Sunday, May 13, 2007

To see or not to see, a comedy.

The sun had set and it was getting dark, when on a Friday evening, I stood at the entrance of 'Ranga Shankara' the theatre hub created by Arundhati Nag, wife of the late kannada actor Shankar Nag (also director of 'Malgudi Days'). My good friend (VikramR) had invited me to be an audience to a play that he was part of and I after some deliberation, accepted it, and that turned out to be a very good decision. Apart from the auditorium, Ranga Shankara also has an eatery and a bookshop, where I browsed through the books on the shelves for a while after buying the ticket, as I had some time before the play was underway (7:30 PM). It is a nice spot for theatre lovers from young couples and groups of friends to older and even elderly couples with an avid interest in drama/theatre. The play itself was a rib-tickling comedy named 'When the Python followed the Actor', by the troupe 'Version One dot Oh'. It was in two parts, the first one 'The Actor's Dilemma' of about forty-five minutes depicted the predicament of an actor who has forgotten all about the play he is supposed to enact and also all his lines; goofing up with gaffe after gaffe with co-actors, misleading them, confusing the whole thing up, even quoting other famous plays such as 'Hamlet'. The lead actor did a splendid job along with the cast; and the comedy was well conjured up. It was followed by three short drama sketches - again ranging from the absurd to the hilarious! An evening well spent.