Sunday, March 20, 2005

Why the western culture is destroying us ...

Some excerpts:

Is it a fallout, a sort of appendage, of globalization that was critical in rescuing our economy in the early 90s – I don't deny the kind of economic progress and better standards of living it has brought in, but the baggage which comes with anything external is here to stay. The money has come along with the consumerist, lascivious culture glorified in the western society. Earlier it was less of everything from sense pleasures to money to celebrations, but now more is in – excesses in everything is the order of the day.

There are a lot of positive aspects in the western society, the fastidious nature, the punctuality, the industrious and reasoning mentality and the cleanliness; but we seem to have copied in all the wrong things.

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Ad Nauseam

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Kasparov quits chess

Disputed world champion and the highest ELO rated chess player Gary Kasparov quit chess - the genius ended his career after winning the Linares 2005 chess competition recently. The main contender in recent times against Anand; had a row with the one of the two major chess governing bodies worldwide, FIDE. I was a great fan of his...

We had been on an outbound with our team of 90 project members to Shakti hill resorts recently. Good spot with lots of greenery. We had games, teambuilding sessions etc etc and good food ...


Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Lady with the whip ...

How the Jharkhand fiasco was initiated and the behind the scene operations ....
For that matter, the manner in which constitutional norms where thrown to the winds, and all ethics and rules subverted, the PM was busy in the budget and not even aware of what the Italian lady and her cronies and syncophants are up to.
The country seems to be largely run by the whims and desires of an italian waitress and au pair combo, Sonia Gandhi, the next Indira Gandhi duplicate on the block. She acts, as if she doesnt get into any of this, is so innocent and doesnt know anything - but because of these recent elections, the actual dark side of this scorpion-like venomous personality is out (is she from the Mafia family background or undergone training for some nasty tricks at some Mafia training camp, I sometimes think). Haryana (read Bhajan Lal's statement?He has sworn to topple Hooda within a few months), Goa, Bihar and Jharkhand all in a mess for Congress.
Did the docile PM know who initiated the swearing in of Shibu Soren - if so, was it the right way. If not why is he the Prime Minister of India. This way the country will be in the dumps in no time. Read more :

If she can 'direct' openly, what can she not do secretly?
by S Gurumurthy (New Indian Express); Saturday March 5 2005 00:10 IST