Sunday, May 18, 2003


India's friendly gestures towards China and Russia on one hand and USA and Israel on the other is certainly intriguing. From being neutral (neither here nor there) to active neutral (both here and there) is the Indian foreign policy becoming more active?
The recent visit of defence minister Fernandes to China emphasizes this and frequent visits and long-lasting defence coperation with Russia are up. Also USA seems to be planning to join hands with India and firmly step into the Indian military bases, if the supposed ongoing discussions between officials are anything to go by. As reported by Rediff (Article at, who were able to lay their hands on to a classified US DoD (Department of Defense) document, intense interaction and lobbying to gain a foothold in South Asia is on its way. Britain has supported India's entry as the permanent member of the UN Security council. Israel is also keen on increasing contacts military and technology (key focus being military technology which the Israelis are masters in). Israeli PM Aerial Sharon may soon visit India. As America goes on to control the world, Israel seems to control America with Jewish masterminds in all key positions in the defence departments and goverment of USA.

As for the world and the menace of terrorism, grim reminders - the Saudi and Morocco blasts indicate clearly of troubled times in the near future.

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