Sunday, December 28, 2003

Open Source and Feature Comfort (BROWSERS)

Somehow I am not satisfied with the open source browsers such as Mozilla and Firebird though IE isn't exactly bug-free far from it its full of high vulnerability bugs but some features I sorely miss on other browsers.
I have Opera 6, Mozilla 1.1, and Firebird 0.6.1 installed apart from IE 6.0 ...
The one feature that is making me go crazy is the offline viewing capability.
If I have visited a webpage and then close down my DUN connection and close the browser, I can come back at a later time and read it offline when I fire up IE (through history or the address bar links) with most websites; this seems to be missing completely with Firebird and in Mozilla it works to some extent, however lately Mozilla keeps on crashing on opening too many tabs and then none of the links will ope even if you make the file -> work offline true. The tabbed browsing is a cool feature but by mistake you tend to close the windows and all youe tabs are closed - probably this behaviour is a hang over from IE usage.
Opera is OK I dont use it too often but this feature is not well supported in any of these. Moz and Frbd are fast but this above missing feature has made me switch back to IE 6.0 - its too useful (saves money, time etc etc) to be missing.
And now about Microsoft IE 6.0 - it slows the whole system if I open 7-8 windows and then things freeze (partially if not completely) - you cant even type a URL on the address bar and the text starts to crawl... amazingly annoying !
I have 192 MB RAM - P3 450 MHz and Cacheman optimizations on my system.

Note: Among the active open source products that I use all in all Open Office is a cool and very high pedigree office suite and I use it extensively but all the browsers seem to be bugging me including the closed source IE.
Question : Is Winzip and Winamp open source ?
Winamp 5.0 is nice with the graphics rich Interface and all, costly on the RAM though - thats why they give an option to go back to the good ol lean GUI.

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