Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I wanted to ... And I will.

I wanted to sing but no one would listen,
Or there was no occasion except a few!
I wanted to act but no theatre group that I ever joined
And longingly I sat looking at the actors on stage.
I wanted to write and I did
And then one day the urge died!
I wanted to read but the books strained my eye.
I wanted to travel around the world - the mountains, the seas...
But it was too costly and I was too comfortably seated to move!
I wanted to help but ...

But sing I will in the bathroom or my house!
No occasion needed all right.
Act I shall everyday - action!! Lights, camera or not.
And I write... what the f*** do you think I am doing now?
Read I will have to - the voracious reader demands and yells within!
Travel I will some day...
Right now I am traversing my mental landscape!

The will is weak, the perception vivid.
Imagination at a peak, but inertia gets us frigid.
So finally I have acted!
And here, I give you a poem.
In the name of whatever.
A help and a thought,
An inspired lot
That you all are
What else do you need from me?

Sometimes I see no reason for doing anything in particular and find most of the causes for which, people are prepared to act and suffer, profoundly uninteresting. I can't be bothered with them, for the good reason that I have better things to 'think' about. (Adapted)


  1. Sir! This is beautiful and refreshing experiment! I liked the spontaneity and simplicity!

  2. Thank you Sir!! Absolutely spontaneous and heart felt - you got it right!