Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kahaani - An original Bollywood thriller!

When you are watching a Hindi movie and if it is able to remind you of the Bourne series, Munich and a few other top-notch suspense thrillers from Hollywood stables there has got to be something happening already. And yet there are just traces of these Hollywood thrillers. What you have instead is a totally native and original script plus a Kolkata-centric story full of unpredictable twists and turns and acting that rachets up the quality to levels hardly ever seen before in Bollywood.

Quote from Bollywood Analytics on Facebook: A suspense thriller like this rarely comes out of Bollywood. An editor does a good job when the audience has little to no time to get distracted or bored and here Kahaani scores well. A must watch film for movie buffs! The high score notched up by this film will be tough to beat for most films!

Vidya Balan and Parambrata have given stellar performances. Vidya depicts her anxious, scared character flawlessly. Parambrata is this police constable who is falling for the charms and gutsy attitude of the protagonist Vidya Bagchi and wants to always be of help - the helpful assistant! The cinematography and screenplay is with focus on Kolkata and is colorful like the city without being jarring.

Some refreshing music with the heavy doses of experimental elements. 'Tore Bina' is just hauntingly good based on Hindustani classical elements yet a fast pace - speed-ed up raga!

The financial numbers are again witness to the quality of this movie. From Bollywood Analytics: Kahaani as on 17th March - Rs 25 cr - Going at good pace. Based on trends, should do between Rs 40 - 45 cr which woul

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