Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A different kind of a startup ?

You have a passion for say reading and writing or dramatics (which are mine) and then you are in an industry say software (mine again) and a background in computer science engineering. So how would you actually combine the two and get double the fun – be doing what you want and earn your livelihood by combining the experience of your current profession and of achieving, what you always wanted to do. Start a firm?
Maybe …
Cogitations, ideas, thoughts on opening a startup.
What do you say ? Do I even make sense?

(UPDATE: Key ingredients - Arts, Paintings, Literature, Books, eBooks, reading, writing, authors, libraries, Software, Open Source Software, Linux, OpenSolaris, antialiasing, machine learning, neural networks, startup). Calling for volunteers and their thoughts.


  1. Mr. Bagchi,

    I am quite impressed by your 'Thought stream' and particularly your idea of a different kind of start up is quite a valid one.

    People do not realise but the Bengali community around the world is actually the richest - both interms of wealth as well as from a cultural heritage point of view.
    So there is a lot of scope.

  2. Completely agree Mr Banerji - any particular thoughts as to how we could go about it; it flashed in my mind some time back.
    Have to seriously think how to go about doing something concrete. Please contact me at shamit-at-gmail-dot-com.