Monday, November 01, 2004

Strength is the essence of life

The very nature of human mind is to think of reaching greater heights
- but a certain thing becomes the object of defining this success. It
is essentially learning, wisdom and knowledge in abstract terms.
In material terms either name or fame or money - the lucre plays an
important role in this world today - it is something that everyone
needs how much ever you deny its need. It is something that should be
used and not be run behind - I was reading and both Swami Vivekananda
and Buddha say - make money and use it as any other thing but do not
get obsessed with it - it should not become a blind illusion. Swami
Vivekananda in his writings mentions - work hard, earn the money
lawfully and as much as you want, but never remain attached to it - be
ready to give up your money and riches at any time. This thought was
running in my mind, a lump in my throat and these words are like a
vomiting �?? in fact that mind dump ...

Both the abstract and material aspect that I mention above give us
strength �?? the mental and physical strength if used appropriately.

Change is essential in any stage in life and it should be in a
positive direction, but there are many decisions that seem difficult
at any point �?? there are always advantages and disadvantages to any
decision. With the hope that - Any change is for the good �?? life goes

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