Sunday, October 25, 2009

‘2 States’ by Chetan Bhagat

2 States - the story of my marriage
In the land of Gandhi, Ahmedabad begins this story of Krish and Ananya – which turns into a family cold war. The protagonist Kris, a Punjabi guy falls in love with the Best (or best looking?) female student Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin at IIMA. They study together, crack examinations and in the mean while things get more and more and more intimate. Krish gets a job in Citibank and Ananya in HLL – dream jobs so to speak. When the time comes to leave IIMA, they decide to get married. You would expect that to be one major battle won. They even make their families meet each other, but things take an explosive turn when the families come together leading to misunderstandings. The Hema Malini - Dharmendra analogy here left me bursting out, laughing.
Kris shifts to Chennai in order to be near his lady love. How does Krish convince Ananya’s Tamil Brahmin parents and Ananya Kris’s Punjabi parents - the story explores this in detail, as it flits from one incident to another with hilarious twists and turns and subtle philosophy throughout. Chetan Bhagat has concocted a high impact, yet easily readable and engrossing book that explodes with humour like the bursts of crackers quite often! Like the protagonist speaking to his self on how he should react to someone’s comment or behavior – this aspect often makes you snigger.
In the approach to the climax he has highlighted the various idiosyncrasies of families and communities , be they in the Northern or the Southern parts of our nation. The absurdities of corporate culture, the hype with IITs and IIMs and their alumni and many other such broad topics are handled and portrayed in nutshells. The book ends with a very emotive message. Essentially people have their reservations, views and fixed mindsets but ultimately it is about human behavior. So does love prevail? Read to find out …
Rest assured you will zip through this book – a very pleasant read!
Rating: 3.5/5