics: Kahaani as on 17th March - Rs 25 cr - Going at good pace. Based on trends, should do between Rs 40 - 45 cr which woul

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Contrast in Dance: Role of Dynamism and Grace in Creation of Beauty

There is this dance sequence from the movie ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’ that I came across recently, in which the ‘Lavani’ (a form of traditional Marathi song accompanied with dance) performer is singing and dancing about having forgotten all things worldly, so intense is her love for her lover. 

Throughout, so graceful and sensuous - the performer has done full justice to the song and Asha Bhosle’s voice is at its lilting best! There is a constant dynamic motion as a result of jumps and other visible body movements, interspersed with subtle and slow movement of the hands (dancer’s palms painted pink) and fingers along with facial expressions in lock-step with the subtle movements that add to the grace and accentuate the beauty of the specific sub-sequence. Synchronization with the music (predominantly dholaks and sitar) and keeping up with the tempo of the singing by Asha Bhosle catapults the sequence to a level where it has a near-mesmerizing effect!

In between the subtle movements, some short, sharp gesticulations have a brilliant effect in expressing the meaning of the words in the song. There is absolutely nothing vulgar in the entire sequence and the undulating body-movements of the dancer appear voluptuous yet very, very nuanced and controlled! It is this very blend of subtlety through graceful gestures, moves and a broader, faster - dynamic style in Lavani (and of course the impactful lyrics too) that makes the performance extremely powerful and creates beauty in its entirety!

In this case the singing is also marvelous - notice especially at the very end, the same line sung in three different ways! The way it is sung in the second instance is so different to the first instance with a shift in the tune and the third instance as if extends from the first instance to conclude the song!