Sunday, July 15, 2007

Biblio Trail

The last few books that I have read:

'The High-Performance Entrepreneur' (Subroto Bagchi) - detailed, well developed and valuable inputs and examples on every step for starting up a new venture.

'The McKinsey Mind' (Ethan Rasiel and Paul Friga)- excellent book on the methods used by 'the firm', has loads of insight from ex-alumni.

'Identity and Violence - The Illusion of Destiny' (Amartya Sen) - superlative writing; with the central theme rejecting the definition of a person by a singular identity, for example that of religion only. Amartya Sen, I reiterate, is my favourite non-fiction author.

'Five Point Someone' (Chetan Bhagat) - everyone would have read this by now, I got this using the Citibank loyalty points; never wanted to buy it, but pretty decent first book and quite funny at times (burst out laughing when reading the 'Family Planning advertisement in the cinema hall' part).

I am currently reading the following:
'The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid' (C K Prahalad) - on how profits and poverty eradication can go together, very logical and filled with case-studies from across the world.

'The Lost Hero', A biography of Subhas Bose (Mihir Bose) - brings alive a vivid, 'no hero-worship' type version of Netaji's life.

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