Saturday, March 12, 2005

Kasparov quits chess

Disputed world champion and the highest ELO rated chess player Gary Kasparov quit chess - the genius ended his career after winning the Linares 2005 chess competition recently. The main contender in recent times against Anand; had a row with the one of the two major chess governing bodies worldwide, FIDE. I was a great fan of his...

We had been on an outbound with our team of 90 project members to Shakti hill resorts recently. Good spot with lots of greenery. We had games, teambuilding sessions etc etc and good food ...



  1. wearing your id even outside office! I don't wear them even in office.

  2. Did see you surrounded by ladies(?) in one of the pictures. ;)


  3. SANDEEP : Compulsory inside campus but outside we actually had a game among the teams for the longest chain and may be thats why it remained ...

    ASHVIN : Ladies? What are you talking about ? May be some ladies were around - and you mistook it for a majority ...

  4. Let me put up a photo of the same then!

    How about this? ;-)

    Shamit Here!