Saturday, December 24, 2005

Movies, musings and music

Watched three movies at Kolkata:
'The Grudge'. 'Darkness' and 'Hulk'

The first one is a haunted house story, a remake of a Japanese movie; second one also a similar story, better than the first though - the evil spirit in the form of darkness, taking its toll; the third one is about a genetic engineering experiment by a professor, on his son, going wrong with the professor's son turning into a green giant when under duress ... All three easily forgettable.

Renamed the blog as the previous one seemed too pretentious ... ;-).So turning on the thought stream now:
After all life goes on and assuming everything is fake/maya; we cannot deny our existence even though I may never be the ideal being; because there is no 'ideal' being - I am what I am - that in essense is the true identity; there is no need to be ashamed or proud of any particular thing, as either is a false feeling an imaginary 'hobgoblin' created in the mind that brings bondage and a little further follows pain, when that feeling is shattered to pieces - it was just a myth. From this also emerges the principle of non-attachment. Use and sample everything but never get attached to anything is the principle. There is no absolute right or wrong but everything is relative in physics as is so in metaphysics. So doing what you feel is right is important else you may remain distressed and in a vacuum denying and passive. So never cling to anything; earn money if you please; earn fame if you want, be upright and responsible; but be ready to give it up at the drop of a hat. That is the true way to lead life, from my current understanding ...

Currently Listening to:
Kishore's bengali songs:
'Nayano sarashi kano' (best song I've heard of Kishore Kumar's in bengali)
'Se to elonaa' (a mind blowing song ...)
'Aek din pakhi ude' ('Tum bin jaaon kahan' bengali version)

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