Saturday, January 25, 2014

God is in the Music.

If not for music, I would be an atheist today!
Such music subdues and disarms my militant, rebellious, argumentative, rational disbelieving mind completely!

It is songs such as these that keep my eyes from drying up
And my soul too!

Music is the hotline to the divine.
Naam Ali Ka Leke Tu Toh, Naach Le Galli Galli
Tu Le Naam Rab Ka Naam Sai Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Isn't Sri Chaitanya also said to have had a similar experience:  'Dancing, laughing and weeping in rapturous ecstasies'

Hats off to the passionate and heartfelt music and singing! Great energy in the voices too!!

It comes from the deepest source
And the listener is left thoroughly under the music’s spell,
Sobbing uncontrollably in a torrent of spiritual emotions.
As if every pore in the body is alive, the blood in the brain and the limbs surges, tingling!

Is this? This IS true Bhakti Yoga – A Union with the divine!

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