Friday, November 19, 2004

Religious Acrimony

The turn of events is ominous - the head of the Kanchi Mutt Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati's arrest smacks of political motives - Jayalalitha's handling the case is stupid, malafide and plain insulting ...

A senior pontiff of a religious community (read Hindu) and venerated by millions cannot be humiliated in such a lousy fashion.

The seer was neither informed in advance, nor his statement taken at his arrest and he was kept in a jail even though Laloo can be kept in VIP luxury. The sequence of events can take a disastrous turn if the communal overtones this event signifies are not handled.

An Iteresting quote by someone :

The claim by Jayendra Saraswathi that he will not get justice if he is sent to police custody is a slur on the Kanchi Mutt, and undermines the spirituality which it is supposed to purvey.

For, the Junior Acharya who returned to the Mutt on November 16, appealed to all devotees to offer special prayers from November 17.

"They could recite the Vishnu Sahasranama, Kanda Sashti Kavacham and Hanuman Chalisa, besides performing Rudrabhishekam", according to one news report.

Jayendra Saraswathi can claim that he will not get justice in police custody despite performing all the above "devotional deeds", amounts to questioning the efficacy of these acts. If these acts have no efficacy, then the very raison de'tre of the Kanchi Mutt needs to be questioned.

And on the other end Christian fundamentalism raises its hood with not just 'selective' mind you, but complete blacking out of all the horrendous acts in Fallujah in the Media (the whole event does not even appear to be occuring if you scan the normal images in News channels and papers) - courtesy an article by Pamela Philipose in The New Indian Express.
As I was reading an article by Saeed Naqvi in The New Indian Express (a paper worth reading - The Hindu has tomes of Ads and Deccan Herald with only local focus, the other paper is not worth mentioning), he ends the article by doubting the true intentions of religious fundamentalists on the rise in the US this way :

A US soldier shoots an unarmed 'insurgent' in Fallujah, point blank and his associate draws a cross across his chest - Ironic? No pathetic !


  1. The English media has already convicted him. Suddenly, the death of a poor Brahmin is of concern to the DMK and the Left. That shows the caste divide in this country. Every detail in the court room is being written in the newspapers, making him look like a joker. When politicians accused of murder are ministers in various governments, I am not sure why the Seer is being treated this way. One report said that the Kanchi mutt has wealth amounting to 6000 crores. That and the Seer's involvement in politics seems to be the root of the problem.


  2. Basically the entire focus is to malign the image of the holy institution and its members. The DMK and AIADMK have joined hands and also Shankararaman is said to have blamed the Seer even before his death - it was a ploy made use of effectively; as the actual hitman it seems is a DMK man ...