Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back to Bengaluru

Trains have a knack, almost a flair for running late - however things are getting better with Indian Railways.

When discussing the general state of affairs one afternoon, we came to the conclusion that technology is intruding into the more culture oriented Bengal and the intrusion isn't especially for the good. Ultra-conservative people even suggest that technology is the greatest bane for society and the eastern way of life which gives prime focus to spirituality, will soon come back with a vengeance - I argued giving some examples of things that make mundane life much more easier like communication or travel which was pointed out as not the ultimate goal. Makes me think - what everyone is following - the general direction that technology is leading us towards - is that the right way for the human species, making limbs and the brains gradually inactive - like slow poisoning.

Kolkata is fast becoming like any other place - super malls and western dressing styles, mega filmstar shows etc. Erosion of cultural values; intellectual richness and material poverty are being replaced with consumerism - oft repeated it may sound but the stark visuals were more visible this time. People are getting to see only money and competition; of course there are some exceptions too. On the other hand it could also be viewed in this way - the populace there were deprived of real progress in terms of development, infrastucture and monetary benefits because of the communist rule which is getting a little bit more liberal now; and they are adopting things faster and at a blinding pace. Good or bad - time will tell.


  1. In kannada, it is Bengalooru man.(Sounds like Bengal - ooru...which literally translates to Town of Bengal!!)
    Don't know why Dharam paaji called it Bengaluru. I had been to a part of Bangalore where I lived for the first six years of my life, and it hasn't changed much. Somehow one part of me wishes things remain the way they are. On the other hand one is also benefitting from the changes happening. So, it is a trade-off.


  2. Sounds like Bengal - ooru...which literally translates to Town of Bengal!!
    LOL ;-)
    It is actually 'Bendekaalaa Ooru' if I am right - the village of bean seeds or something of the sort ... !