Monday, September 20, 2004

Alter Ego ...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Search the mind

The mind has an array of thoughts all hidden in the ups and downs of
the brain matter ready to course through the nerves and rise and cause
some action or make us realize something. Things can get contradictory
at times - the environment plays the role of a catalyst. The company
or situation you are in can make you react - positive feedback or
stimuli or thoughts of a positive or agreeable nature result in
pleasure and those that are on direct conflict causes resistance or
displeasure or disgust.
Something that you hate for long, for sudden reasons because of
certain positive developments may cause signals of positive to emanate
from that. This can you leave you confused as to your current opinion
towards that object or thing; especially if it plays a important role
in your life. 'Take it as it comes' is something that every human
tries to escape from. As I observe if someone or a group is doing
something to maintain your individuality you try to do something
different - uniqueness quotient ? But the domain of that unique thing
should be good or positive - that of course depends on the ability to
differentiate between good and bad, a capability inherent in every
mature human. But there are many things or lack of them that hinder
this - attitude, the state of mind, the leadership qualities, ability
to convert opportunities into actuals and many more things.
How is success defined ? The bank balance ? The creative pursuit or
abilities that you have conquered? Things that made your life
comfortable ? But the material aspect is insatiable. The more you get
the more you want.
There must be a way. It according to most spiritual lines of thought
is to recede the thought processes. Meditation and such aspects as I
have understood is to erase out the thoughts one by one and slowly
make the mind as pure as possible and then it merges into the primal
energy, unable to come back into this karmic entanglement or life on
earth �?? true freedom. Individual consciousness vanishes �?? Nirvikalpa
Samadhi according to Advaita philosophy.
What about the infinite universe and extra terrestrial life or is this
again a figment of imagination - the Universe itself ? Then ET life is
basically not possible ? Consciousness is itself a dream ?
People suggest that just do well in professional and personal life and
why bother about life and death �?? karma and nirvana etc etc. Thats the
Karma Yoga way �?? not that this is an invalid path, but the tendency of
the mind may be inclined towards the Jnana Yoga �?? the path of
knowledge to know what is that gets us here and how to get free of
this circle od pleasure and pain each in turn bringing in the other �??
pleasure and pain caught in a death match - as one topples the other,
he emerges stronger again the next time. Or Raja Yoga where in you try
to conquer your mind and power.
There is an interesting concept �?? the Ultimate goal. The ultimate goal
is not union of man with woman or woman with man to procreate and
thrive and propagate �?? but the ultimate goal of each human (being the
highest and most conscious life form) or soul is union with the Primal
state or being �?? the Brahman, this being possible when you are purest.
In this state time, space and causation seize to exist �?? the
relativistic standards fall apart as all the three above are nothing
but relative and not absolute. The absolute has only differentiated
itself into many through Maya or the active nature of Brahman (that
whole) also known as Shakti. Some people refute these as theories
especially recent neuro-scientists; since proof is not possible in
this particular case as experience is essential and once you have
experienced it you have gone out of this cycle; then who comes back to
explain what that experience is.
Yet the sticky tendencies and allure of this world stays on like glue
that has set and will never let you detach yourself. This sweet and
pleasant quagmire has amazing powers to beguile.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Blogging from Email

This is a test for blogging from email !

EBooks :

(Need to download 'Of Human Bondage' by Maugham on the page below ... )

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Security - Global Perspectives

