Sunday, March 30, 2003

The latest Open Sound System (OSS) device drivers (for my Conexant Riptide sound card) - OSS 3.9.7h works excellently on my system. Auto detection and auto sound testing is allowed no IRQ problems this time around . . . no freezes. Only in the beginning of playing a track, a scratch sound occurs and volume control on KDE is to be used with the KMix sound mixer to reduce the initial volume set to 100% by default.
THE CATCH ! The evaluation copy of OSS comes with a FREE limited time evaluation license which is activated on the day you install OSS. The software will only work for a limited time. After activation each time it works only for a period of 3 hours(no problem with that). Ofcourse a permanant license key can be ordered. These guys (4Front Technologies) make drivers for all flavours of UNIX, Great !

Now the only problem is my Rockwell winmodem . . . It Sucks, On Linux! On Windows (98 only, not 2K or XP) It Rocks !

And in Iraq the war draws longer and longer with the Iraqi people and forces displaying stiff resistance, but finally the greedy 'might is right' US will prevail in their illegal, illegitimate invasion of Iraq or will it be arepeat of Vietnam ?

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