Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Another blog mela for me is due
This time the entries have been few
But none have been rejected
Nor would they have been if plenty
Whereas I am not exactly dejected
Am I supposed to get senti?

DRAGON - 'yoni ki baat?'
Discussions on a play and the related issue of abuse against women ...

Ram Duraikannu - Embedding Amazon Products in your webpage
On Automating Amazon wishlists (Indian connection ? anyway... I have a dearth of entries u c)
Using the web services and PHP (amazing must be a linux junkie PHP Hmmm!), he has written a small script which makes it easier for users to embed wish lists, list mania, and other keyword items into their webpage

RAVIKIRAN - Troops to Iraq - comments on sending Indian troops to patrol Iraq ...

RAVIKIRAN NOMINATES : An entry from Jivha - the Tongue
Ground duty, after Fifty - on the recent Indian Supreme Court's decision allowing the government-owned airline, Air-India, to force female air-hostesses to retire to "ground duty" after 50 ...

Breathtaking Digital Art
DINA nominates Avi Das saying a new blog by Avi Das - i enjoy all his thoughts - but i particularly liked this post - so i nominate it for the mela

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