Sunday, May 24, 2009

DIGITAL POP ART titled: 'Don't you worry, baby!'

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Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Her Tattoo Blooms'

Inspired by artworks of pop art gurus such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol - the quality no where near them in terms of the fine art work - however a decent start in my view. Need to work harder on the sketching part - this one was done in like 10 mins, and then heavy digitization and touchup...

The end goal was to make a Pop Art style art piece and very, very colourful - a tattoo on the female form make for a appealing combination, perhaps a tattoo parlour... Listening to the Delhi 6 title track helped make the overall piece as vivid as it has got! How would the end product look on the wall of a pub or a restaurant?


Sunday, May 17, 2009

SUMMER BEAT - King Cong and One Year’s Heat!

The writer Ernest Hemingway in one final moment of insanity shot himself.

Is L K Advani going to do the same? The drubbings in the elections - I have to give it to him that he managed to escape an attempt yet – poor guy his party’s SMSes extolling him as the next PM itself would have turned off the electorate – I am sure that is the reason. ‘Theory of the errant SMSes’ from my end – yet another absurd reason for the BJP’s (NDA) setbacks and King Cong, UPA’s (Ulta Pulta Alliance as per BJP – Ravishankar Prasad must be kicking himself on his rear end now) unwittingly thumping victory (they were themselves surprised it’d seem).

Also no such escape hatch for us, IIMB PGSEMers – our batch of 2008 after having stretched and strained to snapping point finally touch finish line. One full year completed! Almost two more to go... With ups and downs (an understatement given the accompanying volatile job scene in the IT sector) – a volcano of activity last one year it was with studies (sleep-reading, last minute mugging??) – marketing (Prof T & Damodar Mall in the mall…:D), economics (Prof D and Prof V), operations (not one of those done in a hospital), unaccounted number of accounting courses,  finance (among high-profile banks collapsing left, right and centre), business events (Convergenz & Vista) and cultural events (Pehel, Unmaad etc), ecstasies (the Outliers and acad King Kongs aka Toppers), disappointments (GPAs - Grades eluding A), gung ho about assignments at the beginning and then 'pillion riding' towards the end of the year for some assignments, a drain on the academic nerves like nothing prior. Also mails and chain mails and more mails from professors and students and certain super-enthusiast 'inbox jesters' – mails of the nature from the erudite to those bordering on the very naughty with dollops of humour thrown in – all memories to be cherished forever...

Unlike our full-time on campus PGP students brethren we working folks only get to meet each other during the weekends, unless you happen to work in the same campus/company etc - so our only means of interaction is through phones, Skype etc and primarily the email!

The overall IIMB experience till now has been like the taste of a semi-ripe Totapuri mango – just ripening: sweetly sweet yet as sour as to make you jump in surprise!

And yeah Rahul Gandhi - the kid is punching his fists in the air like Federer does after he wins a grand slam! Sweet victory!! And the sly Oxonian retains the PM’s chair! Let’s hope a mandate for five-year stability without coalition squabbles as is being projected (it is another issue that a baffled BJP forgot to focus and highlight the painful price rises of the most exorbitant nature and terrorist strikes and all the national issues) will lead to greater economic stability and a peaceful social scene. Bangalore seemed to have gone along the BJP way completely (poor, poor Capt Gopinath lost his deposit, having got 14000 votes in all) and the arrogant Left goons have finally tasted bitter defeat at the politico demi-goddess Mamata’s altar!

The heat is on! It never ends! What did you expect right in the middle of May – heights of summer! Sakkath Hot Magaa…

Currently Looping: Hooked to the song Arziyan from Delhi 6 with its Sufi Qawwaali feel rendition and ARR’s music and invigorating lyrics! Also just watched ‘Luck By Chance’ – nice movie I must say – top class acting overall! Konkana is also that - Sakkath Hot Magaa… :)