Monday, April 14, 2003


Got my system upgraded :

-> 40GB Seagate HDD from 10 GB (this Quantum Fireball had crashed) and
-> 128 MB RAM + existing 64MB now 192 MB - my system is faster & breezier than ever before . . .


The illegal war on Iraq seems to have come to the endgame stage, with Baghdad captured and Northern Iraqi cities falling one after another like dominos. How the Republican guards gave in so fast is still a mystery probably the arial US strikes neutralized them ?
The Americans are using Kurdish fighters to fight their own country men and using them as shields. They are further opportunistically dividing the already fractures social religious strata into Shias Sunnis and Kurds and . . . The rampant looting and images and video footages are so amusing with the coalition forces carelessly looking on. The great Iraq civilization is in its ruins. Saddam's palaces are stunning and all this is being destroyed by the barbaric acts of the US forces.
They killed thousands of innocent civillians calling their acts collateral damage - and the friendly fire incidents were most laughable - isnt killing your own and friendly forces gruesome enough. They slaughtered the Iraqi people at will - suddenly talking of Geneva Convention when it comes to their POWs. They dont care about human lives
They were shameless enough to even target Al Jazeera and other journalists at the Palestine Hotel who were steadfastly bringing forth the truth. (The only Indian journalist present there is Satish Jacob with his cameraman Nooh Nizami. Daring men Ill have to say. Thumbs Up to them and others who stayed back as the conflict raged and bombs rained all around)
The horrendous concept of 'Pre-emptive Strikes' is totally unjustified - no trace of chemical or biological WMDs have been found - all propaganda and propaganda. Without a reponse to a first strike; this is the first time that a group has jumped into aggression mode with the sole intension of invasion.
But this will only fuel the Islamic anger which is adangerous propositions and bring up more and more Osamas and subsequently more western (especially US) interests will be targetted - more 9/11s. They crushed Iraq but can they even dare to target some nation like North Korea etc on Bush's 'Evil List'. They wont dare because of N Korea's military capabilities; only a helpless, poverty and sanctions-ridden nation like Iraq can get pounded by the display, experimentation and demonstration of American weapons - MIGHT IS RIGHT. Agreed Saddam was not exactly an angel, but who gives the Americans a right to go for a regime change in another country bypassing all esyablished norms and the United Nations.
American ideals and principles were of the highest standards and have produced a slew of genius in all spheres, but alas all great civilizations fell because of their over-agrresive tactics and negligence of moral and ethical principles - the Roman civilization is an example as I heard in a discussion on Doordarshan (the Indian national television channel) between IK Gujral, Abid Hussain and others.
The American fall begins here - this invasion, acting as a catalyst.
The Bush 'regime' itself is illegal as the documentary director Michael Moore put it at the Oscar Awards presentation 2003. Democracy is already defunct in the US isnt it ??? So how do they bring democracy in Iraq - democracy can never be brought in forcefully !

Here I am just calling a spade a spade and the above comments were what I was able to percieve - that this war was totally illegal, illegitimate and unjustified causing unwanted casualties on both sides.

VSNL - My ISP(I use a dial-up connection) is giving me some trouble - either it does not connect at all or after getting connected there is no transmission or sometimes dissconnects happen almost immediately. This has been going on for the past 3 days - dont know why - too much traffic on their lines ? Maybe . . . Or maybe our telephone lines are yanked out for some repair work or road work or hanging in the wind here causing line noise and disturbances or the exchange is having some technical snags.