Sunday, November 21, 2004

FireFox 1.0 - 'Working Offline'

Bug 269962 - Viewed Pages not visible/do not open in 'Work Offline' mode

I put it up on Bugzilla
As I had mentioned I get an error message when I try to open a fully loaded and viewed page later after I have closed the browser ... and started it again in the next session or after restarting the PC. (This is not with just dynamically generated pages)


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Friday, November 19, 2004

Religious Acrimony

The turn of events is ominous - the head of the Kanchi Mutt Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati's arrest smacks of political motives - Jayalalitha's handling the case is stupid, malafide and plain insulting ...

A senior pontiff of a religious community (read Hindu) and venerated by millions cannot be humiliated in such a lousy fashion.

The seer was neither informed in advance, nor his statement taken at his arrest and he was kept in a jail even though Laloo can be kept in VIP luxury. The sequence of events can take a disastrous turn if the communal overtones this event signifies are not handled.

An Iteresting quote by someone :

The claim by Jayendra Saraswathi that he will not get justice if he is sent to police custody is a slur on the Kanchi Mutt, and undermines the spirituality which it is supposed to purvey.

For, the Junior Acharya who returned to the Mutt on November 16, appealed to all devotees to offer special prayers from November 17.

"They could recite the Vishnu Sahasranama, Kanda Sashti Kavacham and Hanuman Chalisa, besides performing Rudrabhishekam", according to one news report.

Jayendra Saraswathi can claim that he will not get justice in police custody despite performing all the above "devotional deeds", amounts to questioning the efficacy of these acts. If these acts have no efficacy, then the very raison de'tre of the Kanchi Mutt needs to be questioned.

And on the other end Christian fundamentalism raises its hood with not just 'selective' mind you, but complete blacking out of all the horrendous acts in Fallujah in the Media (the whole event does not even appear to be occuring if you scan the normal images in News channels and papers) - courtesy an article by Pamela Philipose in The New Indian Express.
As I was reading an article by Saeed Naqvi in The New Indian Express (a paper worth reading - The Hindu has tomes of Ads and Deccan Herald with only local focus, the other paper is not worth mentioning), he ends the article by doubting the true intentions of religious fundamentalists on the rise in the US this way :

A US soldier shoots an unarmed 'insurgent' in Fallujah, point blank and his associate draws a cross across his chest - Ironic? No pathetic !

Monday, November 15, 2004

As reported in my previous post - this is what I get when I try to open a viewed page later; after I have closed the browser ... and started it again in the next session or after restarting the PC. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Browser

The browser is too good - tabbed browsing, ads blocked, RSS feeds, integrated search toolbar, skinnable, extensions, much more secure (observed those HTTPS URL highlight when you open GMail) and rock solid stable ...

Thats FireFox 1.0 PR (yet to use the final release) for you.

Get Firefox!

However why do pages that I have viewed a few days back not visible after a few days - Any setting that any of you are aware of ?
Conjectures - Once you close the browser or the OS does it erase the cache on opening next time and where is the cache kept ?
Please tell me - I have completely shifted to FireFox from the crashy IE 6.0 - However this thing is nagging me ...

Monday, November 08, 2004

...It is notDeath but the beginning or start of a new journey towards the Ultimate Goal Grieve not ... Its a new chance !

Monday, November 01, 2004

Strength is the essence of life

The very nature of human mind is to think of reaching greater heights
- but a certain thing becomes the object of defining this success. It
is essentially learning, wisdom and knowledge in abstract terms.
In material terms either name or fame or money - the lucre plays an
important role in this world today - it is something that everyone
needs how much ever you deny its need. It is something that should be
used and not be run behind - I was reading and both Swami Vivekananda
and Buddha say - make money and use it as any other thing but do not
get obsessed with it - it should not become a blind illusion. Swami
Vivekananda in his writings mentions - work hard, earn the money
lawfully and as much as you want, but never remain attached to it - be
ready to give up your money and riches at any time. This thought was
running in my mind, a lump in my throat and these words are like a
vomiting �?? in fact that mind dump ...

Both the abstract and material aspect that I mention above give us
strength �?? the mental and physical strength if used appropriately.

Change is essential in any stage in life and it should be in a
positive direction, but there are many decisions that seem difficult
at any point �?? there are always advantages and disadvantages to any
decision. With the hope that - Any change is for the good �?? life goes