Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rants & Opinions

1] Indian Idol is as entertaining as Harry Potter is; as much for the judges' fights as for the extremely talented singers' performances.
2] Soha Ali Khan is absolutely gorgeous looking - I am her fan. (Ahista Ahista - a simple, slow movie).
3] 'Khosla ka Ghosla' is one of the most humorous movies, I have watched in the recent past, watched it a second time few days back.
4] Equally humorous is The Pink Panther (new version starring Steve Martin) - hilarious.

1] Monitoring of employees' personal blogs, prevalent these days across the world, is quite obnoxious in my opinion.
2] Office politics and nasty jerks at work are a source of loss of productivity and attrition (McKinsey Quarterly Article).
3] Just the reverse is also possible - as per Pareto principles 20% of the people can make work greatly interesting and pleasurable.
4] Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a great tool for effectively communicating with people and understanding their behaviours (Currently reading).
5] Mutual trust and respect are essential for maintaining and building any human relationship.

1] The Govt of India Income Tax Returns submission is getting pretty high tech online and efficient (e-filing - neat process).

1] Windows XP can become an albatross around your neck, a pain. Some reasons necessitated my installing that OS, and I had no anti-virus; unwittingly I was doomed to facing severe consequences. Viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and what not got in, once I connected to the WWW - and my BSNL connection started to crawl and then altogether stopped, dead. I was forced to install Mandrake Linux and now I am back to bliss on the net, with everything working fine. Linux in that sense is undoubtedly the best ! No hassles, no paraphernalia like anti-virus etc required and with all the open source goodies (OSS for sound, MPlayer, XMMS, Aamarok, Kaffeine for video/audio, Open Office for productivity software, XPDF for PDF viewing, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla for the browser packs, Gaim and Kopete for IM, GIMP for graphics, gcc for programming, and of course the 'terminal' too). Windows has its advantage though - otherwise I wouldn't have installed it in the first place! Dell has started bundling Linux so it is going to thrive a bit more in the future. However, Windows XP and now Vista maintains its domination, come what may including MacOS, Linux, etc etc.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

DIGITAL ART: 'Synaptic outburst @ the neuron'

(c) SHAMIT BAGCHI, July 2007 (Gimp on Linux).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Biblio Trail

The last few books that I have read:

'The High-Performance Entrepreneur' (Subroto Bagchi) - detailed, well developed and valuable inputs and examples on every step for starting up a new venture.

'The McKinsey Mind' (Ethan Rasiel and Paul Friga)- excellent book on the methods used by 'the firm', has loads of insight from ex-alumni.

'Identity and Violence - The Illusion of Destiny' (Amartya Sen) - superlative writing; with the central theme rejecting the definition of a person by a singular identity, for example that of religion only. Amartya Sen, I reiterate, is my favourite non-fiction author.

'Five Point Someone' (Chetan Bhagat) - everyone would have read this by now, I got this using the Citibank loyalty points; never wanted to buy it, but pretty decent first book and quite funny at times (burst out laughing when reading the 'Family Planning advertisement in the cinema hall' part).

I am currently reading the following:
'The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid' (C K Prahalad) - on how profits and poverty eradication can go together, very logical and filled with case-studies from across the world.

'The Lost Hero', A biography of Subhas Bose (Mihir Bose) - brings alive a vivid, 'no hero-worship' type version of Netaji's life.