Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I have long since blogged. I am losing interest in a lot of things ??? War now seems imminent with belluigerent Bush and Saddam sticking to their guns
India will surely reach the finals and then uncertainity. Then here work goes on. I am staying back at home all the time ; need to reverse this trend and go out once in a while. Thought of buying The Demon in the Freezer & Hot Zone by Richard Preston - each is INR 500+. COSTLY NAA? Bought PCQLINUX 8.0 made from RH Linux 8.0 - actually father bought it when he had gone out . . . Need to install it and try out; my hard disk seems to be stalling off suddendly troubled times ahead donno ? Lets see what lies ahead. Running a online McAfee Scan as I type cause I am also suspecting viruses . . .
This is what Mc Afee says about it :
VirusScan Online is the #1 online anti-virus solution, providing around-the-clock protection for your PC. With over 63,000 computer viruses identified, and another 500 discovered each month, why take chances?

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