Wednesday, July 30, 2003

SUPRAMUNDANE : On Second Thoughts...

Survival of the fittest - was this concept right in the first place? - because everything depends on the behaviour of the species or individual. There is this stunted person I see everyday who is always laughed at either in smiles or stifled giggles and must be feeling the ignominy . . . However this in turn makes the person I am referring to timid and more shy and unable to cope, submitting to the public - or is it the 'meek shall inherit the world' syndrome playing in here - is the person becoming humble so as to be a victor inthe later stages of life. Handicapped men and women have reached great heights but thats totally based on the attitude and the behaviour they adopted - no inherent fitness genes or inbuilt or inate abilities!
Assume a burly strong guy - surely in a place of shallow people he will thrive become the bully and the domineering type - successful in his own right making use of his brute chauvinism. However in a more intellectual or academic environment unless he is bestowed with good brain power he would heavily lose out.
It all depends on the circumstances and the context (Einstein's theory of relativity applied to life - everything is relative to the object or frame of reference) and the individual's behaviour - in one context the very same person may rise to the peak and in another she(he) may drop to the depths unless continuous adaptation occurs.
Similarly good and evil thoughts are also context-sensitive - a butchers's job is a classic example - its his duty and so is it good or evil? Sometimes the mind may go into the vilest depths of evil thought and sometimes may rise to enlightening insights of knowledge. Why does this happen ? Is this because of the circumstances around and the behaviour of the person? Why do we think is another very interesting question? Evil thoughts why and how do they come - some seed sown somewhere grows into a tree - like dormant waves in an ocean when a drop falls in an ocean it goes into abeyance to come up at the slightest prick or stimulus. Yet dirty, bad, evil, vile thoughts always seem to come up - hidden things akin to backstabbing. This circumstantial thing - now assume the bad/evil in the society are developing at a rate greater than the good, this will almost certainly wipe out that race. Assuming again a certain person is good, tries to be good and is always trying to indicate to others to strive to become good but the rate of evil growth is so high that the lone guy may be wiped out into the evil scheme of things - majority wins - the guy thinks he is losing out in the current situation - and needs to emulate to win and in the process corrupts his self or unknowingly falls into the trap - his fault of course. Or should he come up truimphs if he follows the right startegy and pursue his ideals if not selfishly at least for the good of the others till the end.

The more a person (coming into the human domain now) thinks positive and good, the more will be the tendency towards good and greater heights as the classic statement of Swami Vivekananda rings loud and clear - 'The purer the mind the easier it is to control'. The mind the thought processes - Rene Descartes's classic statement 'I think therefore I am' all point to the eternal fact that The Mind is the Reaper and so is the Slayer - it can lead to the matrices of the good or the bad as you chose. But is the Karma concept true? Then who is the judge - the Self ? Why does it manifest itself in so many forms - is it playing a game - I am not trivialising the issue, the Leela or Maya is what this concept is, ie the physical - is it an illusion (Matrix buffs galore nowadays); then are the planets, the stars, the constellatons, the universe all an illusion I dont think so. The brain in a jar concept cannot be true - even though I agree everything if you see it that way depends totally on the senses or the sense organs - the 5 senses. If you could send in the right impulses and stimuli the situation can be created meaning simulated. But if the senses were everything is creativity a product of these - what and why are some craetive and others not? Then again I find I am asking myself - what exactly is good? Those pleasant to the senses or conversely those bad to the senses are good to the soul - pleasure to the senses is like the beginning of pain to the real inner self. Good music is then bad - auditory sense, good scenery is bad - vision, good food is bad, or is it it that you should not get attached/addicted to these - remain aloof or detached, take when you get it dont crave. Dont strive? Confuson reigns. Strive but not for material things, yes, but higher things - after life ? Or prepare for the next edition of your life. Or best is to get out of this cycle all together.

It is then that the concept of GOD comes in - he (she or is he formless) is an entity to preserve nature and the human edifice - then doesnt the concept itself become human centric, a concept or an illusion arising out of the human brain - I am confused. I have read the Bhagavad Gita - not too many times, but get the ESSENTIAL concept that the real GOD or GOOD comes either from Bhakti(WORSHIP), Karma(WORK) or Jnana(KNOWLEDGE) - its the path that you choose to adopt that matters. If you chose none you are a vegetable or an inhuman brute. It everyone is in a cycle of life and death - why was the cycle created first of all - the good the bad the ugly - what was the 'init move' or the initial state ? Or is the whole thing a way of keeping resonance in the relations among human beings a higher form of life so that the humans dont tear apart and decimate fellow human - a clever ploy by the humans themselves to survive - fittest race or the behavioural aspect.
I was reading an article sent via mail by Kanwal Rekhi - one of the earliest of entrepreneurs to go off to the US and establish himself in the Silicon Valley - where he points out that the basic needs when met, an infinite number of services can be lapped up by humans. This improvement from subsistence based society- agrarian society to a developed society like US - is what India should emulate and follow blindly ... But as the society becomes more mechanized and automated, the leisure and pleasure hours go up and thus crime of all sorts rises - idle minds are indeed devils' workshop - thus the man eat man situation again . I am not a luddite; against technological advancement - but someone explain the above juggernaut.

Is there any truth in the astrology, palmistry and other such sciences which are being institutionalised currently - I think not ... Nor are miracles and such. Prayers? Rituals? Temples? Churches? Its all to maintain the human balance? - keep the behaviour under bounds - preservation of own species, survival tactics of a highly evolved and intelligent thinking human species - Its intellect. But the Heart says something differnt from the Mind almost always doesnt it?
Thoughts : another tool for survival? Then if humans vanish will the next manifestation of The Self be another species that will realise that it is inturn another concrete form or part of the Self ?

Better even, just forget to think about all this needless metaphysics (physics at the higher level is agin metaphysics) and follow your chosen path tirelessly - you will achieve all ! May be . . . you choose.

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