Friday, August 31, 2012

Working on your ‘Project Dhonuk’

Well I work as a product marketing manager at IBM India Pvt Ltd and was recently working on a brand new marketing project involving sales plays. I was quite excited and things were going real good. I was all charged up and the experience of the work itself was quite elevating – the doing your thing, collaborating, synthesizing, creating; for the ultimate benefit of the customer and fulfilling his deepest needs!

The very best ideas or thoughts occur to you in the loo! The same happened today morning. I realized that when doing your work, you enjoy it thoroughly - you are propelled to a state that I’ll term as ‘Project Dhonuk’. That allure of creating something unique and involving all your skills and added enthusiasm, effortless effort, working long hours without a hint of being tired and being full of passion and verve. A bit of a background will be necessary here. So why give it the name ‘Project Dhonuk’? I use it as a metaphor for this creative state of heightened enthusiasm at work! Dhonuk was my first startup – an online social network for artists and art-lovers that runs at

That phase of life when I started up Dhonuk was - I can clearly remember - full of creative thoughts, innovative ideas, a zeal for execution and heightened enthusiasm. Creativity was the keyword! The passion easily flows, you are on a song – things go well and you build/create something from ground up along with like-minded folks and you have this strong drive towards completion.  I am sure in your career or in life you would have faced situations when you have gone into a state of effortless work being full of passion, enthusiasm and heightened motivation which ultimately led to positive outcomes. Think about those times! 

By thinking about those instances we can induce that state of ‘Project Dhonuk’ to any work that we do – bring in elements of creative zeal and positive outcomes (hints of NLP here?). The next time you aren’t really satisfied with what you are doing at work, try to imagine ‘working on your Project Dhonuk!’! That is when you will be able to bring into your seemingly insipid work all these elements of enthusiasm, heightened creativity, the drive to thoroughly execute and reach the goal. And believe me the outcomes will just be mind-blowing – beyond your expectations! The enthusiasm and anticipation of success itself will keep you completely motivated.

So are you working on your Project Dhonuk? Or what’s your ‘Project Dhonuk’ today, this week or this month?