Monday, December 08, 2003

Yearning to break free - The Free Spirit

There is this mindset that you are inferior to me consequently I am superior to you so I do not care a damn, 'why should I bother about you' attitude that is prevalent in our generation, haughty behavior and a misguided feeling of pride is what follows. Or is it some kind of fear that he is inferior so I should not mingle with him � as a result 'rotten apples will spoil the good ones' phobia? Or does this have something to do with the levels of thinking or wavelength matches that we hear about. People may be good to you and willing to help or be friends but you will not give a second look ignoring and hurting of humiliating them. Muted aggression and contempt dripping in every look. I do not need him or he is of no use to me so I need not even be courteous to him. Strains of autism ? Does it have something to do with the environment we are all bought up in ? Maybe to some extent but its always possible to break free of inhibitions, the basic criteria being to be 'good' to all.

The intellect is always looking out for adventure
I know not what it is looking out for in this world of infinite choices
But the monotone of this gray world is not food for its thought
It has to reach higher things; not satisfied nor satiated
With the comfort that the body finds itself in currently
Outward it wants to go � Wanderlust ...
To break out of these shackles of time, position or status, geography etc
To make way for the journey of this lifetime
Taking in all people along as mates and comrades

The dangers of this illogical want of wanderlust can be many � the tide is rising and falling all the time seeming to grow to irrepressible limits � The journey outwards is it actually a journey within � inward bound.
To conquer the external conquer first the internal as they say, sermonizing and pedantic as they may sound.
As a negative thought arises - this should not go out to take the evil course of crime against society not that bad, not that low... but this may happen as the spirit losing its control and everything gone awry.
The normal course of life that of any normal mortal (see that haughty feeling raising its hood) is something that is
unbearable � excruciating in pain with as benumbing and comfortable as it may seem the wandering free spirit is present within, trying to pervade all of this world in its grasp in one leap in one impulsive strain of thought trying to surpass all boundaries and getting all sick with the confinement of space, time and money. This nasty thing - money � that can buy you all the riches but also create the greatest divide � the glistening, glorious, worshipped dirt � the system that kills men out of no reason of theirs - a wicked system that is a veritable trap that man created for himself � the dirt for which men and women sell their and kill other's bodies, and minds; thank god not their souls; at least it yearns to be free � as free as the snowy chilly fresh breeze blowing across the bosom of the mighty Himalayas.
But things remain as they are, requiring effort to change the scheme of things � no escape to that � to come out of the laze of things and charge up that free spirit the horse power of those invisible million horses to carry forward the chariot of this body to great distances out of this senseless yearning.

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