Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I wanted to and I am doing it - Online...

by Shamit Bagchi

I wanted to sing but no one would listen,
Or there was no occasion except a few!
So I now use Muziboo -

I wanted to act but no theatre group that I ever joined
And longingly I sat looking at the actors on stage.
So now I play different parts: of victim, expert and joker on Facebook -

I wanted to write and I did
And then one day the urge died!
But I still blog at

I wanted to read but the books strained my eye.
So I now use audio books man - WTF!

I wanted to travel around the world - the mountains, the seas...
But it was too costly and I was too comfortably seated to move!
So I now have virtual tours on the net and read Lonely Planet/
Watch Discovery/NatGeo/TLC

I wanted to help but ...
Now you can use kiva -

And I wanted to draw/paint, create art and wanted people to appreciate it!
So I created Dhonuk -

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