Sunday, April 19, 2009

IIMB PGSEM Star of the Quarter

From the PGSEM Student Affairs Council (SAC)
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore:

Star of the Quarter Award is given to an individual who has significantly contributed to PGSEM community through extra curricular activities in an academic quarter, as part of various activities done by PGSEM-SAC and committees.
SAC members will nominate significant contributors for the Award and the voting will be conducted among the current batches to decide the Star along with SAC members' points. SAC member is not eligible to be nominated for this award.
You will be getting a mail on voting for Star of the Quarter - Q3 2008-2009.
Please take your time to vote for and decide the Star.
A voting happened (to decide amongst 11 equally strong and capable contestants) and guess what? I polled 32.65% of the votes and yes I won!! 

My immense gratitude towards one & all who felt I was worth it!! It takes an institute of IIMB's stature and star students to recognize a STAR! :D Also have to appreciate the members of SAC for having painstakingly collated data and made this possible - a great new start with the Star of the Quarter (SoQ) Award. 

Remarks for my nomination mentioned the following:

  • Designing of posters, banners for NASSCOM event, Convergenz 2009 
  • - made it possible with frequent interactions with Srikanth (Google) 
  • Honeywell representation in Panel Discussion on Convergenz (Y V Prakash)
  • Contributed for Alchemy business plan event in Convergenz 
  • High creativity coefficient. Quick to decide and do things.

Ah! The last one was a pleasant surprise...

From the SAC mail announcing the winner:

It gives us immense pleasure to declare "Shamit Bagchi (PGSEM 2008 - Section A)" as the winner for "Star of the Quarter Award" for Q1 of year 2009. Shamit was awarded the certificate for the same by Professor Shankar Venkatagiri on 19th April in front of an applauding PGSEM fraternity. 
Shamit has been a unanimous choice amongst the votes polled by Students and the members of the SAC. 
Please join us to congratulate Shamit Bagchi for winning this award and simulatneously achieving peer recognition in the PGSEM fraternity.


  1. Congrates dude -:)
    Finally u shown ur mettle...So you deserved it...Keep Rocking -:)

  2. Congratulations! :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Shamit!!!!! Proud of you! Creative and all! Keep up the good work!!! Cheers

  4. Thank you Sonu!! Thanks Shreyas! Thanks Pritesh... :)

  5. Congrats waiting for iiscians to recognise their resident star:)

  6. Thanks Balaji - am sure you deserve one @ IISc :) Thanks Vinay, Vishal. O Sachin, thanks you ji! :)

  7. Thank you Parashar & Dhamodaran!