Thursday, December 18, 2003

Do posts convey or mould your character...

Have you guys ever had this feeling of 'I should not have posted this particular post I should delete it' - I sometimes have strong feelings like that and feel should immediately delete an earlier posted entry because its not right to make public or is too stupid for me to have done so and will bore people ...
Do your posts in some way mould your character in the eyes of the readers - maybe yes; but you can always pretend and stuff - that holds with any medium.
Any ways the blog as a public diary seems like a scary thing where you tend to write on and little more restraint would be appropriate. The recent incident wherein a software engineer was expelled from Microsoft comes to mind. Also clicking photos and posting pictures from within the workplace or in and around the organization you work in can be dangerous as I am currently prohibited from doing so in my organization (reasons I will leave it to you).

Of course you can have private blogs but I don't see the point - keep a handy diary instead.

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