Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Analysis of a Limca Ad

It starts with the strumming guitar. The languid voice indicates the exhausted feel and then this goes up to a lilting voice full of verve. The emotional, affective component is well exhibited all throughout and in the lyrics - talks of dreams, memories, motives, happiness and laughter. Thakee see zindagi se kuch lamhe / raftaar churaa lo naa - what you want to be (personality - brand personality connect). The frolicking duo is very well portraying the playfulness and the splashing of the water - signifying freshness. The jingle has cognitive aspects too - surreptitiously telling you to get off the mundane, grab the happiness, smile a while, and then steal a Limca. Almost seamless connect to the product. The strategic positioning of the Limca brand at every stage and finally the empty bottle - as you reach that point you are fully energized - a volcano of the water erupts. The guitar-works add that much to the jingle - a very well sung one; quite evocative. The visuals are total conative - splashes of water (maybe even physiological - thirst, heat, boredom). All aspects are well covered. Beat the thirst with a Limca. The association of the bottle with freshness and splash of water - creates a clear associative mapping in the mind. Says steal the beautiful moments. Steal a Limca.

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