Saturday, January 25, 2014

God is in the Music.

If not for music, I would be an atheist today!
Such music subdues and disarms my militant, rebellious, argumentative, rational disbelieving mind completely!

It is songs such as these that keep my eyes from drying up
And my soul too!

Music is the hotline to the divine.
Naam Ali Ka Leke Tu Toh, Naach Le Galli Galli
Tu Le Naam Rab Ka Naam Sai Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Isn't Sri Chaitanya also said to have had a similar experience:  'Dancing, laughing and weeping in rapturous ecstasies'

Hats off to the passionate and heartfelt music and singing! Great energy in the voices too!!

It comes from the deepest source
And the listener is left thoroughly under the music’s spell,
Sobbing uncontrollably in a torrent of spiritual emotions.
As if every pore in the body is alive, the blood in the brain and the limbs surges, tingling!

Is this? This IS true Bhakti Yoga – A Union with the divine!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Café Happy Day

Three days back I bought three Eggy Wraps from Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Yelahanka Old Town. When I came back home I saw the paper carry bag had six pieces instead of three. Someone wasn't paying attention at work! Since I was having an upset stomach I hadn't planned to eat, however we all enjoyed the wraps...

My wife kept nagging me for paying CCD the pending amount for the additional wraps, I kept postponing this although I was driving back home on the same route everyday. Today she'd called up in the afternoon and while hanging up reminded me to pay up for the other pieces we had all gobbled up and I told her that perhaps they were anyway charging more per piece & I wouldn't pay. She would hear none of it. I hung-up the phone without any intentions of paying.

The elevated road on top of NH7 is so good that you just whizz past after getting off it right after the Jakkur aerodrome. So I was about to cross the CCD at Old town, Yelahanka when I was reminded of paying at the CCD after getting off the elevated road on which I was driving at 110 kmph for a few seconds, just a few seconds back. I went up to the counter and the conversation went like this:

Me: "3 days back I bought 3 pieces of Eggy wraps, I paid for 3 but you gave me 6 pieces, so I thought I will pay you for the other 3 pieces." Then I whip out my card.
The man winks and says: "It was our mistake! You need not pay Sir!"
"You sure", I ask him quizzically.
"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!"
"OK thank you", I say and walk out.

To be frank I had never expected such behaviour. We are in any case frequent CCD customers but they have made a more loyal customer by this very honest action! A moment of truth.