Sunday, January 06, 2013

Listen, It Sounds like …

All this noise

Leaves us numb!
I’d rather be
Deaf and dumb!

Sometimes it all sounds like laughter,

Sometimes like a loud blast of shrieks!
The cacophony distorts the real.
As some solitary confine we seek.

Am I being too pessimistic?

Sound often gets masked out by visual delights.
Listen for those moments of lows and highs!
And wait. Just sit still, now.

That heavy, creaking iron door,

Makes sounds,
Like some distant child
Wailing, hurt!

Ah! The vegetable-vendor hawking

Booming sounds - like from some scuffle.
Not cries of despair in a riot actually,
But perhaps excitement over his greens!

What do they speak, shout, bad-mouth about?

Gossip or some pressing, important debate?
Adda over coffee, on cricket and gang-rape.
No maybe a social movement taking shape!

Sparkling sounds of stainless steel kitchen utensils

Sounding like drums - rock and roll.
And then there is Music;
That sounds like the Universe, whole!