Thursday, September 02, 2004

What? A Blog? - Blog what ? - What a blog ?

Exactly two years, since I started blogging. Started in September 2002 (Go read the Archives). Started off with Blogger(TM) - the pioneers in blogging software 'PUSH BUTTON PUBLISHING', and I have stayed put - even after Rediff, LiveJournal etc etc came in. It has steadily added lots of features and is improving rapidly, especially the recent launch after Google took over Blogger, a year back.
Its been a nice way to tell all, in whatever way you want - wash the dirty laundry in public ? That is the description, in the crudest of ways. It lets you keep up the contact, with people from far and wide and also the near yet far. Writing skills may (or may not) improve. A language is a medium by which we communicate our innermost thoughts to another person. What are all those thoughts worth if they do not spread and tickle, provoke, or illumine others into thinking or doing.
Thoughts are the very triggers for action ! For all knowledge and information � language and writing (typing?) are the capturers, preservers and distributors. Thus blogging, I have tried to convey what philosophy I have in my mind, what my intellect puts forth, what really affects me and its effects from the deepest recesses of my brain, as they sometimes sprout out as poems, some times as random rantings, and sometimes as dry, hypothetical or completely absurd prose. Its been one roller coaster as I have many times thought of shutting shop but something pushes me on to continue putting forth pen on paper, err type. This station will blare on, from day to day events, best of what I found on the web, life experiences and also occasionally brilliant articles, no no masterpieces.

BLOGMIND � Where I blog my mind ... !


  1. Please keep blogging. Your poems/prose are always interesting.


  2. Thank you, Ashok ...

    Readers are the ultimate affirmation for a blogger's skills in blogging.
    Even if we consciously make an effort to keep posts interesting, we may sometimes write some absurd or totally personal stuff as a result of unchecked thought outpourings.