Friday, August 29, 2003

India in bad shape and reeking of corruption
- Tasty Teasers

Someone was telling us that a carpet seller from Kashmir visits them frequently says that the Kashmir problem is kept alive from both sides - he says that BSF and other armed forces on the Indian side and soldiers take lakhs from the terrorists to allow inflitrators sneak inside India across the LOC paving the way for massacres and mass killings. How far this is true I do not know, but certainly a person from the very epicentre of the troubled state wouldnt be blatantly lying ....

Calcutta, the intellectual and literary capital of India once upon a time now is the capital of corruption and mindless violent politics - the politicization of everything from schools to hospitals and everything in between. Also the work culture seems nil in that state. People themselves dont trust the health and education apparatus in West Bengal.
Someone was relating an incident wherein a poor lady had kept some small amount of rupees in a bank - she had come to collect it but the bank babus shooed her away saying "Baad mein aawo, jaao ab" (come later get lost now) and giggling at her in the mean time discussing cricket scores among themselves. 'Exploit the poor - they cant retaliate' attitude. Its her money and just see the way the bank employee behaves. Nothing moves without money or clout !
A person went to treat a heart ailment in a reputed hospital in Calcutta, but after the so-called 'treatment' he was inturn found to have kidney damage.

At times of war see the way the whole country of USA stands behind the government - this is a virtue in itself however biased the decisions of the government may be; totally unachievable in our country I am sure. The opposition would start making attempts at pulling down the government crying foul play!

Just a few instances - I know I am being negative but this thing eats away into the roots of our country unless something is done - we are also equal participants as we accept corruption as an integral part of our life without second thoughts.

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