Thursday, July 31, 2003


A fat plump person endowed with a lot of fat is treated in a dismal manner - laughs, jeers, stifled giggles and smiles. How does he cope, either he chosses to ignore the barking lot or reacts in an agressive manner or in an emotional manner. He certainly may choose to think he is hurt humiliated (subjective) as against seeing the true cause of the problem(objective) and ignore it as a wrongful action from the otherside. Every person who chooses to tease or bring down another person, is himself suffering from some discrepancy or deficiency - he tries to react in a manner so as to show that he has everything under control - whereas he is trying to gloss over his weakness at the expeense of someone else.
Provocative actions should not provoke negative reactions - then the wrong thoughts of both the provoker and the provoked would suceed. The Mind should be under perfect control for this and to achieve this end meditation I think will almost always suceed. Only the source of learning mediation must be right, else other negative thought centers may get activated. Lust, greed, anger and jealousy are somethings that come to mind as being severely negative feelings that can turn a good person into a veritable brute or wild animal - all powerful and all-enveloping delusions arising out of the mind that seem so real when working, that we tend to act under their total control. Like the crystal resembles the colour that the background it is placed on - though in fact it posseses no colour of its own.
Thoughts, emotions and other such seemingly subtle things are the ones that inturn bring up action either good or evil (warning: the recurring theme of good and evil is pervasive in this essay).
It is ultimately the action that matters the most - though thoughts play a central role in initiating an action, you can think and think and think but never act - this is basically of no use except to tense you up. Every thought is directly or indierectly going to produce as its result some action. Thats why you would have noticed that brain-washing is the first step deployed by militant and terrorist organizations - once the ideas and knowledge is disseminated the real action begins. But action can also be thoughtless like suicide attacks though the root cause is some thought again - its difficult to go into the mind of a suicide bomber - but its evident he is acting under some delusion or passion for his or his community's cause, however foolish it may be.
The action is what is constructive or destructive and this is what works against the fact that the world is an illusion, since if actions were not allowed no effect would be seen - of course in VR (Virtual Reality) lets say a game too you act against a stimulus and respond to alter the scene or scenario.
I am not an atheist, I believe in the concept of God - but many things remain inexplicable - What I have surely understood and seems perfectlyreasionable is to serve humanity with all the good action or deeds that is the true manifestation of God. Think good and as a result you would certainly act good and you would also become good - good in the sense of not causing any mnisery to fellow beings - sharing their sorrows and sharing your joys - but never get attached to anything; act in an objective manner - its difficult I am sure it is, but the subjectivity is even more dangerous - I can act objectively only when I am able to grasp the true meaning of something - and discrimininate between good and bad, constructive and destructive, true and false . Until then of course you will see bloodshed, pain and suffering. You may argue that if everyone thinks alike, objectively ie creativity and ingenuity will be lost and advances in the human civilization would come to a halt but this is not the case, think different think without hindrance colour your activities with the colors of imagination uninhibited but let it be constructive and let it lead to actions that are inturn constructive because the end result should be action; inaction is the state of the the dead not the lively. Never be idle; think when free - and then mould these thoughts into fruitful, effective and dynamic action.

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