Saturday, September 11, 2004

Security - Global Perspectives

Thoughts about hoaxes on blogs ...
Someone claiming he is someplace in the world but not exactly from there.
Lets say I claim I am in Calcutta whereas I am blogging away from Bangalore.
Or for that matter claiming anything - once he becomes a regular read/reliable source
Can you detect from Yahoo Messenger? May be based on the IP address ...
In a Telephone conversation this can be done using Caller ID.
That way mobiles are much more transparent nothing can be hidden !
Whats this quad band phone ? Anyone ?
Google with its Blogger, GMail, Orkut, Google searches etc can be a deadly combination in terms of gathering personal information if you think about it. But they have claimed not to be "Evil" - what if the US of A government is able to arm twist them. From the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 reviews that I read the contacts that they have � and from the books we find these guys (CIA, FBI etc) are capable of doing anything ...
And what with Mossad (if you are wondering what that is, its the Israeli Intelligence wing) also a part of this game plan - the sharpest minds in gathering intelligence and espionage. We have the RAW (Research and Ananlysis Wing - India's espionage wing - yes we have one too and its equally deadly and equally shrewd - not the 'helpless good boy' image we project internationally). RAW had sometime back struck a deal with Mossad - sensors were installed along the LOC. Defense technology is a key area Israel excels in. They have dedicated defense firms and private agencies working overtime to gain that cutting edge. The world follows US - US follows Israelis - there is a large Jewish population in the US defining every policy decision.
I do not know what India's policy now is - The Vajpayee government had come very close to Israel in terms of bilateral relations - this present Indian government seems to be moving away from that. Though they have deftly handled the Iraqi hostage crisis; the hotch-potch coalition seems far from being stable and distant from being an able government what with the 'Lady playing the strings' ... ?
Basically in subtle ways the prophesy of the book 1984 by George Orwell is coming true. The global big brother looking into and being able to track every aspect of your life - now that everything has gone 'E' - credit cards and databases and all that. Welcome to the village - the global village - where every neighbour knows whats happening in your house ... Back to the old world ?
The reasons for 9/11 was certainly more than the breach of personal information but human ideals, dignity, human life. The causes and the effect were equally gruesome transgressions. Cause and effect in this illusionary world are inseparable ... a vicious circle all over.


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  2. Thanks for that Ashok, it was a spur of the moment thing.

    Ever read about this ... ?

    Scary !