Sunday, March 20, 2005

Why the western culture is destroying us ...

Some excerpts:

Is it a fallout, a sort of appendage, of globalization that was critical in rescuing our economy in the early 90s – I don't deny the kind of economic progress and better standards of living it has brought in, but the baggage which comes with anything external is here to stay. The money has come along with the consumerist, lascivious culture glorified in the western society. Earlier it was less of everything from sense pleasures to money to celebrations, but now more is in – excesses in everything is the order of the day.

There are a lot of positive aspects in the western society, the fastidious nature, the punctuality, the industrious and reasoning mentality and the cleanliness; but we seem to have copied in all the wrong things.

Read the essay Ad Nauseam

Ad Nauseam


  1. Read 'Ad Nauseam'. What does the title mean?
    Looking for change is what has changed. The classic mentality of the Indian is to not look for change but accept it when it happens. The other thing is to actively look for change.
    I would say that the first group have been enjoying a majority for a long time in India. But this is slowly changing here and the changes you mention are a result of this. The exact opposite thing may be happening in the west.
    There is no good and bad group; both are different ways.

  2. It means 'to a disgusting/sickening extent'. Its not only about change - irs about getting your bearings right; and not getting carried away ...

  3. Hi,
    Very well writen article.
    I totally agree with your views...