Friday, March 23, 2012

Shaheed Divas

Dekhna hain zor kitna baazuein kaatil mein hain!

How did they manufacture such explosive gunpowder within themselves?
Leaving the foreign ruler's citadel of power and
Their brutal, butchering machinery
Thoroughly shattered!

Some brave-hearts sacrifice themselves and turn martyrs,
So the rest stay inspired to fight on!
Supreme sacrifice they offer
As an act of defiance against injustice.
So the nation awakens united!
Binding people is their life's only objective
Against alien rule and its intolerable, inhuman cruelty.

Bhagat, Rajguru and Sukhdev
Their mother's pride;
Our motherland's shining lights!
The love for their motherland greater than all else
Guiding lights for generations to come!
No we don't have to remind ourselves about them.
They are and will eternally remain indelible.

Let us rededicate ourselves to our nation
Whatever endeavour we may be involved in!
Yet, let the interests of the nation
Always remain supreme.

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