Sunday, March 06, 2011

GOODNESS ME!! Black Swan & Natalie Portman’s performance.

This is like the most fantastic movie I have ever seen, mind-blowing stuff, no exaggerations. Period.

Oh! Well, I have to write some bit about it, I have to. Natalie Portman deserved the Oscar like no one else ever did. I am shocked and in awe of what I just saw as the movie concluded. She has been able to perform in the movie Black Swan to perfection. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

The docile ballerina, a perfectionist whom the company's choreographer keeps taunting by saying, you are too weak and frigid and you need to let go, it is not about perfection and control etc etc. The transformation from the White Swan to the Black Swan is what the movie is about. In this process she takes another person as her imagined arch enemy and to reach that ultimate perfection on stage you get to see what happens to her personal life.

Even if I have spoilers from the movie here it does not matter –you would have to see it to believe it. You would not believe what you see in that movie though. This beats all levels of acting, raving about it would be a mild term.

The last part is not just riveting it is spell binding. I was left completely spell bound and shaking like I haven’t been in any other movie till date. This IS undoubtedly in my memory the best movie I have watched till date simply because of what the brilliance of acting from the lead actordoes to you as a viewer. It draws you in – near complete!

The climax is set up to resemble some superlative crescendo. The power of the medium has been harnessed well in the screenplay too – and I saw this on my laptop and yet this effect – on big screen it would be quite extraordinary!  

As the very end of the movie nears, a series of events just pump up the adrenaline and your mind goes into a tizzy (my mind did) and you figure that she has been delusional at one point yet has performed in her first and final act with such expression that you cannot forget it for a long time.

First of all you know the actor has done a marvelous role when she makes you feel for her, as if anything untoward that may befall her you don’t want it to happen. She makes you become a part of the narrative – the acting has this sense almost of the tactile. Touching is the word.

It was an ultimate connect to the character not just the character in the movie but as if the reality of that character and you start panicking or sweating alongside the actor.

During the last few scenes of the movie, we see a series of occurrences in the film, some disconnected yet very engaging, passionate scenes and that is when the mental machinery of the viewer goes into a thumping overdrive. It is not like the cool and chilling Anthony Hopkins of ‘Hannibal Lecter’ fame in the Silence of the Lambs – this is intensely dramatic, superbly artistic, and powerfully seductive!  The final Black Swan act is absolutely mesmerizing as when you see Portman you just can’t believe it is the same actress, the transformation is so complete! The accompanying music and sound effects does justice too.

It is like a buildup that is quite unseen - the true meaning of the word ‘climax’ in any movie if there can be this defines it!
It is not surreal or fuzzy, but taunt like the string of a bow and equally hammer-like.

And the whole thing especially her acting is anything but natural and exhausts all superlative adjectives. I kind of realize now that the movie portrays that she remains a White Swan until the end!

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