Monday, August 17, 2009

Plaited Memories.

A braid of plaited memories is all that shall remain, years from now...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Passion, Imagination, Verve.

Discovered through insights, and a very strong intuitive feeling, the PIVOTAL framework is essentially a combination of passion, imagination and verve that can be used almost in every aspect of human life.

The PIVOTAL framework -> Passion + Imagination + Verve in equal measure = TOTAL SUCCESS.

It is essentially these which drive perfection, discovery and inventions of the highest nature in humans as well all of those day to day 'WOW' moments or incidents. But it could be extended to anything and every activity that we take up. Putting the whole soul into the moment... It seems to have a spiritual angle to it too of having belief in that highest of universal consciousness - which is common in us all and can be reached and gets connected in such a fabric of commonality, as if into a single whole...

The aim is to tirelessly strive and serve and be best at what are your strengths or maybe a higher purpose!

Hypnosis (alluding to an incident during a presentation in class)

The sender and receiver,
Zapped in rapt attention - stunned.
Tied together with a thread,
Intangible, but steel-strong.

Sheer energy transmission
Of an order highest I have seen...
Professor's pedagogy as causality,
Fruits sweet of knowledge's glowing aura!

This was in Prof S Ramesh Kumar' s class on Consumer Behaviour; after any presentation usually where there are a volley of questions - there were none; a calm, peaceful silence followed.
I ended up getting epithets such as 'great presentation', 'truly great', 'mesmerizing', 'style bhai', 'rock star' from fellow classmates :) - although the contents of the presentation was a remarkable piece of team effort and team work!!
Ofcourse once in a while through inspiration too things reach a level of a great PERFORMANCE (sheer intimidation)!!
It is all a blessing of that infinite consciousness that we term God - a connection with that keeps everyone rejuvenated and full of energy.

By the way HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY --> AUGUST 02, 2009.