Thoughts about hoaxes on blogs ...
Someone claiming he is someplace in the world but not exactly from there.
Lets say I claim I am in Calcutta whereas I am blogging away from Bangalore.
Or for that matter claiming anything - once he becomes a regular read/reliable source
Can you detect from Yahoo Messenger? May be based on the IP address ...
In a Telephone conversation this can be done using Caller ID.
That way mobiles are much more transparent nothing can be hidden !
Whats this quad band phone ? Anyone ?
Google with its Blogger, GMail, Orkut, Google searches etc can be a deadly combination in terms of gathering personal information if you think about it. But they have claimed not to be "Evil" - what if the US of A government is able to arm twist them. From the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 reviews that I read the contacts that they have � and from the books we find these guys (CIA, FBI etc) are capable of doing anything ...
And what with Mossad (if you are wondering what that is, its the Israeli Intelligence wing) also a part of this game plan - the sharpest minds in gathering intelligence and espionage. We have the RAW (Research and Ananlysis Wing - India's espionage wing - yes we have one too and its equally deadly and equally shrewd - not the 'helpless good boy' image we project internationally). RAW had sometime back struck a deal with Mossad - sensors were installed along the LOC. Defense technology is a key area Israel excels in. They have dedicated defense firms and private agencies working overtime to gain that cutting edge. The world follows US - US follows Israelis - there is a large Jewish population in the US defining every policy decision.
I do not know what India's policy now is - The Vajpayee government had come very close to Israel in terms of bilateral relations - this present Indian government seems to be moving away from that. Though they have deftly handled the Iraqi hostage crisis; the hotch-potch coalition seems far from being stable and distant from being an able government what with the 'Lady playing the strings' ... ?
Basically in subtle ways the prophesy of the book 1984 by George Orwell is coming true. The global big brother looking into and being able to track every aspect of your life - now that everything has gone 'E' - credit cards and databases and all that. Welcome to the village - the global village - where every neighbour knows whats happening in your house ... Back to the old world ?
The reasons for 9/11 was certainly more than the breach of personal information but human ideals, dignity, human life. The causes and the effect were equally gruesome transgressions. Cause and effect in this illusionary world are inseparable ... a vicious circle all over.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Blogs - Merits & Demerits

I had a friend who said that all these blog/personal websites etc is 'bakwaas' (stupid/waste in Hindi, the national language of India) and a waste of both time and money. I doubt he knew what a blog is, he had just seen my blog and made a comment, however the point he raised is debatable.
Was he practical? He used to work with me and has gone on to find a job at one of the best companies and is successful - wheres as I am not exactly so in my opinion. So is that true ? What do you say ?
Even the person who introduced me to blogs never started one, probably he is too busy to start off on whims - probably it does your image some damage when you blog in public ? Just because someone blogs should I blog too ?
What do you see as the merits and demerits of blogs as a medium ? Too intrusive or personal a medium; just a fad/whim? Or a storehouse of information, invaluable thoughts and knowledge sharing ?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

What? A Blog? - Blog what ? - What a blog ?

Exactly two years, since I started blogging. Started in September 2002 (Go read the Archives). Started off with Blogger(TM) - the pioneers in blogging software 'PUSH BUTTON PUBLISHING', and I have stayed put - even after Rediff, LiveJournal etc etc came in. It has steadily added lots of features and is improving rapidly, especially the recent launch after Google took over Blogger, a year back.
Its been a nice way to tell all, in whatever way you want - wash the dirty laundry in public ? That is the description, in the crudest of ways. It lets you keep up the contact, with people from far and wide and also the near yet far. Writing skills may (or may not) improve. A language is a medium by which we communicate our innermost thoughts to another person. What are all those thoughts worth if they do not spread and tickle, provoke, or illumine others into thinking or doing.
Thoughts are the very triggers for action ! For all knowledge and information � language and writing (typing?) are the capturers, preservers and distributors. Thus blogging, I have tried to convey what philosophy I have in my mind, what my intellect puts forth, what really affects me and its effects from the deepest recesses of my brain, as they sometimes sprout out as poems, some times as random rantings, and sometimes as dry, hypothetical or completely absurd prose. Its been one roller coaster as I have many times thought of shutting shop but something pushes me on to continue putting forth pen on paper, err type. This station will blare on, from day to day events, best of what I found on the web, life experiences and also occasionally brilliant articles, no no masterpieces.

BLOGMIND � Where I blog my mind ... !

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I have 3 GMail invites pending. Do tell me if you want one ...

Google's Bangalore R&D Centre seems to be in hiring mode: